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cooling pad

Forum discussion tagged with cooling pad.
  1. R

    Question What is the best cooling pad for Gaming Laptops ever?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best cooling pad I can buy, because I've just bought a new gaming laptop and I play some heavy games, so it warms up a lot... the price, the thickness, the LEDs and the adjustability don't matter, I need the best IN FACT OF COOLING. Thanks, R.
  2. E

    Question Cooling pads for gaming laptop.

    Hello there i have a aorus 15x9 it gets really loud when gaming and im planning to get the fans to a lower speed also the temp of the system, half of the bottom laptop is uncovered for a cooler system where is the cpu and gpu, but the 2 fans only cool with heat pipes a certain area so the gpu...
  3. H

    Games and programs crashing and sometimes bsod

    Hi guys So I had this problem weeks ago sometimes games and programs crash othertimes nothing happens and everything goes fine Yesterday after multiple games crashing I tried prime95 small fft I got a bsod with error massage PFN_LIST_CORRUPT memtest86 gives lots if errors at a time othertimes it...
  4. T

    4770K not stable at 4.5GHz. Help!

    Greetings to all in the forums. I have an i7 4770K and i'm looking to maintain a stable overclock at 4.5GHz. Settings i've set so far: XMP profile set 1600mhz {may be the cause but really want to keep this} Cpu voltage set to 1.275v on air (noctua d14) Core ratio set to 45 for all cores Max...
  5. B

    Windows 10 barely working for me

    So.. I upgraded to windows 10, and like usual, I had high expectations. I am now pretty pissed off. I installed it, it seemed to work fine and all, then I cant click the taskbar. Literally, cannot click into anything except for Steam and Windows Explorer. No start menu working, no internet...
  6. H

    CPU Cooler for E6600 Core2Duo?

    I can't afford to upgrade to a new computer right now so I was wondering if I can buy a cooler for my PC that can alleviate my temperature problems. When I play a game, the max temperature rises to around 62-63C. Hard drive temp is around 30C. Video card temp is around 40C. At idle, my pc is...
  7. A

    castle pc game

    Hi, I need some help. When I was little I played a game - maybe 2003-4-5-6 I'm not sure what year was. The game was in a castle with a few mini games for example in a tent was Simon says, in different places in the castle it was a different game.