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  1. T

    Question VIVE Cosmos, Basestations

    Hi! I have a regular non-elite HTV VIVE Cosmos and i was wondering, if i buy 2x basestations will it be compatible with my headset and controllers?
  2. jessedays

    Question Bluetooth issues might make me quit pc forever I need help

    I don't know what else I can do by this point I've tried literally everything to fix a Bluetooth problem that not even Microsoft Support understands. Bluetooth is connected, pairs, but my controller needs to be so damn close to my pc in order to not have any amount of latency or disconnect...
  3. L

    Question The Mystery of the Three Wireless Game Pads

    I have three Saitek P2900 2.4 GHz wireless game pads from around 2005. I really like this controller because the size and shape work well with my disability. (For clarity sake, I will refer to them as The Original, The Sequel and Reginald the Third.) The Original is the only one with a...
  4. D

    GPU/CPU upgrade advice needed

    Hello all! I'm looking to upgrade a 5-6 years old computer in order to be able to play some recent games at 1080p. Here's what I have: CPU: i7 2600k oc at 4.5Ghz GPU: Radeon 6900 2GB MOBO: Sabertooth P67 RAM: 16GB of DDR3 Would it be as simple as replacing the GPU to a gtx 1060/1070 6GB? Or...
  5. Litzkrieg

    About to buy - need yall's opinion

    I am about to pull the trigger on a new PC build and want to get some other eyes on it before I order tomorrow. It is primarily for gaming and some productivity work. This will also be the first PC I assemble myself. Here is the build: CPU: i5...
  6. S

    Battery maintenance: How many days can I leave a spare battery uncharged ?

    Hi guys I have about 2 spare batteries and I would like to know how many weeks / days I can leave a battery uncharged without damaging it. I hope to get some response. Thanks in advance