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    Question Can I mix RAM with different Cl and different MHz?

    Hello, I have a question. So right now I have 8GB DDR4 2133MHz CL15 DIMM RAM, I'm trying to mix it with 8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL16 DIMM RAM, they are both from the same company (Team Group Elite). My motherboard can support them of course. Will it work ? Thanks.
  2. C

    Question I Want to Upgrade My Ram (PLEASE HELP)

    So I want to upgrade my ram from 8 gigs to 16. I've been playing COD a lot on my PC, and 8 gigs is definitely not enough to run the game. Here are my PC's specs: Motherboard: X470 gaming plus ( ) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Graphics Card: Radeon RX...
  3. Gr8asparagus

    Question NEED HELP

    So I recently bought a dell XP’s 9550 spec’d out and it works great...except for one big annoyance. This annoyance has to do with the keyboard. The problem is, when I close the lid of the computer, it goes to sleep, but when I open it again, the keyboard doesn’t work so I have to restart it...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Increasing power limit to a vega 56

    Hi guys, I heard that in some cases increasing the power limit in your gpu increases performance. On Google it says that there is no harm in increasing the power limit however I increased it at +20% and the fans are blasting at around 98% compared to 75% when the power limit was set to 0. Is...
  5. ICameon

    [SOLVED] Random freezing of Video and Audio!

    On February 9, I received 3 blue-screens in a row. The first two stop codes were "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE" and then the third stop code was "DRIVER VERIFIER DETECTED VIOLATION." I am not very familiar with blue screen stop codes, and I looked them up and found no problems that might have...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Lian Li O11 dynamic for $200 worth it??

    Hey guys, I'm a bit sad due to inflated price so don't mind any annoying comments. :/ I live in india and this case was scarce for a while untill last week it came in stock but with much inflated price. I don't know the reason for maybe corona virus outbreak or something ? So is it worth...
  7. saleemgh

    Question The sound on my pc doesn't seem to work

    Hello, ive been trying to get my audio to work for a while now, i have a B450 tomahawk motherboard and i'm using logitech z607 5.1 speakers. The problem is that when i try and use rca to aux to connect my speakers to my pc it is recognised and my pc asks me what i just plugged in and i tell it...
  8. R

    Question Accidentally disabled GPU/Graphics card

    Hi, My friend was trying to disable the intel on his computer, something like that, he disabled it and his gaming computer has a black screen, but his computer is on, and the keyboard and mouse are on. So I do not know what to do, I could really use some help for him. Do you know anything...
  9. Justaskingthings

    [SOLVED] Best powersupplys 2019

    What is the best powersupply for my setup? Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB Dual OC AMD Ryzen 5 1600x G.Skill 2x 4GB 3200MHz Asus B350M Mortar 2x 125gb SSD 1x M.2 125GB Evo I have mATX build so the PSU depth is max. 230mm I am thinking some good Seasonic or is there any good competitors
  10. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Air Compressor Safe To Use For Cleaning PCs?

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if it's ok to use an air compressor for cleaning out PCs? I know using vacuums have ESD risks and since I'll be constantly cleaning out PCs, I don't want to keep buying canned air all the time.
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Is my 400w psu enough for a gtx 1060 and an i5 4430

    My power supply is a Cooler Master Elite Power 400w (rs-400-psar-i3).I know that this psu is not a good one but i don't really want to change my psu at this time.And I also have an SSD in my system.
  12. System32_76

    [SOLVED] App For Testing Functionality Of Computer Peripherals?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is an app for Windows which checks to see if every port and jack on the computer's I/O works correctly. Something that is like a diagnostics app, but for the computer's external hardware instead of its internal components.
  13. N

    Question S340 Elite PSU Clearance?

    I was considering buying an nzxt S340 Elite but was unsure of the psu shroud clearance, does anyone know? I was considering purchasing a Corsair RM100I but am unsure on if there would be any clearance issues.
  14. S

    Question Really bad OC attempt leads to Windows Failure! Please Help!

    So theres a little story behind tis but I will try to keep it simple: Few days ago I picked up a brand new i9 9900k sealed and everything. Working brilliant for a few days and just yesterday I wanted to OC it to see what I could do. Kept on BSOD when I adjusted voltage and other settings so I...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] Which is better case 400c or h500?

    I'm thinking between these two options. I like more 400c for dust filter on top. But h500 have best cable managment.
  16. W

    Question Computer shuts down when I play Games

    Hi, For the past year, my PC has been shutting off when I try to play games. Most games are affected, but it isn't limited to graphic intense games. Anything from PUBG to Age of Empires 3 force my computer to lose power. Typically, this happens straight after I leave the main menu (no game shuts...
  17. techforpc

    Question Have problem with my PC MacBook Pro 13 inc Retina with intel i5

    Hello guys I'm author of [link removed] need your opinion about my PC which is heating too much what can i do and could this harm my laptop. It is a MacBook Pro 13Inc i5 from 2013. Haven't never cleaned it. Share your experience and knowledge. Thank you.
  18. Joey_Roddy

    Question Blue Screen Of Death

    I bought a custom built desktop tower from Great Southern Computers on March 01, 2019 for $1,100.00 The computer specifications are as follows: AMD eight core processor with ASRock B450 motherboard 3.0 GHZ boost up to 3.7 GHZ 16 GB RAM (only 7.93 usable) 1 TB solid state hard drive NVidia GTX...
  19. mystic_mul

    Question I9 9900k with a 1050ti

    This is probably a stupid question to ask but imma do it anyway, right so basically I'm building a new PC my current PC is a i5 8600k and a 1050ti my new PC is gonna be a i9 9900k and a rtx 2080 basically what I wanna ask is I'm ordering my cpu in the coming days and won't be ordering my...
  20. B

    Question 3 computers all having the same problem, 2 Begin to work for no reason.

    So I have 3 old crappy prebuilts that have had their fair share of workloads. Now the issue lies with them displaying nothing to any sort of monitor through any kind of cable. Story time: I keep 2 of these computers in my closet to test software and just to genuinely mess around with them, They...