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  1. M

    Question Steelseries Rival 600 mouse not working after connector unplugged

    My rival 600 that I got for Christmas 2018 has suddenly stopped working, it is extremely hard to use the left mouse button and I can't hold it down for more than a split second. This issue started when the micro usb cable that plugs into the mouse got nudged, I unplugged it and plugged it back...
  2. AskenLurom

    [SOLVED] Brand new computer mouse with a burning smell?

    Good evening. Past december, I bought on AliExpress a nice-looking computer mouse what I thought could be a nice upgrade from my Genius Xscroll GM-04003A. However, I don't know why but I thought on smelling it after a 5-minutes usage. The mouse have a smell like burning circuit. Is this smell...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Need help finding gaming mouse for small hands with 4-7 side buttons and easy keybinding funtionality

    So basically I'm having trouble finding a mouse that meets 3 essential criteria: 1) More than 2 side buttons, ideally around 5? I'm playing MMOs a lot lately and need moar buttons, but a lot of the 12-button mice look crazybulky and I don't see myself using all 12. 2) for "small hands". IME a...
  4. L

    122 hz good scaling sli 144hz bad scaling sli

    I recently purchased a new monitor benq 35 widescreen 2560/1080 my old monitor was a benq 1920/1080 both 144hz , problem is with my new monitor if i set it to 144hz i get 60% use (980ti sli) if i set it to 122hz 90% use of both cards Please Help???
  5. T

    PC Gaming and Video Editing Build

    Can you guys give me a build with a budget of $1100. I will be mostly editing and some gaming on minecraft, gta v , garrys mod, and other games! thanks again!
  6. Andre Coleiro

    Asus GTX760 Direct CUII OC 2GB Or EVGA GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked w/ EVGA ACX Cooler

    What is the best card one of these for a 1366x768 resolution