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    Question New Gaming Computer Or Save Old

    Hello, i am looking to buy a new gaming computer for 1080p(atm) Might upgrade to 1440p in a year or so. My current computer has 2 970's. I am looking to keep one and upgrade to a better gpu later on the road since my current problem with my computer is not the fps in games. The problem is...
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    Question It will support or not

    So I have 1050ti and wanted to know if it is compatible with motherboard- A88gmv And yes CPU - athlon ii x2 and 270 I know it will bottleneck but wanted to know if 1050 or 1050ti will work with motherboard And yes my PSU is 500 watt Enter e500r Which does not have any 6-pin PCI-E power connectors.
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    Question Which of these seems better for my sons first pc?

    I've been thinking about buying my son a gaming pc for graduation and found 2 pcs online that seem pretty good. Just wanted to ask if either of these seem like a god deal, or if you have any other suggestions on where to look I'd greatly appreciate it. PC 1 $700: RX 580 8Gb i3 8350k Msi Z370-A...
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    Question Intel Optane memory

    So, I have a few questions maybe y'all can help me with. 1. Will Intel optane memory 16gb / 32gb version work with Gigabyte z370n mother board, its a mini ITX with 2 m.2 slots but since Intel optane memory is a Sata m.2 I'm not sure it works. I don't want to buy it then find out it doesn't...
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    My cpu is not getting the real ghz

    I have an intel i3 6100 @3.70ghz 4gb ram and h110m mobo but i'm just getting 2.00ghz. Any prob??