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  1. Question How to connect ARGB to non-ARGB mobo?

    Hello People :) Lately i purchased 3x Masterfan 120 Halo from Coolermaster which came with an ARGB Controller. (Please check the images). Unfortunately later i got informed that my Motherboard ( DS3H B450M rev.1) doesn't have ARGB header. My questions are: Will there be any damage if i connect...
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    [SOLVED] Cooler Master MF 120 Halo vs SickleFlow 120 for better airflow ?

    Hello there, I'm interested in buying 3 x case fans for additional good airflow. I am looking between Cooler Master MF120 Halo 3 in 1 and SickleFlow 120mm 3 in 1 models. Airflow specs of those two are: MF 120 Halo: 47.2 CFM +/- 10% SickleFlow 120: 62 CFM + /- 10% MF120 seems to have good rgb...