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  1. Zhaddeus

    Question Does an LGA 1200 socket compatible to a LGA 155x CPU Cooler?

    I'm searching for a compatible CPU cooler and I am having a hard time finding an LGA 1200 compatible CPU coolers.
  2. G

    Question Getting 60c WITH ONLY 1 undemanding app in background

    Im getting 60c with 1 app, Osprey Fx Live running in the background. I have a i5 9500f with a air cooler? If anyone has any air coolers they could recommend that would be amazing Thanks, Gaberino
  3. Liquidxlucidity

    Question Connecting multiple RGB fans

    Alright guys some I just got a new case, fractal design meshify-c. I have the Asus Strix B550-f backordered. I currently have a Cooler Master ML240L AIO on my 3600. I plan on replacing the fans on the AIO and filling my case with the same brand RGB fans. But I'm a little confused on how I should...
  4. Heater6785

    Question Installing Heat Spreader on my RAM

    I'm wondering if you can install heat spreaders on every memory stick, do all of they support this feature or only some kinds? I am using 2 sticks of Corsair Value (CMV4GX4M1A2133C15). I can buy 2 heat spreaders online.
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Corsair H100x Ryzen Bracket

    Im trying to decide between these two aio coolers H100i And H100x The H100x is half the price of the i however I cant find any information on am4 support. Does it come with the bracket or? Should I just get the more expensive h100i?