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    [SOLVED] PC powers OFF while Gaming

    Ever since about 2 weeks I'm experiencing a problem with my pc where it switches off and restarts randomly while playing heavy games such as apex legends/pubg/rainbow six and this used to happen once everyday after about 15~30mins of first gaming session but now after about a month it has become...
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    Nfs payback directx error

    I download nfs payback from apunkagames. Net. I installed this game whenever i run this game an error occurred that is dirextx error. i updated my graphics driver but all in vains. My computer specification is window 10pro 64bit. 4gb ram. Dell optiplex 380 series. Quad core 2 2.8 ghz.amd radeon...
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    Monitor completely grainy

    Hi guys, My desktop monitor has been giving trouble lately. About working for an hour, it turns completely grainy and all i can do is to switch off power. The interval of this occurrence decreases every time i reboot it. Can someone check the image and please help me out... http:// It is not...
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    A6 5400k and RX 460 bottleneck?

    Can bottle occur on my pc? A6-5400k and RX 460?