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    Question Need help with replacing my Psu

    Hello folks, I'm new here, so If I am a noob please forgive me. Thank you for taking your time reading this question, I really appreciate your help. I tried asking this question on reddit but got no replies. I tried to fix my pc months ago, It wont turn on. The back of the pc has the green...
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    Question PC wont turn on, temporarily turns on when CMOS is reset while computer is on

    Hey everyone, I've been having an issue with my computer that I've been trying to fix for the past few weeks but cant definitively get to the cause of the problem, and wanted to get some extra opinions. It started when a few months ago my friend accidentally plugged in a USB into a broken...
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    Question Orange light MB, PC wont start

    Hey guys I recently built my new PC however it wont turn on. The motherboard has an orange light on it but when I hit the power button on the computer nothing turns on and the fans don't run. Here are my specs: MB: Asus Prime H270- Plus CPU: Intel core I7 7th gen GPU: Zotac Geforce GTX 1060...
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    Question I have to turn my computer on by switching the psu on and off. It runs for a couple seconds then beeps and turns off.

    It runs for around 3 seconds, all the fans and lights turn on, but as it is on there's just a long beep. Then it turns off. And to turn it back on I have to unplug and plug it back in.
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock 3/AMD board RAM clearance

    My Arctic Freezer 13's fan has died, so I've ordered the Be Quiet DR3 (Not pro version). I know my Corsair Vengeance RAM won't fit but I can swap some HyperX Fury from my other PC. Just wondering if I can use all 4 slots with this cooler, because I'm not really up for buying 2 sticks of 8GB when...