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    Question Single USB 2.0 to dual splitter

    I was looking into moving my prebuilt HP computer into a new case in order to upgrade the GPU and PSU, and I'm pretty sure I've worked out that all of the connectors needed are standard, except for one. The HP case only has a single USB 2.0 port, so thus the connector is only 5 pins, or one side...
  2. F

    Question Can I connect case fan to CPU/Water Pump Fan Connector?

    Hello, I'm thinking about getting the ASRock B450M Pro4 motherboard. According to their website it has 1 CPU fan connector, 1 CPU/Water Pump fan connector and 3 chassis/water pump fan connectors. All of them are 4-pin. I don't plan to use liquid cooling but I would like to use 4 case fans. Can...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] One 8 pin and one 4 pin connector for cpu

    Hello, I just got my new motherboard, and saw it has one 8 pin and one 4 pin connector for the cpu. My Corsair rm650 only has one 8 pin connector that I can connect. Do I now need to buy a whole new power supply or is there another way?? Kind regards.
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    Question Ideas for an extra Power SATA Connector on Integra M PSU?

    Hello, I need your advice on the following issue: I have 4 HDDs and 1 SSD. My PSU is Integra M 550 W, which has exactly 5 Power Sata Connectors. The 650 W model has 6, but little did I know when I bought the 550 W model. Now I need 1 extra Power SATA Connector - to install a Blu-Ray writer...
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    Question Modular SFX with SATA - cannot find the right SATA connector

    I am looking for a modular SFX PSU, 300-500W. What are my PSU options? The tricky part is SATA connector....where one SATA connector is 100mm away from another one. This is insufficient length because of the way my HDD are installed in case...
  6. F

    gpu suddenly fails,100% fan speed, error 43!

    I have built up a new PC, MB: Asus Z270a CPU: G4400 Ram: 4G Kingstone HDD: 360GB Power: 430W GPU: 2X MSI 1060GTX I want to use it for mining, after starting up windows 10, all system is working fine, graphic cards are detected. If mining is started, after a while one of the GPU's suddenly...
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    PHILIPS BDM3270QP 1440p Monitor flicker in games in location weres a lot of sharp textures

    My monitor is conected through Hdmi 1.4 (i have 2 hdmi cables and booth have the same issue my MONITOR does have the display-port 1.2 idont used because the ordered cable is on the way so i will try it later when it will arrive This artefact occurring on my 2k monitor were are many sharp texture...
  8. Y

    Will I be able to switch Outemu blues with cherry mx blues?

    Can I change my switches in a chinese mechanical keyboard?
  9. B

    Massive sporadic lag spikes, packet loss errors, need help!

    For the past few months, I've been having problems playing games on my windows 10 pc. It started seemingly randomly a few weeks after I started playing Overwatch (which up until that point worked fine). I would get packet loss error signals roughly every 20 seconds, which obviously caused a lot...
  10. V

    Can i have a hardware RAID 0 apart my boot drive?

    I use Samsung 950 pro as boot drive, but I want high capacity storage on RAID as a separate drive all together, however, I don't want to use software RAID, so should I buy a PCI-E RAID card and have it aside my main drive?
  11. A

    My new GPU won't work, black screen appears

    Hey guys! So today I have bought 3 new components for my computer, a PSU, 8GB of RAM and a Sapphire RX 460 GPU. The installation of the PSU & RAM was going great without any problems, however the situation for the GPU is a little bit different. When I plug it in it just won't work, I get a...
  12. M

    Asrock 990fx extreme 9 debug errors 62 and 99

    Background Information My rig was running perfectly for about 2 or so years, then out of the blue, Windows 7 started randomly freezing for no apparent reason. I thought maybe the system drive was the problem as I had noticed that the computer was running a lot slower than usual. I started a...
  13. A

    Best airlow settings for dtec 921 case?

    Best settings?like example top fan as intake or that.and also what fan is great for airflow?
  14. nadasaki

    DRAM LED red same components

    Hi, I got a strange problem. Please help my config: i7 4970k + CM212EVO Asus Gryphon Z97 Armor MSI GTX 970 RAM: 4x4GB Kingston HyperX FURY DDR3 1600 Black PSU: Corsair CS650M This was a working config without any problems from day one, running for a year or so. Yesterday I replaced the stock...
  15. S

    R9 380 build, GTX 960 or other build (£580>)

    Build 1: (GTX 960) ACCESSORIES Mouse: Perixx MX-1000 Iron = £12   Keyboard: From Tom/Dan or Logitech...
  16. MitchMuiz

    MSI 970 GAMING VRM heatsink?

    I have a AMD FX 6300 with a motherboard where the VRM's aren't heatsinked, so it heats up really quickly which causes enourmous framerate drops. Is the MSI 970 GAMING the motherboard I'm looking for? Thanks in advance!
  17. T

    ASROCK Z170 Pro4S w/ Samsung 950

    Computer Mobo: Asrock Z170 Pro4S Bios: 2.9 CPU: i5-6600k Ram: 16 GB G Skill Ripsaw 15 Latency GPU: XFX R9-390P-8256 HDD: M.2 Samsung 950 256 GB (Boot) OS: Windows 10 It took me quite a while to get my computer to recognize the samsung drive. Once it was finally installed, I loaded up windows...
  18. S

    Driver not installing.

    So recently I have upgraded my graphics to a amd R9 sapphire nitro 390 graphics card but I can't install amd 15.12 drivers. I can install the new beta versions and older versions. Is this a bug or am I glitching or is my graphics card bad? (And I have ran the auto detect tool so I think I'm...
  19. V

    Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 Error Code issue

    Hi, I've had the Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 motherboard for around 2ish years now. Just a few days ago my computer would refuse to work properly. The motherboard flashes error code 10 two times, before going to error code 53. I've tried turning it on without the GPU, with only one stick of ram, I've...
  20. C

    Connect internal DVD player to a laptop

    I bought a replacement internal DVD rw for my laptop, but found it was too thick to fit into the slot. Is there a way to connect a cable to the DVD player on one end and then into the laptops HDMI or USB on the other? ( DVD player is HP model BT20N with 13 pins on it's socket)