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    Question Corsair custom cooling Hydro X

    Hello Guys, hope all of you doing fine! I have quick question. I trying to do custom cooling and I found Corsair cooling system really good and but there is one thing, I have gtx 1080 to be more specific EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid and Corsair have GPU Block only for 1080 TI, will this...
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    Question I need a recommendation

    I have an i7-9700k , which air cooler would be good for this cpu ?
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    Question Case fan Making Loud noise on boot help!!!!

    Hey Guys need help plz!! i have a ZALMAN Z11 PLUS, the top fan is making a weird noise , i cleaned it but nothing changed so i bought a new one still making the same noise, my motherboard is ASROCK Z97 ANNIVERSARY, i connected the fan to PWR FAN than i changed it to CHASS FAN 1 but still making...
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    Question which one is better thermal grizzly or Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra ?

    Hey everyone, I hope you doing great guys ;) I planing to delidding my i7-7700K, but not sure which liquid metal to use :/ thermal grizzly is more expensive than Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra, does it worth it to pay more for grizzly or they are the same ? Thank you in advance!!!