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  1. D

    GPU/CPU upgrade advice needed

    Hello all! I'm looking to upgrade a 5-6 years old computer in order to be able to play some recent games at 1080p. Here's what I have: CPU: i7 2600k oc at 4.5Ghz GPU: Radeon 6900 2GB MOBO: Sabertooth P67 RAM: 16GB of DDR3 Would it be as simple as replacing the GPU to a gtx 1060/1070 6GB? Or...
  2. Litzkrieg

    About to buy - need yall's opinion

    I am about to pull the trigger on a new PC build and want to get some other eyes on it before I order tomorrow. It is primarily for gaming and some productivity work. This will also be the first PC I assemble myself. Here is the build: CPU: i5...
  3. S

    Battery maintenance: How many days can I leave a spare battery uncharged ?

    Hi guys I have about 2 spare batteries and I would like to know how many weeks / days I can leave a battery uncharged without damaging it. I hope to get some response. Thanks in advance