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  1. A

    Question How much should I sell my custom pc to my friend? We're pretty tight

    Based on how much each individual part previously sold on ebay, if I add everything up, I can sell all my parts for $1090. He's a close friend of mine and our parents are super tight. How much should I sell it to him for? list of parts: Gpu: 1070 ram: 16 gb cpu: i5 storage: 256 gb ssd + 2 tb...
  2. folksrust

    Question Computer Part Problems, big lag spikes and frame drops with good PC parts

    Basically like a week ago-ish I noticed my game starting to lag a little and I look at task manager and the memory usage is at 98% and then a day passes and it starts to lag really bad, like ill scope in with my sniper and it'll lag or if i get shot my game would freeze up making it so I cant...
  3. R

    Question Unable to run Unreal Engine 4 for learning game development

    Hello Guys, I want to make games using Unreal Engine 4. I bought a couple of online learning courses to study the engine. I was able to open and navigate through the engine smoothly until one day I downloaded the free mega scan assets to create a scene. I think it was too much to bear for my...
  4. Cryptixg

    [SOLVED] Pc for a friend

    Hi I’m looking to build a new pc for my good friend and was looking for any build recommendations my budget is $500 but we want it to excel greatly so beef it up if possible! we already have monitor he can use as well as keyboard and mouse just looking for the computer parts themselves :)
  5. C

    [SOLVED] computer turns on for 1 second

    I built a brand new computer today and connected the PSU to an outlet. Press the power button and every turned on and was running smoothly. All the lights and fans work fine but I realized I wasn't near my desk so I need to move the tower over there so I could install the windows. I brought it...
  6. folksrust

    Question Upgrade Recommendations? Need help

    Hi im looking for PC upgrade recommendations I dont really have a budget atm but for the future/in a month or so when I have the money maybe around 400-500$ I would like to upgrade but how and what? I currently have a GTX1060 3gb, amd ryzen 5 2600 and 16gb 3000mhz corsair vengeance ram dual...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] What motherboards are compatible with a dell inspiron 3070 and supports i7 6700k?

    I was looking to get a CPU but not sure if motherboard is compatible with it and under $350. Thanks
  8. J

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade next? ***PLEASE HELP***

    Hey all, Built my PC 4 years ago and have not made a single upgrade since then except an SSD , so I reckon it may be time to drop some cash this Black Friday. My current setup: CPU: AMD FX-6350 Vishera 6-Core 3.9 GHz Socket AM3+ 125W GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 02G-P4-2966-KR 2GB Mobo: GIGABYTE...
  9. nospecgamer

    Discussion How do I list my Computer Part Lists on my signature?

    Hello everyone, I don't really if this is the right section to put this question in so if it's not please move it. I currently have many systems and I wanna list them in parts because I see other people doing them. As you can see in my signature I have 1 Part List on there, but that's the max...
  10. The Reaper Wolf

    [SOLVED] Upgrade Help

    Hi, here are my current parts: CPU - i7 7700K Cooler - Deepcool CAPTAIN 360 MOBO - STRIX Z270-E RAM - 16gb Trident Z 3000 Graphics Card - Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Poseidon Case - Deepcool genome The rest doesn't matter lol. You might think this PC is very good and that there is no need to...
  11. M

    Fresh install on new Ryzen 3 2200G install freezing

    Hey all just finished building a budget Ryzen 3 system, - Antec VSK3500 Micro ATX Case with 500W PSU - Ryzen 3 2200G APU - ASRock A320M-HDV Motherboard with the latest version 4.80 bios update - 4GB Crucial 2400MHz Ram - WD Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM HDD It boots up and posts to the UEFI fine. My...
  12. J

    My keyboard doesn't work if i press i, 8 ,k and some of my punctuation marks it doesn't type anything. i need help plzz

    My keyboard doesn't work if i press: i, 8 ,k and some of my punctuation marks it doesn't type anything. it just stays blank. And i need my laptop for Home Work! btw i copied the keys that doesn't work from some of a site with the alphabet and i paste them in here.... Laptop: Windows 8.1...
  13. K

    is this ram compatible with this motherboard

    Kingston Hyper X DDR4 2133 8GB Asus H110M-K H110 Express DDR4 S-ATA 600 Micro ATX Motherboard
  14. K

    Intel single thread equivalent Skylake/ Kabylake CPU

    Which Skylake/ Kaby Lake Intel CPU has the single threaded equivalent of a FX 4300 @ 4.75 GHz? Will the FX 4300 bottleneck the RX 480? On a resolution of 1920x1080p at 75 Hz. I will be playing Watch Dogs 2, Battlefield 1, Minecraft (with Ultra Shaders + 4×SSAA or 4K) and Civilisation VI...
  15. deebanfr

    No signal to monitor on GTX 970

    Hi, I have a GTX 970 and was playing FIFA 16 when suddenly the display went off. After that the display always goes off after windows login. I suspected a driver issue and uninstalled the drivers through safe mode. But after that I was unable to install any new drivers. Half way through the...
  16. H

    Two processors, almost same performance NVIDIA 960

    Hi, I recently build a new pc specifically for gaming with this specs: Intel Core i3 6100  Nvidia 960 2Gb version Gigabyte H170 gaming 3 8gb DDR 4 2133GHz Psu Corsair CX600 Seagate 1Tb 7200 rpm Win 8.1 64bit First i tried the 960 on my previous pc, which is a good Dell Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66...
  17. M

    Help Me With My PC Build

    Hi I was wondering if you guys could check out my pc build. I'm not wanting to go over $600. If I can improve my build and make is better for the same price then please let me know. The link is I am wanting to play AAA games on...
  18. M

    Asus R9 270x voltage question

    I am overclocking this GPU once again and it seemed to be relatively stable @ 1235 & 1500 MHz (Core & Memory). Any further in the core, and it will start showing artifacts every so often, and it just crashed at 1255. So thats beyond the max of the core clock.. Is it worth going up in voltage...
  19. K

    Should I upgrade this year

    Currently on an i7 3770k@ 4.3. I mostly game on my PC. Should I upgrade to skylak-e or wait for cannon lake or even longer than that. Planning on vr and I run 1440p on sli 780ti. Thinking of upgrading that as well later this year. Only been back into pc for about 5 years. Had this rig for about...
  20. turkey3_scratch

    Refrigerator Tech in Computers?

    You know how fridges produce cold air and cool all the food inside? How come there are no computers that do this kind of thing? Just a thought.