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  1. Max Arthur

    Question new 1650 or second 1650s/1660s?

    So i want to build a new PC in maybe like October/November for use in 2024. i have $700 budget, $400 for 12100 with 2x8gb 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM and other like case, H610 mb, m.2 and psu. $100 for 1200VA UPS since my country electricity company is very sucks. But then it comes to graphics card, im...
  2. E

    Question PC rebooting without any warning, leads to black screen, and goes back to Windows 10 sign in screen

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to asking for help so please ignore any mistakes I make. Anyways, the real problem is my PC. Whenever I'm doing anything it'll just restart it without warning or BSOD, it just goes to a black screen and then back to windows sign in screen. Any suggestions, ideas, or help...
  3. B

    Question I'm COMPLETELY stumped. Please help.

    My best friend Has a stock 2080 TI, plays in 2k, just as I do, We both have the same CPU, I-9 10900k, both watercooled. I have 32gb of DDR4 ram at 3000 MHZ, he has half of that, not sure of the MHz. He has a Stock 2080TI, I have a "Zotac GAMING GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC" We both played "The...
  4. R

    Question Laptop Acts Like There’s No OS.

    I have an HP Elitebook 8560w that’s acting kinda weird. I try to install different distros of Linux on it but after it installs, it acts as if there is no OS when it restarts after install. Its had Linux installed on it in the past. Below is what I’ve done: Different SSDs Used main HDD bay and...
  5. fahrinj

    [SOLVED] Which Component Should I Upgrade??

    Hye, my pc so slowwww when i try to open any app it could take time like 20 second or above.. and I wanna upgrade it but idk which component I should upgrade my pc spec Processor: Intel i3 4150 3.5ghz 2 core 4 thread Gpu: Gtx 750ti 2gb Ram: hyperX 8GBx1 Apacer 2GBx1 Hard Drive: HDD Toshiba...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Trouble with Bios recognizing Keyboard

    I've had this issue for years now, but as I attempt to set this computer up with a new SSD primary drive where I will install windows, I cannot get around it. Currently, the issue is that until it has booted to windows, it will not recognize that a keyboard is plugged in. I've done more than a...
  7. Sambs7

    [SOLVED] I live between two countries where should i put my gaming pc

    I live between 2 countries. Where should i place it? i got to school and i spend most of my time in Lebanon but I go to germany for holidays, I dont know if i should place it in germany or in lebanon.
  8. bobbyboi

    [SOLVED] After booting, it says I need to change my password? However, I never set a password in the first place.

    So like the title says, I've basically been booting from my SSD for the past month with no issues. However, when I powered on my PC this morning it brought up a loading menu saying something along the lines of, "Repairing C:", etc. I thought it had to do with updating Windows and thought nothing...
  9. Mangogamer

    [SOLVED] What DIMM slot and changing frequency

    I have a b450m pro4 and g.skill Ripjaws at 3200 and ryzen 3 3200g I want to know what slots to put my ram in and how to put it at 2933
  10. Q

    [SOLVED] Technical explanation of fps spikes / what they mean?

    Hi, I have a question for all you more intelligent people out there about what is happening in my computer when I experience an fps spike. I have recently run out of explanations for why I may be experiencing fps issues when my hardware is not being fully utilized. For instance I may...
  11. W

    [SOLVED] !! Freezing Computer!! Help wanted!

    Hello everyone, First of all thank you for reading my topic, I'm fairly new to this site but I have already checked multiple topics where people had (more of the same) problem as I did but I haven't found a solution yet. I'm having a freezing/Deadlocking/lock-up computer issue for quite a...
  12. Lound93

    [SOLVED] Need Help if possible please

    Sooo to cut a long story short I have the old corsair RM850 Gold and I've recently just bought the Rtx Nividia 2060 Super Gaming X, (built my own computer a good 10 years ago now roughly) with said psu and low and behold as life went on they've been stored somewhere super secure a place I can't...
  13. Chainzofheartsz

    [SOLVED] Not quite sure what to do. please help

    Hello everybody so im new to pc building and have bought all my parts other then a case. so im wondering if i should wait for my case to arrive around the 25th of may or later because of the pandemic going on. my parts are a ryzen 7 3700x gigabbtye 2070 super OW windforce, Msi b450 carbon pro ac...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Monitor showing no HDMI connection + GPU / MOTHERBOARD not working?

    Specs : CPU : i7 6700 CPU Fan Cooler : Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO PSU : EVGA 700W GD GOLD GPU : RX 590 (rev 2.0) - 8gb MOTHERBOARD : ASUS H110-M Plus RAM : 8 x 2 3000 Mhz (Crucial Ballistix) CASE : Corsair Spec-Delta RGB —————————————————- So the problem is that the monitor isn’t...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Compatibility...

    Hello. Basically, I want to upgrade from my old GTX 960 2gb, into the newer GTX 1660 6gb SUPER from MSI - thoughts? Second - is the motherboard compatible with the GTX 1660? However, I begin questioning whether it is going to work, as I've had this system for the last 4/5 years, and was...
  16. I

    [SOLVED] Building my first PC, Is this build the best bang for buck and compatible with everything else?

    PCPartPicker Part List: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor ($375.00 @ PCCaseGear) Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard ($194.00 @ Shopping Express) Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] PC Slowly, then abruptly, stopped working. (HELP)

    Hello. My PC has been working fine for about 4 years now. It recently started having issues when it randomly crashed while I was playing DOOM. This started the pattern of my computer crashing every time I played a game. I thought it was just DOOM but, upon playing Minecraft, Hollow Knight, and...
  18. M

    Question Screens keyboard and Headset all go off Randomly?

    So this a bit of a strange one and explaining it could be a issue! (Apologies if this is in the wrong category) Im running an AMD System, all drivers and updates are installed however recently, I've been having this odd phenomenon. Randomly sometimes I'll be doing something on my system, all...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Need advice for a Small Business Server

    I need a server to handle the operations for a small-medium size business. The current server is is a very basic and outdated one, 500gb of storage. I do not have all the details but I know that it is slow and it needs to be replaced. The office has around 25 computers and may be expanded in...
  20. vapour

    Question long Loading times into games

    Guess your game is stored on hdd. Buy a larger ssd and put games there, you will see much shorter loading time.
  21. Concxrd

    Question Loading times into games

    I have Had long loading times into games such as Overwatch Rainbow6 Siege PUBG and really any game that has a Big map or what not i have done more than 5+ hours of research it is not my SSD due to it being clean and i having three it could be my Ram or my CPU i really don't know my temperatures...
  22. Urbercharger

    [SOLVED] So my computer randomly froze while doing nothing and never turned again....

    So my computer whilst using it just randomly froze on me and after a bit of waiting i turned it off and tried to turn it back on... it wouldn't load anymore. So I assumed my ssd was busted or boot drive , so a lot of testing with bunch of different ideas (im fairly familiar with components and...
  23. V

    Question Which streaming pair is better

    So I wanted to build a gaming/streaming pc and want to stream only pubg at 1080p60 and I have an confusion between i5 9400f + rtx 2060 or Ryzen 5 2600 + GTX 1660ti . I will be using the build for a couple of years and will play pubg only .so pls suggest me a better pair to play pubg at 1080p60...
  24. A

    Question Intel i3 8100 vs Intel i5 8400

    Hi , I want to build brand new PC for Internet and Multimedia and some programs like Microsoft Office. I use Mozila , so I want to open 40 tabs for example and I want it to work without any problem. And I think between this two configurations. I do not know which one is better for my needs...
  25. D

    Question Almost same components but different performance?

    So me and my friend got almost identical pcs but i noticed that his PC perfoms noticeably better than mine incase of running games ect.. and i don't understand why? My specs : Biostar motherboard Core 2 duo e8400 3.0 MHz 8GB RAM Amd ATI HD 5870 1GB Windows 10 64bits...
  26. I

    Question Wifi slows down considerably with ethernet cable plugged in to access NAS server? EDIT: *(This makes no sense)*

    Hi, sorry if the title is a bit misleading--anyway, I am just confused as to why my wifi connection on my computer slows down considerably when I have an ethernet cable plugged in which is attached to my NAS server network which is separate from my main network. Let me explain. Due to living...
  27. M

    Question Can a DDR3 type GPU be used with a DDR4 type motherboard?

    I was planing to buy a 2GB GPU. In the specifications of that GPU, I noticed it has DDR3 type memory. My motherboard is Gigabyte Z370XP SLI DDR4 8th Gen Intel LGA1151 Socket Mainboard. It supports DDR4 type RAM. I'm confused if it will support a DDR3 type GPU.
  28. M

    Question Why one 4GB GPU costs more than two 2GB GPUs?

    I wanted to buy a GPU for my PC. While I was looking at the price list, I got confused. Cause I noticed that one 4GB GPU costs more than two 2GB GPUs. Generally we notice that the more the space, the less the price in ratio. It happens with RAM, SSD or even HDD. But why not with GPU?? Here is...
  29. D

    Question Network adapter problem?

    Hello all, I recently have started to have a issue with limited internet speed on my desktop. My current speed is 80mb download rate, and my laptop gets it just fine (laptop asus G751JY). However my desktop is another story, it only gets 8mb download speed. I have done the following, I have...
  30. Anubhav Aryan

    [SOLVED] I am confused

    Hello dear I am from India and building a PC under price bracket of $600 I need a gaming pc of AMD build I grabbed a pretty good deal of GTX 1060 6gb variant add $200 but now I am confused with processor guide me which processor I should go for I was thinking of AMD ryzen 5 1600 but it is not in...
  31. G

    SSD's not detectible in BIOS after enabling/disabling RAID

    HI all, so I Enabled RAID in error whilst in BIOS causing my SSD drive to disappear and no matter what I do it will not come back. I also have a 1 TB HD that was not plugged in at the time i enabled then disabled RAID and this can still be detected by my PC but my SSD cant. So far i have of...
  32. D

    ASUS UX52V turning itself down when the bass kicks in

    I'm trying to figure out why my ASUS UX52V turns itself down markedly when the bass kicks in. It's almost as though the driver is capping the power level to the speakers. I've installed what I believe is the latest Realtek driver for the machine. Anyone know what might be going wrong here?
  33. S

    Two locations, two different results, same powerline adapter

    Hello, I bought 3 powerline adapters with passthrough. One I connected to my router and the other to my desktop computer and another to my laptop. On my laptop I get 25 Mbps and on my desktop I get 6 Mbps. Via wifi I get 33 Mbps on both and my total internet speed from ISP is 50 Mbps. On my...
  34. destinywarlock55

    Ryzen 3 1300X hit 90C in less than 5mins of test.

    Hello, I am an ameture overclocker, i should of said that on my first post. I recently was able to get to 3.95GHz on 1.33750V, i ran cine bench twice, no crashes. I decided to run Prime 95 since every one is saying to stress it for like 10 hours, but before even getting to 5 minutes the...
  35. L

    How do I power the 1080 ti graphics card?

    I have myself the 1080 ti which requires 2 x 8 pin connectors. The power supply I have is the EVGA 650w 80+ P2 which came with 2 x 6+2 PCIE connectors which also have 6 pin connectors attached to the same cables. So my question is do I use 2 separate cables using only the 6+2 connectors both...
  36. G

    New custom PC randomly restarting

    Edit: It turns out one of the cables in my PC had become dislodged from the PSU. I've corrected this and now the PC seems to be fine. So around 2 weeks ago, I bought a custom-built PC from CeX, and for the first week or so I had no problems with it. However, now I am having a few issues...
  37. S

    Looking for new case: quiet, easy cablemanagement

    Hey guys, so I've had my pc for 2 years now with the Zalman Z11 plus case and after I swapped my stock fans for new ones a few months ago, my case has gotten worn down and needs a repmacement. I don't like my current case since I was on a budget and this case is hard to open, some parts broke...
  38. X

    Win 10 Weird Artifacting and Random Blue screens

    Ive been having an issue since the weekend with my new(ish, I built it around Christmas) gaming pc. I have weird texture glitches (artifacting I believe its called, I may be wrong) and random blue screens form windows, I cant exactly remember which ones, but if you named one I could tell ya. Ive...
  39. I

    GPU not detected after installing a new CPU

    hi, I just installed a new CPU, an i5-2400 3.1GHz to be precise but when I boot up, it doesn't detect the GPU I previously had installed which is a GT 630. Can anyone help me fix this problem? It display as Microsoft Basic Render Driver (PS5.0/VS5.0)
  40. J

    Upgrade my computer

    Hi im going to upgrade my computer for gaming. Right now i play Cs go mostly but i want to play battlefield 1 on high settings. I have AMD-FX 6300 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti. I have like 100-250 fps on cs go on high settings. Do i need a better power supply? i have 600w now and 8 Gb ram..