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  1. Sol868768

    [SOLVED] Need help how to set up Power-On Failure option

    How will you set up the Power-On Failure option? What it does?
  2. C

    Question Soap in Water Cooled PC Please HELP!

    So I was trying to fill my new hardline watercooled pc but first i cleaned my fill bottle with some dish soap and then rinsed it a bunch of times. But I was being stupid and I guess there was still some soap left in the bottle so when i filled it with water and then filled my pc with it, the...
  3. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Air Compressor Safe To Use For Cleaning PCs?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if it's ok to use an air compressor for cleaning out PCs? I know using vacuums have ESD risks and since I'll be constantly cleaning out PCs, I don't want to keep buying canned air all the time.