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  1. J

    Question Monitor choice for a 3080 GPU ?

    Hi all I’ve been spending quite a lot of time researching monitors since I want to upgrade my current Acer Predator 1440 144hz TN panel since I don’t quite like the picture quality anymore. I’ve come to 2 choices that are the Cooler Master GP27Q and the Samsung odyssey NEO G7 as they both use...
  2. Lor.d258

    Question Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut vs Cooler Master Mastergel Pro V2

    I want the best thermal paste that lasts longer without drying, and that at the same time leave my processor very cold c: NOTE: This is not in account of the money, since where I will buy the 2 are with equal prices i5 12600k water cooler teamgroup t-force siren gd360e
  3. beaniecent

    Question PSU PCIe Cable for Cooler Master

    Hi, I've recently tried installing a new GPU and realized I was missing a crucial 8pin - 8 (6+2)pin PCIe cable for my Cooler Master Masterwatt 750 PSU. This problem came up a week ago and I've been scouring the internet ever since. I've shot Cooler Master support a ticket about this last week...
  4. honestlyok

    [SOLVED] Build a PC Separately

    Have not upgraded my pc yet for a long time. i7 4770k gtx 1050 ti 16gb ram 550w 80 bronze aero cool And i just bought asus rtx 2060 6gb super and cooler master g800 80+ gold, but i am confused which cpu and gen should i get. i just want to play games at 1080p and record them, that is all. My...
  5. H

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 running very toasty in Cooler Master Elite 130

    I have been running this configuration for the past year now: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 Cooler: Noctua NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 MOBO: GIGABYTE B550I AORUS PRO AX Case: Cooler Master Elite 130 ITX Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 GPU: Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1070 OC 8gb Storage: 1tb Intel m.2 SSD, 2tb WD Green...
  6. FactualSheep

    Question NZXT X53 vs MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion

    Which one is the best for a Ryzen 5 5600G, Masterbox td500L case the NZXT X53 or MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion ?
  7. S

    Question RAM clearance ?

    Brand new to building a PC, just learning as I’m going. It was brought to my attention that my RAM could potentially get in the way of the CPU cooler. I’m considering a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO on a B550M Pro-VDH Wifi Micro ATX board with G skills ripsaws V 2x16 GB. Considering the optimal...
  8. F


    Complete build is below. Would you change any component? Does the build look decent? All feedback is appreciated. 🙏 Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP Budget Range: $600 PC - I was gifted an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G for my birthday. The price of the CPU is not included in the total price. System...
  9. W

    Question Power supply is behaving weird, PC turns on but after shutdown it doesn't!

    So, I recently bought a used 750w power supply for a cheap price. I didn't need this much power but still it was a good deal. I paired it with my pc it was running smoothly but yesterday my pc wasn't turning on, so with the help of youtube I tested the power supply by shorting the motherboard...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] PSU recommendations ?

    hi there, i hope you are doing good, my psu broke, i have CoolerMaster MWE Gold fully modular 750. and now I'm planing on changing it, and I'm facing two options, 1 - COOLER MASTER MWE 650 BRONZE 80 PLUS 2 - Corsair CX650F RGB 80PLUS Bronze rgb and fully modular, is not important since the...
  11. D

    Question Four 140 mm fans, one 120 mm and... a question.

    Hello guys. I have a Deepcool Matrexx 70 case and I bought four Scythe Kaze Flow 140mm RGB fans. The case already came with a standard 120mm fan pre-installed (exhaust), and I'm thinking of putting two 140mm fans on top (also exhaust fans), with another two 140mm fans at the front of the case...
  12. Sandlee09

    Question MF120 Halo Fans RGB problems. any help?

    I recently purchased a pack of 4 Cooler Master MF120 halo fans and 1 seperate one. The pack of 3 came with a controller. I hooked everything up and the fans all run fine and light up. But the controller is not detected by any software (icue, armory crate, aurasync, etc.) I downloaded the Master+...
  13. J

    Cooler Master ML240L not working

    Hey, im new to the forum and i'm having a really hard time with getting my AiO to work (sorry for my english). So basically, my friend gave me his brand new AiO from Cooler Master, cause i upgraded from a i3 to an i5. I mounted the cooler on top of my case, plugged all the cables and i think my...
  14. ken09250521

    Question How to make ARGB work with 9 fans and AIO Pump?

    As the title says, I want to have 9 ARGB Fans working along with the pump argb display, synchronized together controlled by software. For the specs I have: Case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic MoBo: ASUS Prime x570 Pro AIO: Lian Li Galahad 360 ARGB Fans: 6 Cooler Master MF120 Prismatic, 3 included...
  15. onion_IO

    Question Strange issue --- ML240L RGB only displaying shades of green ?

    Pretty much what it says in the title. My ML240l RGB AIO cooler comes with a small manual RGB controller as shown here. For some strange reason, upon connecting both radiator fans, and the pump RGB into this controller via the included splitter (shown on the left here), and pressing any of the...
  16. XiNHe77

    Question Thermal Throttling after installing new CPU Cooler

    I have an i5 11400 paired with a GTX 1650 Super, Before,I had a stock intel cooler installed and I noticed that as the summer came, The temperatures of the CPU started to touch 100 degrees C as I live in a hot region.. So I decided to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler and bought the Cooler Master...
  17. Jaiff

    Question can a Cooler Master argb fan work with an antec controller?

    My motherboard( ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING ) doesn't have an RGB header. I have bought Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix which comes with a controller then I bought Antec Prizm 120 ARGB Case fan and this fan was working fine with the controller. But then I bought Cooler Master MF120 S3 but it's light not...
  18. kaustubbhh

    [SOLVED] Air Cooler or Liquid Cooler for a i7-12700 + B660?

    Planning to build an mATX white theme PC build with Cooler Master TD300 case CPU - i7-12700 + B660 board GPU - Asus 1060 3GB (RTX 3070 in future) I researched and found that a good air cooler can do the work vs the cheap liquid coolers but if budget then go for a liquid cooler. Due to budget...
  19. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] Good psu

    Hi, I m not following the psu market and news, I don t know nothing about elettronic and electronic engeneer. Which are good psu? I know seasonic do good psu and I also know there is a gigabyte psu and the lux from aerocool that are explosive. In general which brand are good and which I shuld...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Is 450w psu enough for i5 10400, gtx 1660, 16gb

    Recently i bought gigabyte gtx 1660 and before that, I was running pc without any GPU with 450w PSU. Full specs: i5 10400, gtx 1660 6gb, 16 gb corsair vengeance lpx ddr4, samsung evo 970 500gb, kingston ssd 120gb,seagate barracuda hdd 1tb, 4 120mm fans Psu details: coolermaster mwe 450w 80+ Is...

    Question Cooler Master C700P - how to attach fan controller to motherboard?

    Hello, I have a new Cooler Master C700P case ( and so far it has been great. I have two issues: 1) There are four USB 3.0 connectors for the case, with two connectors. My motherboard only has one of these headers...
  22. E

    [SOLVED] Planning to buy Corsair LL120 120mm 3Case Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO

    As the title says I am planning to buy the Corsair LL120 fans but the issue is with my motherboard and casing. I have a very old PC. I am not quite sure if these fans connector will work with my PC. The main issue started with my CPU Cooler fan. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212x CPU cooler...
  23. W

    [SOLVED] Why are my cpu temps so high with aio liquid cooler?

    Hi Guys! I have an Intel Core i7 9700k without any overclocking on a Gigabyte Z370 gaming x cooled by a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120R. I have been experiencing high temperature values for the cpu, which is quite frightening. While rendering in Vegas pro, I'm getting around a maximum of 85...
  24. A

    Question Which devices are Gen2 ARGB can normal ARGB fans be some how changed to Gen 2 ARGB

    Which devices are Gen2 ARGB can normal ARGB fans be some how changed to Gen 2 ARGB Cooler Master says their ARGB Gen2 controller A1 allows something called Multi-Layer Mode Where if the fans are also ARGB Gen 2 if the fans are daisy chained or connected using a splitter or hub each individual...
  25. A

    Question Using Cooler Master ARGB Controller or Cooler Master ARGB A1 Gen2 Controller for other branded fans

    I have a DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX L360 ARGB AIO which came with 3X CF120 fans(The ones without holo ring) and planning to get 3 more CF120 Plus fans(The ones with holo ring) will the lights in the pump and all these fans be controlled using Cooler Master MasterPlus Software if I purchase and use the...
  26. A

    Question Cooler Master MasterPlus Compatibility with Deep cool AIO and fans

    I have a DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX L360 ARGB AIO which came with 3X CF120 fans(The ones without holo ring) and planning to get 3 more CF120 Plus fans(The ones with holo ring) will the lights in the pump and all these fans be controlled using Cooler Master MasterPlus Software if I purchase and use the...
  27. Cammbo

    [SOLVED] Hyper 212 Evo Standoffs

    I have bought a Hyper 212 Evo from eBay for my Ryzen5 3600 processor in an AM4 socket, BUT, it didn't come with any standoffs. Can someone tell me the size of the standoffs needed so I can find some to fit please? W
  28. A

    [SOLVED] 5600X reaching very high temperatures when I boot the PC

    Hello there, everyone! First of all, hope you're all having a good christmas! I bought a Ryzen 5 5600X to upgrade my pc. I also got the Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240mm ML240L V2 RGB to cool it. Everything is working perfectly. Playing games doesn't make the CPU go higher than 51ºC. But when I...
  29. V

    [SOLVED] PC turns on, no display, and then turns off ?

    Hello - please help I changed out my old ASUS Z170 board and CPU to MSI MAG Torepedo and i9-11900k and everything seemed fine. My cooler master nepton CPU cooler started making this weird noise, assumed it was bubbles so I removed the whole thing and put back on. Now when I try to boot, it...
  30. S

    [SOLVED] CM HAF 912 plus optimal fan configuration

    I have the Cooler Master HAF 912 plus case. My pc specs are: 9900KS Dark rock pro 4 3080 ti aorus master Z390 aorus master 3600 Mhz ram 970 Evo plus SSD what is the optimal fan setup in this case for the best cooling? Currently this is my setup: Intake: Intake front: 200mm Cooler master fan...
  31. T

    [SOLVED] Can you please help me pick the best psu? these are the psus i got right now

    so i got a 1070 and im trying to power it up with the good + budget psu so what i have is Cooler master v750 semi modular bronze Cooler master G750m semi modular bronze Seasonic 620w bronze Evga 700b ANTEC - NE650C which is the best of that list? i've heard all of them are good with their own...
  32. Khalil0111

    [SOLVED] PRIME-H310M-K with Cooler Master ML240L

    Hello, i m planning to buy "Cooler Master ML240L" water cooling as i watched some videos on how to install i noticed that the cooler had 2 cables to connect on the motherboard one on the CPU_fan pins the second on the CPU_opt pins the issue that on my motherboard "Asus H310M-K" i cant find...
  33. L

    [SOLVED] Demanding games crash after a while of playing

    Ive had this problem for a while now where if I'm playing a game with high-ish graphics or the game overall is quite demanding, my whole computer will freeze after a while of playing. For example I had these crashes on CSGO when my settings were completely maxed out, but once I lowered the...
  34. H

    [SOLVED] Cooler Master Masterfan MF120 Halo Help

    Hi. I have recently ordered 2 x (3 fan packs) of Masterfan mf 120 Halo fans, Gen 2. That's 6 fans in total. Each box comes with a mini aRGB hub. Connecting the fans to the motherboard via the aRGB hub is essential, as only then I will be able to make use of the Masterplus software. The normal...
  35. J

    [SOLVED] What should I buy for a 9900k?

    Hi, I have right now this: MSI MEG Z390 ACE I9 9900K EVGA RTX 2080S NOCTUA nh-d15 buy my case is abyssTR from gamemax (bad choide I know) and my 9900k was overheathing so i had to maintain opened the side panel but all my set up allways gets dirty. I have two options right now that i can buy...
  36. C

    [SOLVED] How to fix Cooler Master MM710 side mouse button?

    I was playing a game then when I pressed mouse button 4 it went inside the mouse. Images: View: And yes my mouse is pretty dirty, I haven't cleaned it for 3 months
  37. E

    [SOLVED] Good psu for a 1080ti strix oc and a i7 4820k

    So my seasonic 1050x died and I need a new psu, i dont really want something really premium at the moment cause i just want to fix my pc as soon as possible and was not in my plans to upgrade. So if you can recommend something how would you say it, that does the job not that expensive probably...
  38. K

    Question No power after replacing a few parts

    I'm running out of ideas on this one. I just purchased a few new parts to finally update my old gaming computer. Ended up swapping out the motherboard, cpu and ram. Just to be clear the computer did run fine before the changes. At first nothing would happen when I tried to turn it on, but I...
  39. sco0och

    [SOLVED] Will my Cooler Master Elite V3 500W PSU enough for a GTX 1660 super?

    First off, I've been using this power supply for about 2-3years already and so far i have no problems with it whatsoever i am planning to upgrade my GPU to a 1660 super next week (i know it will bottleneck my cpu) but hopefully i am going to be able to upgrade my cpu components in the near...
  40. hardtrbl

    [SOLVED] 3.5mm output jack doesn't work

    Problem: When I plug in my headphones into the 3.5mm sound output jack in the front of the cabinet, nothing happens. Only the jack at the back of the cabinet works for sound output. Can someone guide me as to how to connect the front jack to the onboard sound card? Configuration: Cabinet...