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  1. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Can you buy the separate extra 4 pin atx connector for the motherboard?

    Good day, Motherboards nowadays come with the extra 4 pin ATX power socket together with the regular 8 pin ATX socket. My question is can you buy that extra power cable? Because my power supply originally does not include that cable and I upgraded to a motherboard with that extra 4 pin ATX...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Rebooting PC also requires reboot of wifi switch

    This isn't really a problem that needs "fixing", I'm trying to see if there's a reason that a noob like me can understand. I've got Virgin Media 100mb broadband through their super hub. I have an ethernet cable running from that, under the floorboards, into my little study. It plugs into one of...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] docking station in another room

    Hi, I’m looking to have my workstation in a different room of where I will work. I was thinking to connect my workstation with a thunderbolt 10m cable until the next room where it will get connected with a docking station. On that docking station, I’ll connect monitor, keyboard and mouse. I was...
  4. R

    Are there any downsides of having a Laptop connected to a monitor?

    for example: Input Lag, possible problems, are there any requirements, etc.. I bet you're asking yourselves: "Why the hell would I use a Laptop with a monitor? That would make zero sense." Well, I need a Laptop for school and I love gaming. My current PC I am running on isn't very good when it...
  5. Pijmzhchus

    Question Only 1440p/75Hz through HDMI 2.0

    I have a problem with my TV and graphics card. The GPU is RX 570 4GB Aorus and TV is Q55Q70R. I found on the Internet TV can do 1440p 120Hz, but I can't get it to work. It can do 1080p/120Hz just fine. Can you help? View: View:
  6. P

    Question Bluetooth Keyboard Letter Keys Stop responding

    Hello good people, i recently started to experience a new problem that i didn't have before. 2 years back i bought a Designer Keyboard by Microsoft. It connects via Bluetooth. Since then it worked perfectly. Now, starting about 1 week back, the keboard doesn't register any keystrokes except for...
  7. noidis

    Question Upon reboot, windows can't connect to the wifi network

    After I restart my computer (So basically every night as I turn off my PC in the evening), when my PC restarts I am connected to my home wifi, but with no internet connection. This is remedied by disconnected and then subsequently reconnecting to the same network, but it's definitely not...
  8. L

    Question Battery backup and impact on connectivity

    Disclaimer: I'm not a tech-head. I wish I were, but I'm not. I know exactly enough to understand that I know almost nothing. With that said, here's my issue. I recently moved to a small beach town in Panama. I am a remote worker, so connectivity is a thing. My speeds are barely enough to...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Connecting HDMI monitor to DVI-D Dual Link PC with adapter?

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find a straight answer. My question is: Can I connect an HDMI port monitor to a DVI-D Dual Link port PC with, e.g., an adapter that converts HDMI to DVI-D? Will it work? My computer has HDMI and DVI-D Dual Link outputs...
  10. FaithOnHuman

    [SOLVED] Can a 4k monitor work with HDMI cable?

    Maybe it's a stupid question. I have a build in the office for everyday use like e-mail, and surfing the web. It does not have a graphics card. Can I connect a 4k monitor with HDMI to my motherboard? (onboard graphics). :unsure:
  11. tychi12

    Question Internet Disconnects after about 2-3 minutes, yet it says internet is connected with access

    Hi there! Essentially, after connecting to internet just like normal, everything was going well for about 2 minutes until it just disconnected; The game i was playing was still running perfectly fine on multiplayer, however discord or google; anything else really wouldn't work. I would have to...
  12. C

    [SOLVED] What are my options for better internet in my new apartment?

    I just moved into a new apartment and my roommate had already set up the internet. I am a newbie when it comes to networking, but I have little to no internet connection from my room and I also need an ethernet connection for my desktop. It is my understanding that he has a modem/router combo...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth Earbuds not working in tandem

    So my Bluetooth earbuds connected to windows 10 as two separate devices. When I try to test one the other doesn't work with it, though when I use them on my phone they seamlessly work together. They are the "Haylou-GT1" Bluetooth earbuds... any suggestions?
  14. jaasif

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 Fresh install - Cannot connect to network - Ethernet driver installation wizard interrupted

    So here's the situation. I just wiped and reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Everything went smoothly until I realised I could not connect to the network. In fact, I could not even detect networks with the ethernet cable plugged into the pc. I went into Device Manager and saw that my...
  15. Saymou

    Question Please Help! Problem with my G231 prodigy Headset!!

    Hey everyone! So basically i bought a g231 prodigy a year ago and it's working fine on my ps4. However, once i bought a new gaming laptop and tried to use it on it, I found issues with the mic. The headset mic wasn't getting detected so i tried reinstalling the headset drivers and what not...
  16. nejc467

    Question 144hz monitor amd freesync

    hi guys i wonny buy this monitor( ) witch have amd freesync but i have nvidia gtx 960 oc 2gb. mostley i play cs:go and allready have more about 250fps... so will i got 144hz from monitor or not? tnx for answears ;)
  17. R

    [SOLVED] PC connectivity problems in Mac household...

    PLEASE HELP!! I’m not tech-savvy so apologies if I’m using terminology incorrectly. We are a family of Mac users, but we bought a PC (CyberPowerPC - Gamer Ultra Desktop - AMD FX-Series - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive) in April 2018 for one kid. Our ISP is Xfinity (400 Mbps download), we...
  18. D

    Question Help with connecting TV/AUDIO setup

    Hello everyone! I have a question regarding TV home setup. So i have a Nvidia Shield (used as a TV box) and a PS4 connected via two hdmi cables to my LG 47 in TV. I recently bought a Marantz amplifier for my turntable and a pair of speakers and I want to output the NVIDIA/PS4/TV sound to my...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Personal Desktop and Workstation Setup

    Hi All, Below you will find a list of components I have at the moment: 2x Dell U2414h monitors (at the moment these are daisy chained to my desktop) desktop graphics card (EVGA gtx 970) ducky shine 3 keyboard logitech g502 mouse HP zbook 14 G2 ( work laptop) Dell d6000 docking station Right...
  20. G

    Question System Configuration Window services tab - where is folder/file(s) containing these settings located?

    Help! I've done something very, very silly. To fix this I need to know the names and location of the folder(s)/file(s) that contain the settings in the Windows 10 System Configuration window Services tab. How this happened and why I think I need the names and location of the folder(s)/file(s)...
  21. U

    Question Radeon WX7100 eGPU connectivity with 2018 Macbook Pro

    I am looking an external GPU to use with my Macbook Pro 2018 to more effectively push a 1440p monitor with 10bit color for more intensive video and photo editing. From my research it seem that only the Radeon Pro and Quadro workstation cards are the only GPUs which actually are capable of...
  22. C

    Question Docking station for laptop and Desktop PC

    Hi, Im thinking of buying a docking station to connect my 2 monitors and keyboard and as well as my PC desktop. However when I am not using my desktop (powered off), can I simply connect my laptop to one of the available usb-ports to use the 2 monitors and keyboard for my laptop? Thanks
  23. H

    Question Memory says specially designed for z370

    So I’m pissed now because I’m waiting all this time for parts to come and realized this says specifically made for z370. Can someone confirm if this works for z390
  24. A

    [SOLVED] upgrade advice wanted

    Hi All, As its been a few years I think its time for an upgrade, mainly MMO Gaming + Photoshop ( image merging, panoramic merging etc). I tend to find the only time my current system struggles is when using image rendering softwere for image merges etc.. Below is my current hardware setup...
  25. S

    Question Upgraded PC with a different pair of ram, Not detecting :(

    Hi guys So my pc currently has 8gb (2x4gb) of gskill ddr3 ram, which is not quite enough anymore so i decided to upgrade it with another pair of 2x4gb ram from patriot. Little did I know that the second pair would not be detected by my computer This is my new Patriot ram: And this is my...
  26. Mustcoppington

    Question Used Gaming PC Price Check/Thoughts

    I have what I think my PC is worth in mind, but I'm curious as to what others would throw out there. This is an older PC I'm just looking to part with. Sorry if this isn't allowed (didn't see anything against it). Specs (from summer 2015): View:
  27. F

    [SOLVED] Build For Streaming And Gaming

    Hello, I'm new and just wanted some opinions and help on what to look for in terms of components for my PC. I would like to build (or buy a pre-built) PC for around $1,000.00 USD (+/- $100.00). I would like to stream games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends to...
  28. D

    Actual resale value of my Desktop? Help!

    I've done research and looked at many web sites and have found conflicting information as to the actual resale value of this system I'm trying to price and sell. Now, I know it's not worth what I've got into it but I really need a reasonable asking price so I can list this system. Here are the...
  29. G

    Question i7 9700K Noctua NH-D15 running hot!!?

    Hey, so I've sold my previous i7 9700K build and got a new one. i7 9700K RTX 2080 ASUS ROG Strix OC ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 Gaming F 16gb G.skill 3200mhz Noctua NH-D15 EVO 970 m.2 EVO 860 Toshiba 2TB HDD Corsair RMX 750 Nanoxia Deep silence 5 rev b. Full tower with 4 140mm fans. The cpu...
  30. T

    Question Which monitor would be suitable for my needs?

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a monitor with the following features: -1080p resolution -27 inch display -75 Hz refresh rate -IPS led technology -vesa compatibility -good colour accuracy I am going to use it mostly for gaming, photo editing and web browsing. I am not a professional...
  31. A

    low fps in gta 5 with gtx 1080

    hey i need help with low fps in gta 5. ive seen that for my card everybody gets around 70-120 fps with max settings and i get 40-80 fps. and no i do not have vsync enabled. pls help this is really frustrating my specs gtx 1080 i7 8700 16gb ram ssd 1tb hard drive i play in 1080p with gsync and 144hz
  32. J

    B2 error, and only 1 of 4 GPUs showing in Bios

    Build: ■Asus WS X299 SAGE w/ BIOS 0905 (90SW0070-M0EAY0) ■i9 9900X (BX80673I99900X) ■4x Palit GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti GamingPro ■GSkill 128GB DDR4 2800MHz (F4-2800C15Q2-128GRKD) ■Samsung 970 EVO 1 TB ■Windows 10 Pro ■EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 80+ TITANIUM Issue: Intermittent (90% of the time) B2...
  33. J

    What CPU should I get for a home server?

    Hey, I was given a free copy of Windows Server 2019 and decided I want to make a physical at-home server. What CPU would be good for this? It doesn't have to be anything SUPER overkill, but I want to use this case...
  34. P

    USB iso install cant find drivers

    Had a blackout the other day and comp obviously wasn't shutdown properly. Command prompts tell me there's a database error. Goes into windows troubleshooting but can't repair. Never setup a system restore point so trying the iso USB install. Boots to usb, when I hit install it cant find any...
  35. G

    Webpages not loading with new dns setup

    I just set up a new DNS server / File Server so that we can share files securely over our network. I have added 2 new computers to the network and I plan to add another 10 machines at least, but the 2 that are set up don't load websites very quickly, and more often than not, the sites don't...
  36. L

    [SOLVED] What UPS for my system

    Looking for advice on UPS for my rig. Need it to last 1-2 minutes for a programmed auto shutdown as soon as the system kicks on. I want absolute minimum I can get away with. I'm broke atm but in rural area and we are getting more and more night time outages. They already killed the psu on my...
  37. M

    So I decided to buy an RTX 2080 TI...

    So I decided to buy an RTX 2080 TI... 2 years ago I ve started a very ambitious project, and I am about to finish it. So with the release of the new 20 series I tpld myself that i would get the best gpu and i have some questions. First off my current PC is not that balanced but I made it like...
  38. D

    SSD - Not Sure What to Get

    Hello, I am looking to buy an SSD. I'm not sure whether my motherboard has this slot or not but if it doesn't what will I do, am I better off getting a 2.5'' SSD? My motherboard is an MSI SLI Krait Edition Z97 LGA1150 and I have a i7 4790K CPU. Links to SSDs I'm thinking about getting...
  39. C

    [SOLVED] One side of earbuds always quieter than the other

    this problem has persisted across multiple devices. the only difference is the magnitude of the difference in volume. I have tried cleaning out the ports, yet this problem still continues. How do i fix this?
  40. K

    [SOLVED] BIOS won't open

    Hi, I bought a new motherboard that is a ga-ax370m-ds3h an a new CPU Ryzen 5 2400G and 2 hyperx 4 GB 2400 MHz when I put it together my computer post I downloaded the Windows and when my screen went to the home screen it stopped and now it can't even open to the BIOS what can I do