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  1. S

    Question Cooler Master Masterfan MF120 A-RGB with RGB LED controller?

    Hi, recently I bought 5 Cool Master Masterfan MF120 A-RGB fans. Problem is my MSI B450 Tomahawk Max doesn't support the 3-pin led connector. With the 3 in 1 came an "A-RGB LED SMALL CONTROLLER". Because I wanted to sync all 5 fans, I bought the RGB LED controller. Problem is that these support...
  2. playboi.real

    [SOLVED] PC Build CPU and GPU Temp problems?

    I used Joey Delgado's video for reference for this build and well here's my results! HELP ME! Reference Video Link- View: I have sorta of the similar build but, my cpu temp runs hot like 77c to 86c under load in COD:MW. System Build-...
  3. L

    Question Cool Master ML240L bubble noises issue

    Hello, I have been using this Cool Master ML240L for 18 months and since some days it has become very noisy. Noise of little bubbles inside the pump. I don't know why it happened suddenly, the PC has not been open nor moved at all. If I tilt the tower on a side, the sound stops, than it comes...
  4. G

    Is the GTX 980 EVGA superoverclocked good?

    Hey guys, do you think GTX 980 EVGA superoverclocked is good? if not, i'll probs go SLI GIGABYTE G1 970.