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  1. [SOLVED] Can i cool my 2080TI FE Better than the original cooling?

    Hello, so i started with the 1060 3gb , and then months later got the 1080TI Aorus, i wasn't facing any issues with it, good temp, low noise, very good framerates, So months later I saw that the 2080ti released so I was interested to get it, when I finally got my 2080TI Founders Edition, I...
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    Should I get a Mac ?

    Hi , I'm a web developer , I've been working on a PC since the dawn of time .. Now I'm thinking about getting a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro .. The problem is , By budget is 1500$ .. That should be enough for a mediocre Mac computer (i5 2gh , 4gb of ram and 128ssd ) .. My question is , Is...
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    Simple RAM Question

    Hello every, I have just setup up my first gaming tower and essentially have 6 gigs of RAM. When I look on Windows 8.1 pro, it tells me I do have 6 gigs, but only 1.95 are usable. I am wondering if there is a way to raise the amount usable and if so, how?