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  1. Flame1

    [SOLVED] Does living further away from the providers HQ affect the connection?

    Please read: I used to have internet speeds of 70mb DOWN and 20mb UP when I lived in a different city and had a different internet provider. With my new internet provider in a different city that I moved into I get 360mb DOWN and 40mb UP. Now the thing is, I noticed that when I am hosting a...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to connect HDD without having Power cable ?

    Hello, i had a pre built pc with Components that are not bad so i wanted to build a pc for a colleague using those components. As i've got done with everything except storage, i noticed that the power supply didn't have a single power cable except the CUSTOM power cable for the motherboard and...
  3. mirkomirkica

    [SOLVED] Question about Psu connecting...

    So i have psu Hiper 530w and it has 6 (4+2 )pins for mdb (cpu) and 12 (8+4) for gpu... my rx 580 needs only 8, so i took those 6 for motherboard and connected them to a adapter (6 to 8 pins) and took those 12 (4+8) and connected those 4 to a motherboard. and im doing this because i bought pc in...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Monitor keeps disconnecting and reconnecting over and over again

    My TV Monitor (my 3rd monitor currently hooked up) just recently started to flicker, and then it disconnects and reconnects every two seconds, playing the usb disconnect and reconnect sound everytime. I didn't install any software, didn't touch my pc at all, I was actually on the other side of...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to get more than 60fps

    Hey guys, I have a question is it possible to achieve more than 60 fps , the problem is I have a monitor with HDMI 1,4 DP nativ 1440p and I have gpu that only have HDMI 2.0 . Is it possible by going from 2.0 to DP or something like that to get more than 60 FPS on 1440p sure I know I can go with...
  6. K

    Does Gpu boost clock show a major difference in performance?

    So I want to buy a 1070. I am not looking to wait till next year for things to come back in stock. On top of that I'm trying to save some dough too. I will also be getting the Corsair Cx550m to upgrade my evga W1 550W Psu. I was looking at the evga 1070 SC, the Gigabyte G1, and the Asus...
  7. E

    Winrar stuck extracting only to one hdd

    I download files onto one hdd, and then i usually extract the contents to another. recently winrar has just froze/seized up, badly enough that the only resolve is to hard boot the pc down. extracting rar files to the same hdd or another comes back fine, it's just having issues with this one hdd...
  8. N

    best game expert answer this ??

    give the similar games name games like Assassins creed (action adventure graphics) games like Firewatch (nature) and Best action adventure game
  9. C

    Can the Dell Inspiron n4110 battery be charged separately from the computer?

    Going off grid and was thinking about buying several extra batteries and a charger to always have a fresh one on hand. But can the battery be charged separately or does it have to be in the computer at the time...?
  10. C

    Rethinking GTX 970, what else is there?

    I was really excited about getting a new 970, but with the news that just broke I am not sure if it is a good idea anymore. Honestly I don't know if the memory allocation would really even effect me; I don't really do heavy gaming on Ultra settings, but I would be running 3 screens. I mostly do...
  11. A

    Cooling and checking for a beginner.

    This is my first PC build and im getting better recommendations every time i ask this. Is there any better parts for the same price or cheaper? Also what about cooling? Do i need it, and if I do, which one should get? If I do, I would want it to match the case with the green. I think i want a...
  12. G

    internet driver missing

    hi people have just built lovely gaming rig installed 64bit win 7 and low and behold I cant connect to internet apparently the network adapters are not installed ? I thought these came with windows mobo z87 any ideas ssd drive have tried 2 installs while connected to internet still no change im...