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  1. H

    [SOLVED] Which is better case 400c or h500?

    I'm thinking between these two options. I like more 400c for dust filter on top. But h500 have best cable managment.
  2. W

    Question Computer shuts down when I play Games

    Hi, For the past year, my PC has been shutting off when I try to play games. Most games are affected, but it isn't limited to graphic intense games. Anything from PUBG to Age of Empires 3 force my computer to lose power. Typically, this happens straight after I leave the main menu (no game shuts...
  3. mowens1107

    Question HDMI Switch and DP Issue!?

    Hello all, I'm having an issue with a new hdmi switch I just purchased. Let me breakdown my set up for you. I have two monitors. My primary monitor is connected to my PC with a DP cable, and runs directly from the PC to the monitor. The other monitor is connected with an hdmi, and runs directly...
  4. techforpc

    Question Have problem with my PC MacBook Pro 13 inc Retina with intel i5

    Hello guys I'm author of [link removed] need your opinion about my PC which is heating too much what can i do and could this harm my laptop. It is a MacBook Pro 13Inc i5 from 2013. Haven't never cleaned it. Share your experience and knowledge. Thank you.
  5. Joey_Roddy

    Question Blue Screen Of Death

    I bought a custom built desktop tower from Great Southern Computers on March 01, 2019 for $1,100.00 The computer specifications are as follows: AMD eight core processor with ASRock B450 motherboard 3.0 GHZ boost up to 3.7 GHZ 16 GB RAM (only 7.93 usable) 1 TB solid state hard drive NVidia GTX...
  6. mystic_mul

    Question I9 9900k with a 1050ti

    This is probably a stupid question to ask but imma do it anyway, right so basically I'm building a new PC my current PC is a i5 8600k and a 1050ti my new PC is gonna be a i9 9900k and a rtx 2080 basically what I wanna ask is I'm ordering my cpu in the coming days and won't be ordering my...
  7. B

    Question 3 computers all having the same problem, 2 Begin to work for no reason.

    So I have 3 old crappy prebuilts that have had their fair share of workloads. Now the issue lies with them displaying nothing to any sort of monitor through any kind of cable. Story time: I keep 2 of these computers in my closet to test software and just to genuinely mess around with them, They...
  8. R

    Question Can’t decide on what to pick! Plz help

    Should I get... corsair Crystal 280x black rgb case Or Corsair obsidian 500 D Rgb Se case Also what are the pros and cons of both if anyone knows? Plz and thank you!
  9. V

    How much is my laptop worth?

    Hi, So i was planning on selling my gaming laptop i have but i was just wondering what a reasonable price for it would be? Its around a year old an was originaly bought for €1,300. Any help is appreciated. Specs: MSI Leopard Pro Core Intel i7-7700HQ Gtx 1060 8gb RAM 1Tb HDD 128Gb SSD...
  10. S

    Question Building a PC - First Time - For VR + 3D Modelling + Rendering - Pc Picker list posted

    Hi all, I'm doing work in VR and building a PC. I am looking to make a strong and future proof PC. I don't care for looks as the PC will be hidden. Here are some of the parts I've picked: PC Picker List: CPU : AMD - Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor...
  11. R

    Question Building an Electronics Workstation From Scratch

    I've been getting back into electronics projects and I'm building a workstation to run the software I would need for 3D printing, simulations, graphics and the like. My GF's mom gave me her old desktop computer a Dell Inspiron 545. I'll be using that as the case and most likely the power source...
  12. O

    Question Cyclops on motherboard

    I found my first computer (Compaq Presario 425) in my parent's basement the other day and noticed this cool cyclops guy on the motherboard. Is this some kind of logo or some random circuit board graffiti? Sorry for the poor image quality, I was in a dark basement and the inside of the...
  13. StupidComputers

    [SOLVED] 1090t hot idle, components toss up

    Hi, I'm throwing together a basic system for my mom, ms word, firefox, maybe some picture and very maybe some video editing. Right now the cpu and cooler are on the gigabyte motherboard using igpu and idling at 38c in bios, cpu fan 400-500 of 1300rpm max, which seems hot to me and the fans seem...
  14. I

    Question Dual PC Streaming Setup

    This is the current PC I use for gaming and streaming CPU: AMD FX 8350 @ 4.3Ghz Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212X Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Motherboard: Gigabyte AM3+ GA-990X-GAMING SLI Memory: 16GB DDR3 2400Mhz Power Supply: Corsair CX600 80+ Bronze 600w Solid State Drive: 128GB...
  15. B

    Question XFX RX 580 8G Not giving signal, how do i fix?

    Ok so i just bought an rx 580 fxf and when i conect it to the HDMI port my pc does 3 sounds VGA light on mobo starts red and i dont get any signal, sorry for bad english im spanish and im looking for help!! thank you also i have an 1070 and that card gives signal amd starts like it should
  16. T

    Question Blackscreen on booting and bluescreen on waking from sleep mode

    Hey everybody, a few weeks ago I reinstalled Windows 10 because it got pretty slow over time. Instead of formatting the drive I just let Windows 10 reinstall itself so that I don't have to back up all my files and stuff. Since the re-installation I have some issues: 1. When I start the PC it...
  17. H

    Question recommendation on wif + extender + mesh

    hi, I need recommendation. I have a smallish house - but with wifi blocking walls aparently. I would like recomendartion on a wifi router that comes with a extender. I have coax connected between the rooms I need to connect. meaning - in back room - main router will be connected to modem...
  18. W

    Question What PSU?

    What psu do you suggests me? Thank you
  19. S

    Question Will a phanteks 5v rgb strip be able to be controlled by a x470 aurous motherboard?

    I wanted to get a aorus x470 board and use my adressable 5v rgb strip by phanteks with the Rgb Fusion software. . Will this work? If not can I use my phanteks controller?
  20. J

    Question Building Around a RX 580.

    I ordered a RX 580 GPU to compliment a shitty FX-4350 quad core and an AMD 970 motherboard I have laying around. I figure there will be bottlenecking issues, so I'm looking for ideas on how to move forward with the build... I'm Frankensteining this computer for the sole purpose of playing...