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Cooling issues

Forum discussion tagged with Cooling issues.
  1. Mike Kim

    Question Problems after spilling coffee on laptop

    Image 1 ; Image 2 So the other day, I accidentally poured coffee on my laptop and decided to clean the insides (motherboard, fan, etc.) using cotton buds and a dry cloth. The model of my Laptop is an Asus x507UF-BR003T. After cleaning the inside of any remaining stains, I decided to let the...
  2. E

    Question Mini ITX build with NZXT Kraken M22 impossible?

    Hey everyone, Built a new rig today, the motherboard being the Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi, which is a Mini ITX board. The issue that I'm having is that the board only has three fan headers, a CPU fan header, and two case fan headers. The cooler I'm using is the Kraken M22, which requires a fan header...
  3. S

    Question CPU temp at 100C. I need some serious help.

    I have a i7-8700 and a Kraken m22. Also a gtx1070. My case is an nzxt H700i. I literally cannot find the reason as to why my cpu temp is so high. Everthing for my cpu cooler is plugged in. All my fans are running. I don't know if this matters but my cpu cooler fan isnt showing up in my cam...
  4. N

    Question My 2700x is Running 100c while doing a cinnabench, benchmark.

    I have a 2700x with a stock wraith prism. I tried to overclock this processor But @ 4ghz it reaches very close to 100c and even sometimes shuts down. Ive seen people push this cpu further with the same stock cooler. Is this normal during cinnabench? Or are my temps to high?
  5. L

    Question Laptop going to sleep at 83 degrees

    My laptop is the Asus Fx502VM, bought it about a year and a half ago. When I first got it and I did not know about undervolting (which greatly improved my temps) I would game with the laptop running at around 85-90 degrees Celsius. Fast forward to today and my laptop never goes above 86 degrees...
  6. I

    Audio Crackling/Popping with Realtek and Sonic Studio 3 (in games, music and more)

    Hello guys I recently built a desktop with an Asus Strix B250G motherboard (and Windows 10) and I've been hearing crackling and popping audio when using headphones. I'm currently using Realtek and Sonic Studio 3 latest version, and have tested it with various configurations of the two, as well...