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  1. liranjp

    Question Connect 2 modems

    I have in my room a modem (connected to the wall plug) which is also a router and from it I have a wifi, I configured in another room a TP LINK router to connect to this wifi and made it as a repeater but since it's another floor the speed is poor and I need another solution. (connect a long...
  2. kinggaming60

    Question Fan Configuration for AIO

    So i'm planning on upgrading to an AIO and i already have a cooler that i think will work exeptionally well for the price, the H115i Pro. My case is a NZXT S340 and i have heard that i should avoid 280mm rads at all cost but it is possible to fit it into my case and for me it makes most sense to...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Which one to keep, which one to sell? FX8320E vs Xeon x3440

    Hi! I have two different and complete rigs. First: X3440 4/8 oc-ed to @3.33. With a Giga h55-ud3h board. No problem with anything at all. Second: FX8320E 8/8. With a Asrock 970m pro3 board. Board has no backplate, and the main pci-e slot has a broken holder clip (i dont think thats matter). So...
  4. A

    Which GTX 970 should I buy ?

    Um thinking to buy an gtx 970 but which one is better EVGA, Gigabyte or any other brand ??? and gaming ram which supports my old s****y mobo H61m-S2PV