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  1. Dexxly_uk

    Question is this sata or molex

    do i plug this into a sata or molex cabel. View:
  2. Arun Rajan

    Question CPU running with maximum temperature

    Hello, I recently configured a PC with following components. Its a new computer barely 1.5 months old. i9 10900K 8GB 2080Super 64GB ram Cabinet - Antec NX 600 msi core liquid 360r While doing normal tasks the temperature is 40 degrees, But when I start rendering (Blender Cycles) its boosting...
  3. A

    Question Deep Cool CF140 vs Noctua NF-P14s redux ?

    Hi guys, i need to buy some case fans to put on the top panel of the computer. I need to buy two and my budget is around 35€, I was thinking about getting one of these: Noctua NF-P14s redux or DEEP COOL CF140, this is their website with the specs NF-P14s, CF 140. Which one do you think is...
  4. R

    Question How hard is swapping out cases and components ?

    Hey guys so recently I’ve been thinking about my’s my first one with an i5-9600 , GTX1660ti , 16gb of ram , 600w PSU, ASUs tuf B360m plus gaming mobo, but my main concern is that it’s in a CIT far soul case with one exhaust fan , being new to PCs I had it prebuilt and It has an optical...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Should I add a top rear exhaust fan?

    Hi, I have a pretty standard setup with 3 (120mm) intake fans at the front and one rear exhaust fan, the case is Phanteks p400a. I have i9 10900k with noctua NH-U12A cooler and the idle cpu temps are very good, around 26-30c depending on the room temp (usually 21-24c with air conditioner). But...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] 2 pin fan header -possible to use a splitter?

    Hi, I have a case with fan controller which has three 2-pin headers (for 3 fans). I want to connect 4 fans to it, can I simply use a splitter for one of the headers? I didn't mention, the fan controller gets power from sata power. I just want to be sure that it's ok. Thx.
  7. A

    [SOLVED] my gtx 1660 super reaches 85 degree celsius, is it dangerous?

    so i just built a pc a month ago, my case is thermaltake v200 with one exhaust fan and after I bought it i realized that the airflow in this case is bad but how bad it is? well I have a gigabyte gtx 1660 super windforce and when gaming it stays between 80-85 degrees and the fans are at 90-95%...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] No front fans issue help!

    Hi I have just received my new cooler master lite 3.1. Which has no fans in the front. The issue is I need to add a fan in the front of the case. But I am not sure if my motherboard B450M PRO M2 MAX supports pins for the front case fans? Like where would I plug in the additional fans ?
  9. RandomGamer1235

    Question ryzen 9 3900x with the wraith prism stock cooler

    I got the ryzen 9 3900x and I was wondering how much oc I can do with the stock cooler, I have heard that ryzen 9 and 7 run pretty hot, but I also heard that the wraith prism is a decent cooler but I'm not sure how much overclocking I can do..

    [SOLVED] My PC shuts down and restart automatically when playing games and rendering videos

    My specs Intel H81M-S2PV Motherboard Intel 4170 3.7Ghz processor (with Intel stock cooler) 450W power supply Gtx 750 ti OEM GPU (Non pin) 4GB x 2 RAM Recently I have faced an issue of my pc, when I play games mostly Dota 2 with Medium settings, my PC shuts down and restart on its own. It...
  11. N

    Question old psu fan on gpu

    i broke the fan on the gpu. i have old (broken) psu, it has removable 2pin fan about 80mm but im not shure it might be 120 as well. At the back it says 12V, but it doesnt say the amps. my gpu's fan specs: 12V 0.15A. is it safe to plug that fan on the gpu 2pin header? the header on the...
  12. G

    Question My 5 month old computer is owerheating

    Well... Ibought computer, So I started playng War Thunder on Movie graphic (highest) and after a while screen goes black. look at computer and graphic card is not lighting up so i ssumed it owerheated. I checked behind the CPU fan (witch is hooked up on Sys fan 2 for some reason),and it was...
  13. igorgamer

    Question A10 cpu temps

    So i wanted to check cpu temps but its confusing, what temps should i look at? What are the ideal temps for cpu? These are readings for idle and load View: A10-7860k, stock cooler, room temp 22 C Thanks.
  14. N

    Question Corsair custom cooling Hydro X

    Hello Guys, hope all of you doing fine! I have quick question. I trying to do custom cooling and I found Corsair cooling system really good and but there is one thing, I have gtx 1080 to be more specific EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid and Corsair have GPU Block only for 1080 TI, will this...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] I need a recommendation

    I have an i7-9700k , which air cooler would be good for this cpu ?
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Case fan Making Loud noise on boot help!!!!

    Hey Guys need help plz!! i have a ZALMAN Z11 PLUS, the top fan is making a weird noise , i cleaned it but nothing changed so i bought a new one still making the same noise, my motherboard is ASROCK Z97 ANNIVERSARY, i connected the fan to PWR FAN than i changed it to CHASS FAN 1 but still making...
  17. N

    Question which one is better thermal grizzly or Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra ?

    Hey everyone, I hope you doing great guys ;) I planing to delidding my i7-7700K, but not sure which liquid metal to use :/ thermal grizzly is more expensive than Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra, does it worth it to pay more for grizzly or they are the same ? Thank you in advance!!!