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  1. G

    Question Non-stop Restarting

    Hello, So my pc started restarting without me asking it to, there was no clear pattern as to why. I ran the following commands: sfc/scannow and chkdsk C: /r these showed that my drive where windows was installed on was damaged or corrupted. I ordered a new drive and tried to install windows on...
  2. mraazx

    [SOLVED] CPU Confusion !!! 11400 vs 5600X Vs 12600k or wait ? Need HElppppP!

    Hello Guys, First of all, sorry to post like this I know this may sound very frustrating but I am really confused right now about what should I do. I mostly play Valorant and Destiny 2, Some AAA games from 2017-2020 ( As I could not play many titles at that time ) I use my pc to Work (...
  3. abdulrhman_jalal

    [SOLVED] I'm really confused by this GTX 1060

    Hello there everyone! SPECS: CPU: i7 7700 GPU: GIGABYTE G1 GTX 1060 6GB MOBO: ASUS STRIX B250F RAM: KINGSTON 8x2 GB 2400mhz PSU: COUGAR 550W lately, I have been facing this weird problem as discussed here...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] New build - incomprehensible problem. Help!

    Please help me with this completely incomprehensible problem. I’ve been at this for two weeks now, and I am at the end of my rope. This is not my first build. Win10 installs, goes through “setting up devices”, then “Getting Ready”, then it restarts, the splash screen refreshes three times, and...
  5. Y

    Question New PC lights up but turns off right after

    So I built a new pc and I put everything together correctly since I double checked every part like 10 times. My psu works also since i checked it with the paper clip. I checked each if my ram slots. I plugged out my graphics card and it did the same thing still and I took out my cpu and...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard Stops Working when Youtube or game plays

    Help Please - Have a Razer keyboard and mouse on Windows 10. Keyboard is Blackwidow Elite and mouse is Deathadder Elite. When Windows launches, the keyboard works fine. As soon as Youtube or a game is launched, the keyboard stops working. When youtube causes it, youtube continues to play fine...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Cannot boot from new Windows 10 installation USB

    I am trying to boot from installation media on a USB. My end goal here is to restore Windows image to a new larger HDD but I cannot boot from the USB to get into System Image Recovery menu to do the restore. Every reboot is taking me into existing Windows and not booting off of the USB drive...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Connecting second monitor

    Hello, at the moment I have a single LG monitor connected to my computer via HDMI connection to the GPU. I am looking to get a second monitor however my GPU only has 1 HDMI display port. However, I have noticed there is a single HDMI port on my MOBO but when I connect the monitor, there's no...
  9. S

    Question Does my motherboard provide all the necessary ports for everything such as the aio, fans, and case? That is my build and I am wondering if I have the available ports for everything such as the aio, fans, and case. Also with the fans, will I need a splitter, and if so, can you link one. Please and Thank you!
  10. C

    Question Need help ASAP

    I installed a new graphics card on the pc worked fine all the way up to me installing the drivers when I did the pc completely shit itself and keeps freezing and black screaning or it will just look like a bad representation of a acid trip and idk what to do at this point the pc will work fine...
  11. Q

    Question Does my motherboard come with wifi and/or Bluetooth receptor

    The motherboard im thinking of buying is the Gigabyte - B450 AORUS PRO WIFI (rev. 1.0) ATX AM4 Motherboard, and I would like to know if it comes with a built in wifi card and/or bluetooth receptor????
  12. C

    Computer powers on briefly even when unplugged

    I have an old computer that has always done something strange. After using it for some time, I can power it down, unplug it, and press the on button. At that point, everything will light up and the fans start, but only for about 1.5 seconds. Then it goes dead and acts like it should while...