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    Question Ryzen 5 2600 cooler making high pitched whistling sound

    Ever since installing a new motherboard and CPU, I can hear this high pitched whistling sound coming from my case. It is not extremely loud, but is noticeably annoying since this was not present before. It doesn't sound like coil whine, and seems like it comes from the CPU cooler (stock cooler -...
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    Question Thermal paste and thermal pads?

    This a great place for info, bought a second hand rx 570 nitro. I removed cooler to clean corrosion, reapplied small amount thermal paste gpu and to all non sticking sides of thermal pads. Is this dangerous for the card , should i buy new thermal pads? or will it do for a while? thanks
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    Question Is this a good system. If something should be changed tell.

    Case: Darkflash Phantom Cpu: i5-9400f cpu cooler: Darkflash Dt240 liquid cooler gpu: asus rtx 2060 turbo mobo: Asus rog strix z390-e ram: corsair vengence 16gb storage: 250gb m.2 ssd Psu: Evga 600 BR Xtra: XSPC 8 way rgb fan splitter, 10 rgb extension cables, 4 fan y splitters, 4 way led rgb...
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    [SOLVED] Mediacom fiber only getting 50% of what I paid for.

    I recently just upgraded to fiber internet with Mediacoms "1gig" package, but I've been haven't been getting anywhere near to 1gig. It will usually stay around 500 down and 60 to 70 up. I have 3 other people on the network with 6 devices, and I was wondering if it should be divvied up or not...
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    Question Is this PC good for 900$?

    Here is the pc I built not really based on looks, but I wanted some RGB in it since it has a side panel. If you`ve got some better ideas post them down below, but my absolute maximum budget is 1000$. Thanks for reading, jAAklis