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  1. SignalRaptor

    Question Display Game console through PC OS

    Is there a way to set up a kind of digital monitor to pipe my console output to a window on my PC? What I'm trying to accomplish is negating the need to switch inputs, as well as occasionally stream the console screen through something like discord. Quick research lead me to something called...
  2. A

    Should I upgrade my original xbox one to an xbox one x?

    I've had a 4k tv since 2015 and haven't used any 4k videos on it since I got it due to living in a rural area and not having fast enough internet available to stream 4k video. So it was a waste of money. I've also had my advanced warfare xbox one for awhile as well. It works great but it's...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] BenQ GL2480E 24"

    Recently got this monitor it says it’s a 60/75hz wondering what this means and if I can someone change it to run at only 60hz for my PS4 Or of it just does it automatically and if this is okay for a PS4 and won’t cause screen tearing thanks
  4. W

    Question Why is my cyberpowerpc not working

    Turned it on went to the store came back it was off... now it will not power on
  5. K

    Question Resolution changes after reboot

    I left my computer with one of my friends and he downloaded some old games, however although they are not running but every time i start up the windows the resolution and the monitor refresh rate changes. Is there any way to lock the resolution and the refresh rate?, or maybe a way to know which...
  6. W

    Question Raid 5 depleted ASRock P67 Extreme6

    Hi guys. I had 4 8tb disks running raid 5 on sata 2 ports of ASRock P67 Extreme6 card. One drive got water damaged and is dead now. Array works but in depleted mode at the boot up. I went into a utility and there is no option to recover, however I haven't tried replacing a disk yet. I am...
  7. Veylaa

    Question Orange lights and no video

    So I just built my first pc last night. Yay! Not really thought because it won’t connect to my moniter. I’ve tried HDMI and VGA. Nothing. The moniter doesn’t even recognize there’s something plugged in at all. There is an orange light in the bottom corner next to the graphics card, and on both...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] my games are lagging inspite of having gtx 1050ti.

    I recently bought a new Gtx 1050ti. My pc has an i3 4150 processor, 4gb ddr3 ram, 450 W psu and 1TB hdd. But I don't know why I get so much of frame drops( in games like Apex legends(30-35 fps) and Rise of the tomb raider(sometimes 45+, but when action scene comes, it drops to 15-20fps). Frame...
  9. D

    Question Asus TUF Gaming Plus Z390

    Hello everyone, I just bought this mainboard and going to use it with i7 9700K. I don't think to OC it. What do you guys think about that mainboard? I saw few negative comments about it, but wanted to read your comments too.
  10. A

    Question Will this PSU handle my system?

    RTX 2060 i7-8700 Will this PSU - Chieftec 600a8 handle my system? Not sure if the PSU has 80 plus certification. Thanks. EDIT: noticed I posted this on the wrong section
  11. A

    Question Need an help with my i7 processor

    I have a dell Inspiron 5459 laptop. I have an Intel Core i7 - 6500U CPU @ 2.50Ghz. I use 4gb ram with 1 TB hard disk. I also have an 2GB of Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 and 2 GB of AMD Radeon R5 M335 dedicated graphics card. Is this configuration good enough to stream 4K contents as well as to play...
  12. V

    My pc doesn't download at full speed

    So my pc never uses the full bandwith anymore when downloading. It usually stays at around 10-13.5MB/s even though we have 62.5MB/s. When I'm running the speedtest by ookla, it maxes out at around 500-505Mb/s (62.5MB/s). Altough the last time since i had these speeds when download something...
  13. S

    I want an antivirus which is free and powerful and doesn't use more RAM because my computer has only 2gb ram.

    I want an antivirus which is free and powerful. And doesn't use more RAM because my computer is laggy :/
  14. K

    Is this malware

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\WafCX and the value data is sku-ween i have no idea what it is and i cant find it on google
  15. mathiasd.hauge

    [SOLVED] RAM problem (2,94gb of 4GB ram useable)

    I have 4 sticks of 1gb corsair memory (ddr2) but only 2,94 GB is useable. First i looked it up on YouTube. I have tried to set maximum ram to 4096MB but that doesnt work. (Msconfig) Secondly i tried to reseat the ram. Didnt work either. The pc just got stuck in a boot loop. Just loads to...
  16. R

    Put in RAM and had a burning smell

    Hello, I have two ports and bought 2x4GB but they were diagnosed with a problem so I returned them to the shop for further testing. So in the meantime, I put in my old stick of RAM that I used before buying the new ones and remembered I have another one stored up. So I put that one in the other...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] AMD memory to Intel

    I want to upgrade my RAM from 4GB to 8GB on a MSI motherboard model ms-7529. the max is 8GB but it only has 2 DIM slots. the memory suppport is DDR2 667/ 800 SDRAM 240pin/ 1.8v. the only RAM I seem to find are say for AMD only. or are really costly. Can a RAM memory made for AMD with the same...
  18. Nvrmndryo

    [SOLVED] How well HIS R9 280x will perform on my Amd phenom II x4 965 rig?

    I am getting His R9 280x 3gb gfx card around 4500 INR or 65 usd. My rig is 9 year old, but its still solid for my daily use, just few days ago I've also installed Kingston A400 240gb ssd and my pc is 10 times faster now. So mentioned card is vfm for now? Will I able to play latest games on my...
  19. A

    Missing part to add in a microphone clip

    I am switching my microphone stand into a microphone stand. I already have a microphone clip. Here the link: \ Now I am missing some sort of small metal rod that will connect my microphone clip...
  20. K

    Selling a graphics card

    This Christmas I just upgraded to a rtx 2080 from a gtx 1060 3gb. I want to sell this card and I was wondering how much I could get for it. This is the card: MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDRR5 192-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 Single Fan VR Ready OC Graphics Card (GTX 1060 3G OCV1) Card Link...
  21. S

    Ram upgrade question

    Hey guys, just wanted to check since I'm still pretty new with builds and stuff. Upgrading to 16gb ram from 8. Would this be a good kit for my setup, like compatible and everything? Ryzen 7 2700 Radeon Rx 580 EVGA 600 watt 80+ PSU...
  22. J

    Can this CPU work with this motherboard

    Motherboard that I have is from prebuild HP M2N68-LA (Narra6). I found CPU, and is decently priced and I think I can heckle a bit is AMD Phenom II X4 b95, which is 95 watt AM3. [b]So M2N68-LA (Narra6) + Phenom II b95. Should it work or can it even work? Officially it supports these listed in...
  23. A

    [SOLVED] SSD for ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Z390

    Hi ! I'm working on building my first PC and thus I'm kind of a newbie. I've chosen he Maximus XI Hero Mb and want to pair it with a WD Black 500GB NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD. I think it should work because the motherboard says it M.2 and PCIe compatible, but I would appreciate it, if someone with...
  24. P

    How do I make my TC-P50X1 Panasonic Plasma 2009 TV bluetooth speaker capable

    I need help so I can hear the TV
  25. P

    I can't find serial number for power supply

    I can't find where the serial number for my power supply is. Its Zalman ZM-600 GMV. I checked on the actual unit on the box and searched on google where to find it but found nothing if someone has any idea or actualy knows that would be great.
  26. Pinta

    Pc freezes/shuts down randomly, mainly during gaming

    Hi guys, I hope someone here can lend a hand, because I'm at my wits' end right now. And I know there's a ton of threads like this one, unfortunately none of them solved my issues. A while ago, after installing Win 10 64bit, my pc started shutting down. I took it to a friend, who is an IT...
  27. I

    CPU and GPU usage dropping along with frames in Fortnite

    Problem : After playing Fortnite for about 1 hour and a half, my CPU usage drops from about 20% to 11% ,GPU usage from 45% to 25%, causing FPS to drop from 200-350 to 120-180. System specs : Prime deluxe x299 i9 7900x @ 4.2 Ghz 4x8 gb 3200 MHZ corsair vengeance lpx XPM profile enabled 1080 gtx...
  28. C

    I need my hardware id (HWID) to register my software but cant find it.

    Hi, I became a member of they have marketing software there but they are requesting for my hardware ID so that I can provide it to them so that they can give me a specific license for the software. Do you guys know where I can find it? I am using Windows 10 on a Lenovo Yoga Laptop
  29. G

    Gigabyte ga-b85m-ds3h-a Ram channel B not working

    I got new ram that's exactly the same as my old ram. I had my old ram in same slots as I put my new ram and the new ram worked. But when I try installing both pairs of 4gb for 16gb, my pc just keeps trying to start but shuts down and it continues to do this till I turn it off. I'm assuming...
  30. M

    Does my laptop support m.2?

    My laptop is acer e5-575g-553r. But I couldn't find info regarding this model. All I could find was about e5-575g. Does that include mine? and are there different types of m.2 ssd`s that I should consider?
  31. S

    geforce gtx 1070

    will a gtx 1070 work with an msi h81m-e34 motherboard
  32. C

    My ASUS network adapter keeps randomly disconnecting?

    Hello! So seems like there is an issue with my network adapter because i've tested it on 2 computers and the same thing occurs. The problem: My ASUS USB-AC56 network adapter just decides to disconnect at the most random times. Ie. Some days I'll have internet for 2 days and other days it'll...
  33. A

    Can't connect to Monitors and No internal speakers for post beeps. What can be done?

    Here is my friend's list Not completed for storage psu. running 650 wattage bronze. and 1 tb HDD He has everything plugged in from what I can tell except he couldn't find the internal speakers for post. The monitors could not find a signal from both the...
  34. S

    Looking for a S1g4 water block

    Hi everyone! I have an old laptop that overheats VERY easily. I have already cleaned the fan and replaced the thermal paste. I came to the conclusion that the laptop wasn’t really meant to be used for anything high load and that by replacing the default cpu with a newer and higher thermal output...
  35. R

    Computer turns on then shuts off after 1 second

    I recently just built my pc and when I turned it on all my fans started and the motherboard lights up for about 1 second and it all shuts off when I take the processor out it works fine and when I put a friends i7-8700k into my mobo the computer ran perfect. I assumed it was a bad processor at...
  36. T

    Primary display issues PC

    So I have 2 monitors in my setup and my main on is plugged into my 1070ti via HDMI and my second smaller and worse monitor is plugged into motherboard via VGA. I have tried to turn on the integrated graphics to get my second monitor to work and it does but it takes precedence over my primary...
  37. G

    Alexa Can Now Tell You Business Phone Numbers and Hours

    You'll soon be able to ask Alexa for a business's opening hours, address, and phone number. Alexa Can Now Tell You Business Phone Numbers and Hours : Read more
  38. H

    pc running low

    overclocked my cpu, revesed it back to normal and now my pc is very slow. here is my userbenchmark score: my theory is that my psu somehow got damaged but I'm really not sure. I've been having a lot of problems with my pc recently so I would...
  39. onni313

    Cant get front panel to work!!!

    I cant get power to my front panel, cause the connectors doesnt work in there (JFP1). i've tried to use the screwdriver, i've tried every pin, and trust me it does have power. The mobo shows that it has power, and the USB works in the front panel, i tested it. I've checked if everything is...
  40. P

    gtx 1060 single fan vs dual

    So I've seen a gtx 1060 6gb single fan on kijiji(mined in 6 months and over clocked 225+ on memory and core was not overclocked.) Should i buy a used mined gpu thats a single fan or wait it out to find an unmined dual fan? Planning to play games witcher dota pubg battlefield Also, before buying...