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    [SOLVED] Good for streaming?

    Would this set of specs be good for occasional live-streaming of games like Siege or For Honor? Specs: Mobo: Asrock b450m steel legend cpu: ryzen 7 3700x ram: 32gb ddr4 gpu: rtx 2070 super mini lmk if more specs are needed to answer this question thx! ^_^
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    Question How useful is the MSI 'Creator Center' on their motherboards like the MSI TRX40 Creator

    How useful is the MSI 'Creator Center' on their motherboards like the MSI TRX40 Creator. Ie their auto tuning system for various content creator software. Form what Ive seen you can set up the motherboard and component to work well with say Photoshop, or Mayas, Solidworks, Premier, 3d Studio...
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    [SOLVED] Building new computer. Is this a overkill?

    I'm a first time builder, and I need this PC for video editing & 2-d animations. No gaming at all. This is what i have come with: I am a YouTuber and I make 10-15 min long videos. Softwares I Use: Adobe Premier Pro Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects...
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    Do my 4k sharp uhd have hulu

    My 4k uhd smart tv
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    Cannot find connection!

    Hey all, I've read through some of the previous threads and solutions but I can't seem to find one myself. I've restarted the rig several times, and only once did it work. It was connected for a solid 30 minutes before losing it again. It says that there are no connection available as I type...
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    my system started up once. I turned it off and an hour later it wont turn back on.

    it's a new build, and it wouldnt power on while not mounted onto a case so i mounted it onto a case and installed CPU, and RAM and it still did not work. i kept unplugging the power supply to re try and it magically worked and then it never worked again.