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    Question HDMI stopped working for one monitor only ?

    Hi I've been using the hdmi port on my GPU for years without problem. I use it for my main display and for tv when I watch youtube etc. Today as usual I switched it to tv hdmi cable ( only one hdmi port on gpu ) watched some tv and then switched back to monitor. But there is no hdmi signal on my...
  2. Locomexicano68

    Question Broken gpu rgb connector help

    Hello y'all. I recently got my hands on a Strix 5700xt. The problem is that the rgb on the backplate is not working. So I opened it up and saw that the connector wasn't plugged in. The reason why is because of the broken female connector (I think) Here is the link to the picture. Does someone...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Does it safe for my Graphic card ???

    Hello Can I Use this Adapter...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Which SLI connector do I need to buy for 2 old Nvidia Geforce 9800gt

    Hello! I have two old Nvidia Geforce 9800gt graphics cards and I have lost my old SLI connector. I have something that could be the right sli connector but I am not sure...
  5. KombatKatana

    Question Type of 4 pin connector?

    Can anyone time me what kind of 4 pin connector is the really tiny one I have, shown in the attached picture (link)? It's usually used as a RGB connector (12V I believe). I'm trying to find/ make an adapter for it, to make it a standard size connector...
  6. F

    Question pci connector GPU

    i want to know if i can use my gtx 960 2gb without 6 pin pci connector until i buy a new PSU bcs mind does not have the 6 pin, can i use it without it for now?