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  1. aranorde

    Question Need help with Nintendo Switch Thermal Paste / Cooling Solutions.

    I've been planning to re-paste thermal paste for my V2 switch (2019). It doesn't get seriously hot, but there is definitely an increase in heat fan noise and heat overall. Plus I think it needs little bit of cleaning and servicing! I have serveral years of experience with PC parts and larger...
  2. Lor.d258

    Question Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame

    Hello my friends, I come to ask if it is worth it or not to use the Thermal Grizzly Intel 12th Gen. CPU Contact Frame to try to get lower temperatures on my processor (I5 12600k), I know that it is a processor with very good temperatures compared to an I9-12900KS for example, but I want to have...
  3. viibrate192

    Question CPU Temps are hitting 87+ While Gaming, which Cooling Part Should I Upgrade First?

    I've been playing more intensive games recently, Cyberpunk, Overwatch 2, Days Gone, etc. CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X, Stock AMD Wraith Cooler GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Eagle OC 8G, Stock Fans Case: NZXT H510, Stock Fans and Stock Configuration, 120mm intake fan in the back, 120mm intake fan on...
  4. F

    Question CPU is constantly at 95c - 100c all the time, even on idle. What do I do?

    Hey guys, I've been using my new computer for about a year now and it was running wonderfully in this first year, below is a list of the specs --> -- CPU - i7-11700k GPU - 3080ti RAM - (2x16)32gb, 3600mhz PSU - 1050W CPU COOLING - MSI 360mm water cooling radiator MOBO - Z590m gaming x STORAGE -...
  5. X1 Zanzus

    Question Why is my CPU overheating to temps of 95-100C ?

    i built a pc myself, almost 3 years ago. Recently 1-2 months back i started noticing my fps dropping suddenly in basic games such as league of legends. I started monitoring my temperatures and realized my cpu is is reaching excessively high temperatures and acted upon it. During the past 1-2...
  6. G

    Question What size of fan do I need ?

    I am looking to add case fans to my current: MasterBox TD500 Mesh case. I am wanting to add a MASTERFAN MF120 HALO for the rear of my case which is 120mm. I would also like to add some for the top but i am not sure which ones? Can i just buy more of these ones or will I have to buy 140mm...
  7. X

    Question Deepcool Infinity LT520 vs ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 vs Lian Li Galahad 240

    Hello! I'm currently looking for a replacement AIO for my main rig (i7-9700k) and an air cooler for my backup setup (i7-4770k). Recently, my Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 stopped working, the pump was making rattling noises and I had to move the case around to get it to start. It's quite...
  8. O

    Question Sudden loss of performance, thinking its linked to CPU cooling

    Hello all, first post here, after reading through a few similar threads, and seeing how helpful the forum is, Im hoping some of you guys will be able to help me with an issue I am having. Ive had a Lenovo gaming PC for a couple years now. It is this model: View:
  9. marlomite

    Question One of the cooling fans on a new build has started spinning slower ?

    Hello, I have a new pc build and today one of the cooling fans at the top of the case started spinning slower and is making an annoying sound. Does anyone know what the problem may be? Here is a video I took of the fans running: View:
  10. Mlamb740

    Question New build fan orientation question

    So I'm doing my first build right now and I have a question about how I should set up my fans for the best cooling and case pressure. I have a fractal design matx case that came set up with 2 120mm front fans for intake, and 1 120mm fan as rear exhaust. I purchased a 240mm aio so my question is...
  11. W

    Question Liquid temps in a Z73

    Hello, this is my first time using an AIO (Z73 Kraken) and also the first time dealing with liquid temperatures, and was wondering if 40-ish celsius is normal at load? What are the safe temperatures for the liquid? I assume they are lower than cpu temps.
  12. K

    Question Thermal paste on CPU vs other components in laptop

    Hey, I'm replacing the heatsink in this laptop, but for some reason when I removed the old one, the contact points for thermal paste were all different colors and the CPU one looked like a weird texture. Take a look in the picture Anyone know why this is? Do laptops do something special with...
  13. D

    Question Can I Apply Thermal Paste On The HDD?

    I am having some temperature issues. Can Silver Thermal Paste be applied on the HDD? Thanks in advance!
  14. W

    Question GPU temp high when watching YouTube

    My GPU temp is normally around the high 30s, a perfectly fine temperature But when I start watching YT or putting it under any light load in general, the temperature goes up to like 55C I just built this computer this Monday so I don't know what's acceptable or not so please enlighten me if...
  15. Zamfik267

    Question Ryzen 7 5800x Cooling..

    Hello, i recently upgraded to an Ryzen 7 5800x from a Ryzen 5 5600g.. im using an Cooler Master ML120L Aio Cooler, my temps skyrocket to 90c (max) while in cinebench.. i use Noctua NT-H2 as thermal paste.. in idle i get about 40c Opening any app can spike it up to 60c even 72c While gaming...
  16. samgenovese03

    Question DeepCool Fan Hub - Controlling Fan Speed

    Hello, I recently just built my first pc, its built in a NZXT H5 Elite. The case comes with 3 fans, one in the bottom to cool the GPU, and two in the front. I then added two with my liquid cooler, and then one more in the rear as an exhaust. So, I have 6 fans all up. My motherboard I am using...
  17. H

    Question AIO pump makes weird sound on Boot

    Hi guys, first time using Tom's Hardware. I have a MSI MAG 280r AIO CPU cooler for my Ryzen 7 5800x. I recently installed it like a week ago on the top of the case, as it was the only position possible for my case. Please note that this AIO has the pump built into the radiator, so I'm not...
  18. Pururaj

    [SOLVED] AIO Recommendation for Ryzen 5700x

    Right now I'm using a Cooler Master tx3 from my old build and as in India it tends to get pretty hot in summers and on full load my cpu is already 76c , I want to upgrade to an aio, I'm new to the aio liquid cooling stuff, I have no idea what to get , I did some research though. I'm considering...
  19. A

    Question Fans ramp up to full speed (100%) when Windows starts ?

    So I tried looking up in the bios and setting the fan curve. The fans are quiet/normal when in bios and during booting, but when Windows starts they ramp up to full speed. Any idea where the problem can be? I'm running 6 fans: 3 corsairs connected to a lightning code core and 3 argbs cooler...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Intel i5-13600k thermal throttling with noctua nh-d15 in cinebench

    Hi all, did a similar thread a couple weeks back but I recently swapped out my cooler as it wasn't keeping temps in check for the chonky noctua to d15 and idle temps have improved drastically around 35 degrees but in stress tests its shooting up to 97 to 100 degrees in under a minute. Tried...
  21. K

    Question MasterBox TD500 Mesh - - - - is 3 intake & 1 exhaust OK or should I go 3 intake & 2 exhaust ?

    So i recently bought a new prebuilt PC with a i9 13900k and 4090 so it generates quite a bit of heat, im aware you can have 3 more fans at the top of the td 500 mesh as my radiator for my cpu cooler h150i elite lcd corsair is at the front and they only put in 1 exhaust fan at the back of the...
  22. J

    Question Does an AMD Wraith Stealth stock cooler compete reasonably with a Noctua L9i?

    I have both a spare L9i and a spare stock AMD Wraith Stealth, and one of them is going into an entry level gaming PC for a non-tech-literate friend. I've heard that stock coolers aren't really garbage these days (I havent been building PCs regularly for many years), and both of these things are...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] I7 13700K temps too high on Noctua NHD15. Thinking to upgrading to Kraken x63

    Hi guys I am currently using a I7 13700K on my Lian Li 215 Case. Due to Ram clearance My CPU cooler NOCTUA NHD15 CROMAX is mounted up side down. Meaning Fans are pointing towards the Top of the case. When On idle My temps are 40C. When gaming temps are somewhere in the...
  24. throwaway27384

    Question Corsair H100i Pump Not Working ?

    I bought this cooler off of Facebook for $50. I set it up but I couldn't get the pump to work, as there's no pump detected in the BIOS and the CPU temperature rises to 95 C before throttling. I've attached a few images showing the setup, but I don't know what's wrong. -The SATA power and the USB...
  25. KayyIsHere

    Question Front chassis fans aren't spinning, dimly glowing and letting out one long beep.

    Build: Corsair 4000D Airflow Case ASUS TUF B450-PLUS Gaming ii Ryzen 5 - 3600x Nvidia RTX 3070 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32gb (16 x 2) DDR4 3600MHz Corsair RM850x 850, 80 Plus Gold Corsair AF120, 120mm (Chassis Fans) Okay so, I replaced my old PSU (VS650) with my new RM850x. The PC boots and...
  26. Chona220

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 temperature problem

    Hi, I have a Ryzen 5 3600 paired with an Asus B450-A and a Thermaltake 240 AIO and my temps have gone from 40-50 °C at idle and 70-80 °C while playing, to 70-80 °C idle and when I try to play games (the CPU usage is about 40%) it shoots up to 110 °C and turns off. I already updated the bios...
  27. M

    Question 13900k Thermal Throttling at stock speeds

    I bought a EVGA CLCx 360mm AIO to cool down my 13900k. Even at stock settings for the CPU, I'm getting thermal throttling under stress tests. I find it weird because I'm not seeing these issues with other CPU Coolers, is there a chance I just got a defective one? Radiator and fans are top...
  28. K

    [SOLVED] AIO suddenly not doing its job

    Hi everyone, I have recently moved house and when booting up a game I noticed some choppy frames and in idle noticed my fan speeds were a bit high. I replaced the thermal paste as it was a 2 year old hydronaut paste, and it got even worse (however the paste I reapplied was no name). I proceeded...
  29. E

    [SOLVED] Upgrading ML120 Pro RGB worth it?

    I am on a custom watercooling loop with 13900k and two Corsair 360mm radiators, XR5 and XR7. I made the mistake of buying the older ML120 PRO RGB fans. I just found out they have mediocre performance and performs worse than the non-RGB ML 120 fans. I don't think the current fans have enough...
  30. Budgeteer_262

    [SOLVED] i7-4790S refusing to turbo ?

    Hi, I have an i7 4790S on a B85M-E motherboard and I'm trying to get all 8 threads (4 cores) to turbo to the max 4Ghz possible for this non-k cpu. In the bios I've tried: Synchronising all core speeds with 4Ghz max turbo Disabling intel speedstep Setting long duration power to 84W (the tdp of...
  31. J

    Question Really high temps with R7 2700x and a 240 AIO

    As the title states I have really high idle and load temps. I'm talking about 85°C while in the bios. I've checked that the pump works, the fans are spinning, its not dusty. I changed the thermal paste and checked that its properly mounted. Nothing seems to work, so I'm open for suggestions on...
  32. F

    Question CPU cooler fan not spinning on startup, spins when fan unplugged and plugged back in

    So whenever I boot up, the fan is not spinning and I get the bios error about "CPU fan speed not detected, F1 to enter BIOS" or whatever. The CPU fan indeed does not spin, but when I unplug the fan header and plug it back in, it starts to spin and works normally after that. What could be...
  33. aszx.6409

    Question Cooling:[ NH-D14 fan clips and 3090], [M.B: Asus H510-m]

    Hi people, I've recently upgraded my GPU to 3090, but NH-D14s' fan clips don't allow to completely horizontal installation of the GPU. What should I do? Should I change my m.b? Is the distance between center of CPU to first PCIE lane equal in every main board type( Atx, eAtx , micro Atx)...
  34. Goatvie

    Question NZXT Kraken X53 Pump not working ?

    I’ve recently bought the NZXT Kraken X53 for my pc. I installed it and it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried to put the 3 pin into the 4 pin AIO slot. Doesn’t work. Tried to put it in the 4 pin CPU Fan. I read on NZXT’s website that if you have a 4 pin slot you should keep the most right pin...
  35. M

    Question Is my AIO running at 100% permanently?

    Hi, just had an AIO replaced via RMA, and don't want to go through it again, currently running my replaced AIO via Sata power through an adapter, I have heard keeping the AIO at a consistent speed is beneficial for life span. The cooler is a Lian Li Galahad 240mm. Thank you!
  36. F

    Question 3 Brand New Corsair H100i Capellix later...

    I am stumped. I bought my first H100i on January 1st. I put it together everything seems to be working fine, my temps are good, the LED on the cooler turned on then turned off and stayed off, other than that all is working well if not better. I then download iCUE my H100i shows up, so the...
  37. M

    Legion 5 vs Nitro 5 - AN515-58

    id like to know which of these 2 laptop have better thermal and cooling i did notice that this legion also has coldfront 2.0
  38. S

    Question My laptop fan is making weird noises

    My laptop fans are often turned off, as I only ever use the laptop for light loads. However, sometimes on startup, and sometimes randomly, my fans will come on very powerfully (too much for the temperature my laptop is at). When they are on very loudly, there is a chance my laptop fans will...
  39. H

    Question Asus Laptop SSD Cooling

    Got a week old Asus Zehpyrus g15 (2021) AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS GTX 3080 32gig ram SSD 1 tb I wanted to add an additional SSD to the new slot - Samsung 970 Evoplus 2 tb (yes I need a lot for work and personal use) After installing the new SSD the temps went nuts in CPU and the new SSD. Although it...
  40. AidenFox

    Question Radiator fans shut off randomly

    Hello! I have an NZXT Kraken z63 cooling an i9-12900k on an MSI Z690 Edge motherboard. Only anomaly is that the micro USB that powers the cooler's LCD isn't plugged in, but I don't think that has any impact otherwise. My problem is that when I turn on my computer, the pump and fans kick on, but...