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    Question Motherboard has no display connector (but GPU does)? (Old PC)

    Hello, I need some help of those who have experience with older systems. I got a desktop PC from a guy who was selling it for 5€, I didn’t know what I’d find in there but I got it anyways, and to my surprise, it had a lot of components and some are over 20€. But there is an issue: I want to flip...
  2. O

    [SOLVED] how to wire jack connector to rca connector? Is this how you wire a jack to rca cable? Red wire is right rca connector. Blue is left rca connector. Both rca connectors' ground wires connects to sleeve on jack connector? Thanks.
  3. B

    Question Dell E5470: What is this port right here?

    I've got a Dell Latitude E5470. Can you please help me identify this port from the E5470s motherboard? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
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    Question Vintage Click Free Drive Not Seen

    Hi, I am new here and hope someone can help. I have an old click free backup drive which is not recognized by my Dell computer. The drive has a bit of history -- shortly after I bought it, my DH decided to wrap the cable around the case and doing so must have damaged the internal connector. It...
  5. Cristi4n

    Question Psu connectors

    I have a gigabyte mb with: 1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector 1 x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector connectors. Now my Delux power source has 20+4. I have tested the psu by shorting pins green and black and it starts, I didn't test it with my multimeter yet. The power button pins are connected...
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    Question Help connecting LED strips

    Hello there I recently bought 10 meters of LED strip to the roof of my room. But I was 2 meters short. I need to buy 2 meters more. So I looked online to see how I connect 2 led strips, and I found this product: So my...
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    Question What is the point of this 6 pin power connector on this Z390 Godlike motherboard?

    Hello all, I own a Z390 Godlike motherboard but I dont know what is the point of this 6-pin power connector in the picture below. What exactly does it power? The GPU? The CPU? The whole motherboard? I have noticed no difference at all in performance after plugging a...
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    Question Front case fans connection/Fan controller

    Greetings, I have a question to what would be the best solution to this. I have a Phanteks ECLIPSE P400S TEMPERED GLASS Case. The case came with an installed fan in front with a 3-pin connector. I recently installed 2 more fans in front (ARCTIC Fan BioniX F120). Those 2 new fans come with a...
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    Question Only some SATA power connectors work in a connector string

    I have an older PSU that came from an HP desktop that my employer was going to throw away. I realize this might be part of my problem right there but, I'd like to make sure just in case. The PSU has 2-strings of 3 daisy-chained SATA power connectors, factory wired, no splitters or anything...
  10. Can I flip the connection on my Samsung Gear VR?

    So I have a Note 9 which only fast charges one direction of the cable, the other direction is very-very slow charging.( Not cable issue, not usb port issue 100%). And I am so lucky that my Gear VR(SM-R325) is connecting to my phone exactly in the direction where slow charging occurs so it is not...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Accidentally plugged in only one 8-pin power connector to RX 580, but card still worked for a week.

    No, the title isn't clickbait. I only noticed it when, previously noticing the "bios mode" gimmick switch on there, decided to open up my case and switch it and see what happens. When I opened my case I discovered that one of the power connectors on my Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 (8-pin and 6-pin)...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to bend or damage pins by inserting memory module in DDR3 DIMM connector?

    Hi I inserted a memory module into a DDR3 240 pins DIMM connector-socket of a new EVGA motherboard. First insertion of a memory module in that motherboard memory socket.. Being that DIMM sockets connectors have to have both latches down, are keyed for inserting the memory module only one way...
  13. TarikS

    [SOLVED] MSI R9 390 Gaming with molex

    Hi guys and girls, I am planning on upgrading my rx 460 to an MSI R9 390 GAMING card. But I have a question. On my PSU I have a 6 pin connector and 2 molex connectors. I do not have an 8 pin. So I was wondering if I could buy a molex to 8 pin converter and use that. Buying a new PSU is out of my...
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    [SOLVED] Seagate EXOS 10TB SATA connector problems

    I'm trying to install this drive to a Drobo 810N (NAS). The SATA connector is different from usual, and has a piece of plastic between the power & data sections, so it can't plug in to any SATA cables I have, which require a gap. What gives? Is this a new interface, and what can I do to use...
  15. C

    Question Cutting PSU wires and taping with electrical tape?

    I haven't posted on TH in a while, so uh yeah. But, I just had a random thought on making space in my case and well, making it easier to clean up, which is what the title says. Is there any danger to this? I thought it was a neat little idea! I don't have a modular PSU, and all of the connectors...
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    [SOLVED] Will this psu replacement be fine (connectors wise)

    My old psu has those connectors ATX 20+4-pin, 4-pin 12V, 6x MOLEX, 2x FDD, 2x SATA, PCIe 6-pin And i will buy a new pau with these: Will that be fine? I rlly wanna make sure cuz im not good in this 1× 20+4 Pin, 1× 4+4 Pin, 2× PCI-Express 6+2Pin, 3× IDE 4Pin (Molex), 4× S-ATA, 1× Floppy
  17. PolZol

    [SOLVED] Weird component connected to my motherboard

    Hello everyone, this is my first time in the forum so please go easy on me. Anyway, recently I found a small device connected to my motherboard and have no idea what it is. My PC is a custom build, but it has not been put together by me, I only chose the individual components, so I received it...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Accidentally plugged pcie 6+2 cable into 4+4 Pin on PSU Side (Fully-Modular PSU)

    Hi All. Accidentally plugged pcie 6+2 cable into 4+4 Pin on PSU Side (Fully-Modular PSU). Both are similarly keyed so the pcie cable went in without problems. I have corrected it now and the pcie cable is connected where it should be. Should I be worried? Just for reference this is my PSU...
  19. Turn on/off a powerbank remotely (more details in the description)

    Hey! I've recently searched for a a remote control for my Canon camera (mine doesn't support having a pre-built remote control, and I couldn't find a usb-mini remote in the market) That was until I've got CHDK on my cannon camera, and it has a script that tells the camera to tell a picture...
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    [SOLVED] Reduced SSD performance caused by a damaged PSU SATA cable?

    Okay, so a few days ago I bought a new SSD. In order to be sure that I've properly connected the power supply SATA power cable and the motherboard SATA cable to the SSD, I connected them before inserting the SSD into the case. While I was inserting the SSD into the case, the power supply SATA...