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  1. L

    Question Mobo stuck

    So recently I have upgraded my bios to a newest version and over time Ive heard beeping coming out from the inside of a pc. After reading online I thought it might be because of the bios update. So later on I tried to downgrade my bios which is not possible at least in easy way. I tried and...
  2. P

    Question PC boots fine but no display on monitor, don't know if it's the motherboard or graphics card at fault

    Parts List View: My newly built PC boots up fine but there is no display(No DVI or HDMI signal). The motherboard turns on(lights are on) but when I left the GPU in and took the RAM out, there was no beeps. Just to test it out...
  3. W

    Question New PC froze during windows 10 set-up, now stuck at black screen

    My brand new MSI GL63 8RC came in the mail today from Newegg. Followed the quick start guide; plugged the charger in then proceeded to boot up without an issue. Made it through some of the set up before having the computer freeze at the Microsoft login page. Tried to ctrl+alt+del but nothing was...
  4. Z

    Question Install MacOSX High Serria on Dell D620

    I have a Dell D620 laptop with a Intel Core 2 T7200 at 2.00GHz. I have tried many ways with trying to install Mac OS on it, I cant seem time find the right way to do it. Is there any other ways that are know to work? Do I need to use a older versions on Mac OS? Am I even asking this question in...
  5. P

    New build...Windows 10 install freezes on startup screen

    I just finished a new build and the computer boots into the UEFI BIOS utility. When trying to install Windows 10 from a USB stick the process freezes as soon as it gets to the startup page. I've tried two different USB sticks with the same result. I have gone through the sticky regarding POST...
  6. S

    Possible System Bottlenecks?

    I'm putting together a budget (< $700) gaming rig, and I was wondering if it has any bottlenecks or parts I can change to save money. Parts: Edit: Swapped out a few parts.
  7. E

    Question About Vcore and LLC on my 8700k

    Okay, as the title says I have a question about my Vcore and LLC. my specs are as follows... InWin 101 case i7 8700k delided with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut to replace the stock TIM and I used the same thermal paste between IHS and heatsink. I have it a 5ghz overclock and can reach 5.1ghz...
  8. L

    Old PC Case help...

    So my parents recently asked me for something regarding our first pc parts. I found everything but i am having some issues with finding the case, it was called "Neon" and the logo looked like a potato with eyes, the case was black and had a huge ring around the power button. If i remember...
  9. R

    Windows 10 Pro, HDD showing 100% use, freezing, Slow

    So for last couple years i was using the pc with an ssd, recently decided to sell it and took my ssd out, formatted the 2 terabyte normal drive and installed windows 10 on it. Pc is sold, dudes literally supposed to pick it up tomorrow
  10. H

    VID unstable CPU throtelling

    My PC started throtelling and when i checked Core Temp showed me unstable VID and Core Voltages, DRAM Voltage however was fine. I bought a new psu tried resetting the CMOS and even tried disableling the C-States in the Bios but nothing worked. What should i do now ? cpu: i5 4460 mobo: msi h 88 p33
  11. R

    Download speed capped at 1.1MB/s

    I get around 160 download, and 12 upload. My steam downloads are wonderful as I get 30Mb/s. I just don't understand why my online downloads are stuck at 1.1MB/s anywhere I go. I use chrome but even whilst having all of my addons disabled, my downloads are still capped. I've looked everywhere and...
  12. L

    Simple SSD question

    Hi I have a Gigabyte gaming 7 Z270x motherboard ( ), and I already have one pcie SSD connected above the graphics card, but it's only 250 GB so I'm looking at getting another SSD. I'm pretty clueless as to where I should connect...
  13. T

    Nextbook 8 Premium

    My cousin recently sent me an old Android Nextbook 8 Premium which she'd never even turned on. It's horrendously slow and the screen is out of touch calibration. It was a struggle just to get FireFox on it. Is this thing worth bothering with? My only intended use for it is to interface with...
  14. C

    Wait until April for Ryzen2 or go with 8700K

    Hello, I have recently started looking into upgrading my build. My processor, mobo, and RAM, are several years old (over 5 years). Current specs are listed below, but here is what I need help on - Do I wait until April for the Ryzen2 or is the Intel 8700K going to be my best bet for max...
  15. J

    Looking for smooth gameplay option help.

    So I know what g sync monitors are it basically is like having v sync on but it doesn't effect performance. So I do not have a gsync monitor but I would like to ask if there is any sort of software that could simulate it. So let's say you are watching on youtube a 1080p60fps gameplay of your...
  16. F

    Which one has the best components for my needs?

    Hey guys, I'm an engineering student looking for a 2in1 tablet with stylus and keyboard functionality. I already have a relatively high powered desktop PC for more intensive tasks such as gaming, so I'll be using it for taking notes, editing/annotating PDFs with the stylus, some light...
  17. podpodpodpod

    Ryzen 1600 vs 1600x

    Hey all, Seeking clarification regarding the clock and overclock speeds for these two. I was looking at their boost speeds but have been told that's wrong, and that they can both be overclocked to 4.0 If you assume that all I'm worried about is clock speeds, is there any point going for the...
  18. M

    CPU Over Heating

    I just installed a new EVGA - SuperNOVA G3 550W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply and Asus - GeForce GTX 1070 8GB STRIX Video Card and now I have had my computer shut down twice because of the CPU getting too hot even though i was not playing a game. My processor is a Intel -...
  19. M

    Motorola Moto X Pure Edition Review

    The Moto X Pure Edition’s software is purely Android, its attractive styling is purely Motorola, and its customization options make it purely yours. Motorola Moto X Pure Edition Review : Read more
  20. kcarbotte

    Nvidia Updates Shield Android TV, Introduces Vulkan Support

    Nvidia released an update to its Shield Android TV device today that introduces Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the device. The company also revealed the new update features drivers for the just released Vulkan graphics API. Nvidia Updates Shield Android TV, Introduces Vulkan Support : Read more