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Forum discussion tagged with confusion???????.
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    Question Computer Freezes for 3-5 seconds, if Audio is playing it buzzes, Once it Unfreezes the Disconnect Usb Sound Plays

    So recently I upgraded my computer's motherboard, cpu, fans, case and ram. All my peripherals are the same as well as my other components, like the power supply and hard drives. So, I know there must either be a problem with one of the new components or I've made a mistake while rebuilding...
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    [SOLVED] Low Ping, Great Frames, Terrible Latency

    Hardware list: ROG STRIX 2080 TI i7 8700K 16GB ram Gigabit internet through Rogers, connected via ethernet. So as of late, I have been having really bad latency in games. In particular, the two games I play are Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege. My ping in game is almost always a flat 32-36...