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  1. Z

    Question How do i turn the rgb fans on for my pc model?

    I have a cyberpower pc and i have no idea how i can turn on the ;ed fan lights, can someone help me with this? I already tried pressing a button on the case that look slike a restart button but it doesn't do anything. Heres the link to my product...
  2. Gamefreaknet

    Question Will my CPU Cooler fit in this case?

    Hi. I am looking at the GameMax Predator Full-ATX PC Gaming Case (6 fans) since I am pretty sure I know where I am going to fit my CPU Cooler DeepCool GamerStorm CASTLE 360EX however the GameMax predator is not listed on PCPartpicker thus I cannot verify if it would fit my build. Can I confirm...
  3. aoguz

    [SOLVED] My CPU liquid cooler pump wasnt working but started to work for no reason?

    My liquid cooler pump wasnt working for almost 1 and a half year but i didnt care i had an important exam but a week ago when i turned my pc on i heard a strange noise and found out that its the liquid cooler pump working.
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Do I need a extra CPU cooler?

    I have got an i5 8400 CPU and a gtx 1660 ti with 3pcs of 120mm ADD-RGB fans (CF120) pre-installed at front of the case. Do I need extra cooling systems or fans?
  5. Maciej__

    Question Can I plug all of those RGB fans?

    Hello, I'm planning on buying Asus ROG Strix b450-f + 2x140mm and 3x120mm Corsair LL rgb fans and im worried i wont be able to plug the rgb into the mobo. And do those controllers that come with it support rgb? I'm sorry if its not understendable but im not good with tech and neither with...