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  1. Lor.d258

    Question Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame

    Hello my friends, I come to ask if it is worth it or not to use the Thermal Grizzly Intel 12th Gen. CPU Contact Frame to try to get lower temperatures on my processor (I5 12600k), I know that it is a processor with very good temperatures compared to an I9-12900KS for example, but I want to have...
  2. S

    Question Normal CPU Spikes?

    My CPU temps welling loading into certain games or playing them spike up to 90-99˚c but immediately go back down to normal gaming temps around 40-55˚f. Room temp changes but even on a cold day it will spike high. Is this normal or cause for concern? Parts list: i5-13600k Deepcool AK620 MSI...
  3. consptheory77

    Question What is proper motherboard etiquette?

    So I am trying to do my build. I got everything assembled, first try, no power up. It's a dead PSU. (MSI A1000G). Got my replacement PSU yesterday (Corsair Shift 1000W). Paper clip test works (I know, it doesn't measure proper voltages but rules out DOA), fan spins up and then stops, I...
  4. S

    Question Do you need a contact frame (Thermalright/Thermal Grizzly) for a Intel 13th gen CPU paired with a Z690 motherboard?

    So I have been out-of-the-loop for a while when it comes to CPU's and have recently been wanting to upgrade to Intel's 13th gen. However, I have noticed talks within the PC community that Alder Lake suffered from some sort of IHS bending issue which caused CPU coolers to not make proper contact...