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  1. Prawnapple

    [SOLVED] Liquid Cooling that doesn't require water replacement

    I am looking to upgrade soon, and I am looking at water cooling for my AMD CPU. This is what I am looking at currently: - However, any recommendations are welcome. Do water cooling systems...
  2. kingdeath37

    R9 270 2GB by XFX bottlenecked or not?

    I have ordered an XFX R9 270 2GB, 256-bit and PCI-E 3, and I have a question.. My CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 @2.66GHz (not overclocked) and I have 4GB DDR2 RAM. HOW MUCH will this GPU get bottlenecked? Cause I'm aiming to play games with graphics like Watch_Dogs and Crysis 3 on Ultra and...
  3. F

    Getting lower than expected performance

    I built a new computer about 3 months ago, I put a lot of money into it and I'm getting lower than expected results with most games as far as performance goes. Two problems that I had from the beginning were I'm not able to OC the cpu because it becomes unstable even with the slightest boost...