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  1. T

    Question why does the intel 12700h have lower temperature than 6800h

    am really confused i bought same laptop with same gpu and everything and the only difference i notice was that the 12700h was having lower temp i found this out using the msi afterburner and it confused me alot to why this was the case because i know the 6800h has 7nm while intel has 10nm...
  2. H

    Question i5-13600K High Temperatures

    Hey there, I have a problem with high CPU temp. while gaming. I've noticed that it happens during playing Hogwarts Legacy when i have over 200 fps. CPU overheats. Could someone with some knowledge take a look at this and say if this is dangerous to my PC? Pictures: View...
  3. FactualSheep

    Question NZXT X53 vs MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion

    Which one is the best for a Ryzen 5 5600G, Masterbox td500L case the NZXT X53 or MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion ?
  4. A

    Question i5-10400F runs cooler than the i5-9400F doing the same work?

    Previously, when my older 9400F was under high usage, the cooling fan would get quite loud... meaning the CPU was doing lots of work and getting very hot... But the i5-10400F behaves differently... under the same high load, I see the clocks stay high... but the cooler stays quite silent...
  5. Johnsonlee921

    [SOLVED] Does installing fans help decrease the temps or make it worse on a PC with Solid front panels?

    My PC case has a solid front panel and I wish to install 2 fans ( 1 inlet and 1 exhaust) to decrease the temperatures. I know front panels are supposed to have mesh to increase air flow but mine is solid. Does installing the 2 fans help decrease the temps or make it worse?
  6. dinoq

    [SOLVED] I5 10400F cooler make lound sound every 10 minutes in idle state

    Hello, I just bought PC for about 1 000$. The specs are: Name: Acer Aspire TC-895 CPU: Intel i5 10400F Comet Lake 4.3 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB RAM: 8GB DDR4, 2 133 MHz OS: Windows 10 Home Ambient room air temp: 26-28 °C When I run PC, it has idle temperature of CPU about 40...
  7. ak195

    Question Which thermal paste do you prefer ?

    Which thermal paste is better for CPU? Share your reviews CoolerMaster, Kryonaut, GD, Arctic, Noctua or ThermalTake ?
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 5600x unstable temps?

    Hello, I would like the connoisseurs to clarify this question for me, I recently acquired a ryzen 5 5600x and I saw that the temperature scales go up and down, for example I use chrome, it stays at 37ºC and then rises out of nowhere to 45 ºC and then it goes back down to 37ºC or 38ºC or less, as...
  9. E

    Question CPU Fan Speed

    So lately my CPU fan speed ramps up to 3.8k rpm (highest its gotten) then dips down to 1000 rpm is there a way i can stop this from happening ive already changed the fan curve in the bios and it still does it i have a wraith max cooler that came with my 3700x it wasn't doing this before it only...
  10. Optimus_Durex

    [SOLVED] Is is okay to use parts of my upgrade already?

    So I recently decided to upgrade my gaming rig at the end of the year. I am looking to upgrade my GTX 1080 to a RTX 3080, my Msi H270 Gaming M3 Motherboard with a Asus Rog Strix z490-e Gaming, my 16gb corsair lpx ram with 32gb (4x8) G.Skill trident Z RGB, my Cryorig R1 Ultimate cooler with a...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] How to properly put fans

    Hey guys! Short question. I only have 3 case fans right now, should I put my case fan; 1 rear, 2 front or 1 rear, 2 top?
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Setup my airflow

    Hello everyone!Right now I have a zalman z11 case. I didn't...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Cooling my pc

    Hello!So I'm going to buy an i7-10700k and I put on it a be quiet!dark rock tf.Right now I own a zalman z11 high performance case and I have the standard fans like in the photo...
  14. B

    Question Is my pc too hot?

    Specs Gigabyte Radeon rx 5700xt Ryzen 5 3600x 650watt corsair psu (not sure exactly what kind) 16 gb ddr4 3200 corsair vengeance Msi B450 tomahawk max mobo NVME western digital ssd 2 tb sea barracuda hdd Case NZXT H510 with its normal pre installed fans, I also added two 140mm arctics...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] *URGENT* i7 9700k Cooling

    Hello! Building myself a Gaming Computer with the parts below. Looking to order today before 5pm. What is the best cooler for the i7 9700k for gaming and overclocking? Was looking at the Corsair H100i/H115i/H150i. Please bare in mind that I'd like to...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Full ARGB

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to build a full ARGB (addressable) desktop. But i don't know what parts to choose to build to make it very good looking, to impress my friends. My budget is SGD1000 ($686USD) without monitor and peripherals.
  17. K

    [SOLVED] The Fan Hub Mystery!

    Hi everyone, I found myself in a bit of a confusing situation and was wandering you you could help me out in identifying the problem. I have recently brought a new budget PC case which came with a Fan hub. I never had a hub before so I figured why not use it. I have an Asus Sabertooth 990fx...
  18. F

    Question Need help identifying custom loop tube size, fittings

    Hey, this is quite an amateur question but I want to upgrade this loop (done by a shop in 2013) to have a 2nd radiator and actually redo the tubing aso. I think the tubing is 19,1/12,7mm Tygon E3603 ? or something like a weird 16mm/10mm Tygon E3603 ? The 90° angled compression fittings seem...
  19. Heater6785

    Question Installing Heat Spreader on my RAM

    I'm wondering if you can install heat spreaders on every memory stick, do all of they support this feature or only some kinds? I am using 2 sticks of Corsair Value (CMV4GX4M1A2133C15). I can buy 2 heat spreaders online.
  20. U

    Question 2700x stock cooler or be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler & DR4 dimensions

    Hi, I wanted to know which one is quieter. Also, hwo loud is the 2700x stock cooler. Thank You Hi, I wanted to know if the be quiet! 'Dark Rock 4 cooler' will cover the ram in 'Asus ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard' Thanks in advance
  21. B

    [SOLVED] Would 2 Fans on a Heatsink cause a difference?

    Hey guys, pretty simple question. If i were to add another fan to my heatsink would it be worth it? I have a Gammax 400. Thanks
  22. T

    [SOLVED] 6700k cooling OK?

    I have a 6700k(no OC) with a CoolerMaster Hyper 103 cooler. Im getting a new case and stuff and was wondering if i should get new cooler or is there any better cooler option for around $50 max that does a signiificantly better job?(as in more than 2-3C) CPU temps are around 70-75C during more...
  23. K

    [SOLVED] Old CPU fan on a newer motherboard as a system fan

    Hi! I found this really old 3-pin CPU fan on one of my old PCs (12 years old). I was wondering if I could use it as an additional system fan on my 2016 build. Motherboard: MSI Z170-A PRO (MS-7971). The old fan: DC12V 0.24A I really don't want to fry anything and that's why I am asking this...
  24. M

    [SOLVED] Connecting a fan to RGB_HEADER causes beeping. Any alternatives?

    I have an asrock 2320m pro4 motherboard. I recently got a new case (nzxt h500). This comes with 2 exhaust fans which I have plugged into the 2 case fan slots of my mobo (a 3 pin and 4pin). But now I want to add an intake fan. I only have two slots on my motherboard left, one called amd header...
  25. T

    Question Vega 64 bad temp sensor?

    Hello, I recently bought a Gigabyte RX Vega 64 OC second hand and the dude told me that he used it for a little over a month, so it is nearly new. I paid 240 dollars for it. Everything works great, I also managed to overclock it quite alot, and it is silent (which surprised me) but the thing...
  26. A

    Question My GPU is over heating

    So im having a problem with my RTX 2060 when it gets to hot (87c) the GPU fan makes this weird buzzing noise so i decided to get a few new case fans thinking that should fix the issue. well sure enough it did nothing my GPU still gets up to the mid to high 80's even after one game of PUBG after...
  27. N

    [SOLVED] Major differences between lga 1150 vs lga 1151

    hi guys someone is selling their used gaming PC with an i7-4770 CPU however, it has the LGA 1150 socket and I am only familiar with the 1151 socket. My current PC has an i5-4440 processor with an LGA 1151 socket. But again, it comes down to the awesome specs of the used pc that have me...
  28. S

    inno3d RTX 2080 TI

    Hi, my GPU, at 97-100% load, is stable at 85 C. No matter if I open the case or if I added 2 more fans in the PC case. Fully load stay at 85 C. Idle is 32 -35 C. Is that 85 C a normal temp at fully load? I saw around here everybody talk about 70 - 80 C... its true I had an evga graphic card...
  29. B

    Dell Inspiron 3650 Motherboard Issue

    I recently replaced the motherboard on my Dell Inspiron. It's a factory board I bought new off of eBay. I got everything hooked up and turned it on, but I have no display or USB power. Every other component works (fans, HDD, etc). after shutting the PC off, and unplugging it, the power button...
  30. Z

    Skylake X availability

    We had the pre-sale, then the actual release date.... a few chips went out .... then crickets. Any thoughts, grass-nole ideas why no order backfill? we are coming up to a month since launch.
  31. MattC231

    Which AIO Cooler?

    I want to get an aio cooler for my cpu and i'm looking at these two: should i get the...
  32. H

    Whch build to choose ?

    Its left 3 or less weeks untill i will get my new PC , i need help between these 2 Configs Ryzen 7 1700 X370 Krait Gaming 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz 2x8GB 250GB Samsung 850 Evo Gtx 1070 QuickSilver Intel i5 7600k MSI z270 Gaming Pro Carbon Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3000mhz 2x8GB 250GB...
  33. B

    How would you spend $3,000 AUD for a complete system, including monitor, keyboard and mouse?

    How would you spend $3,000 AUD for a complete system, including monitor, keyboard and mouse? 70% Gaming 20% Web/Media 10% CAD
  34. W

    Any recommendations for my build?

    Hello everyone, Here is my build: PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ($343.49 @ OutletPC) CPU Cooler: CRYORIG R1 Universal 76.0 CFM...
  35. Ethan Knight

    Case Cooling Help!

    Hey guys, I will probably be purchasing a CPU cooler (CoolChip HPC specifically). I'm going for a near dead silent build, so max of 28 dB, and it will dissipate ~40 degrees C at that speed. So my main question is this: Should I go for the i5 6500, 6600, or 6600K? And will an M.2 SSD affect my...
  36. O

    ı lost my starcraft 2 cd and customer support cant do anything wşthout the box. not even if ı show the cd itself

    ı just entered a live chat with supprot and the kept saying that ı need to send them the cd key. cd doesnt work and ı lost the box itself. is there a way for me to fşnd it on my computer? askng this because for some reason on my main and alt acocunt it says that ı need to upgrade my copy of sc2...
  37. C

    Safe mode personalization

    Hey guys, so my computer (Windows 7) is in safe mode because the login screen won't let me in. But that is not the problem. The safe mode Windows theme looks like windows 98. How do I make it look normal? Thanks.
  38. T

    Msi 960gtx 4gb I5 6500k 8gb ddr4 low fp's

    So the new h1z1 king of the kill is out & damn it looks nice.. but even on low i get a disappointing 40 to maximum 78 fps.. Even on csgo i can't run 299-300 fps max on low settings i get drops from 290-180 and sometimes even 140.. Do i have a bottleneck ? Or is this gpu just weak ..? I'm...
  39. T

    1 windows update failed to install.

    i just installed windows 8.1 and now it notified me to install windows 10. when i did it, after 5 minutes it said 1 update failed to install. i then went to and then it downloaded easily. im afraid that the windows update did not install...
  40. A

    Seeing this when I boot up my PC.

    Ok I just got my New GPU a XFX R9 390 and I wanted to see what I could do OCing it. I used MSI Afterburner and the settings were unstable so I had to restart. Now when I boot up I see this image below. My PC still runs great and the GPU is...