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  1. CaptainDiabeto

    Question PC Shuts Off Randomly When Using It

    My PC For The Most Part Has Done Pretty Well In The Past With No Significant Errors/Crashing, Until 3 Days Ago. Now My PC Wont Go 5 Minutes Without Shutting Down & It Does It Randomly; Sometimes In Windows, Sometimes When I'm In The BIOS & I'm Completely Stumped. Here's A List Of Things I've...
  2. M

    Nfs payback directx error

    I download nfs payback from apunkagames. Net. I installed this game whenever i run this game an error occurred that is dirextx error. i updated my graphics driver but all in vains. My computer specification is window 10pro 64bit. 4gb ram. Dell optiplex 380 series. Quad core 2 2.8 ghz.amd radeon...
  3. skyline4727

    Raid 0 two HDD for Steam Library

    I currently have a 2tb HDD for my Steam Library but it's filling up and I only have about 400gb left. Would it be a good idea to buy a second 2tb drive and RAID 0 them so I get double the storage? I was thinking of doing JBOD but RAID 0 helps in sequential reads and I think games are usually...
  4. R

    Need an advice on a new Graphic Card

    I wrote a Thread some time ago, in which I've posted all of my Computer specs, which I'll paste here to avoid you to lose time. I'd like to buy a new graphic card, because mine 'sucks' at the moment. I don't reallly know what my "limits" are actually, I just know it needs to be a DDR3 type...