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  1. SsScavenger

    Question Help please

    so i got this messsage in my build "The NZXT Kraken X52 Liquid CPU Cooler may require a separately available mounting adapter to fit the MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard." please help
  2. A

    Discussion Gigabyte R9 390 G1 gaming temperature above 92 degree celcius.

    Hi Guys, I bought Gigabyte R9 390 G1 Gaming graphic card in 2016. I have been using it with no problem until recently. When I bought the card I did rigorous testing of it using 3dMark, Unigine and Furmark. The temperature of card never crossed above 80 degree. I checked temperature and...
  3. Y

    Question Are 4 stock case fans enough for overclocking with these specs

    Hi, I am relatively new to the modern gaming pc scene because I builded my last pc around 12 years ago and I have been wondering if 4 stock case fans (120 m.m)-(3 front 1 rear) would be enough for a healty air flow with overclocking. By the way cpu and gpu already have their own fans and I...
  4. M

    Question Some fans that will fit

    Hello all, i have a dell inspiron 3670 desktop and i got a cooler last week and it doesnt fit, does anyone know of some small coolers that are compatible with my mobo? Thanks
  5. Jaime Bacon

    Question new lenovo has cooling problems

    Hello, I just bought a Lenovo Legion Y540 like two months ago, and I'm seeing huge temperature problems, my idle temperature (just intel XTU opened) is of around 52, and when im playing it spikes up to 95ish and starts thermal throtling, I really have no idea if this is a manufacturing problem...
  6. B

    Question Help with Core Temp readings

    So I just bought a new Video Card. The AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. My mobo and computer in general is pretty old, But I don't really have the money to upgrade motherboard and all the inner workings. So I decided to get a newer PSU because my previous one was giving some power issues. My mobo ...
  7. U

    Question ASUS Laptop Cooling Problem When tabbing in and out.

    Greetings all I got an ASUS ROG G752VT Laptop with 16GB ram and an I7-6700HQ CPU with a GTX 970M, tried to record some gameplay days ago and noticed that the game was a bit sluggish when hovering my mouse over some spots, tabbed out to open up MSI Afterburner to check the temps, it showed me...
  8. A

    Question A cylindrical form factor ITX case

    Hello all, I am inquiring about finding a PC case that is cylindrical in form factor and could possibly be after market modded to be waterproof. I have tried to find cases and everything i find is either not out yet, or is like the Mac Pro. I am doing a project where my end goal is to have a...
  9. S

    Question Buying a fans

    I want to buy 2 fans for my PC because I don't have and the PC gets hot, I have a not so good pre built PC and I'm not sure if I have the right cables. I don't even know what cables do I need, if someone can help me I would really appreciate it.
  10. T

    Question High temps on Ryzen 3600

    First, the build: PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor ($197.82 @ B&H) Motherboard: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard ($114.99 @ Best Buy) Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory ($69.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Samsung 850...
  11. tsemb_p

    Question Fan speed at a certain tempreture

    Hello guys, I've got a pc with the following specs: Ryzen 3 1200 (cooled by the Cooler Master Masterair MA410P) Radeon RX570 4GB MSI B450-A Pro 1x8GG Vengeance 3000MHz I would like to get some suggestions on what percentage of my fan's speed (cpu and chassis) I should use to keep the volume...
  12. F

    Question can high GPUtemps crash pc?

    I've been in this battle for a few months now on my pc freezing during gameplay. I updated my drivers, scanned my files, and even reinstalled windows. So I figured it had to be hardware related. My first guess was the PSU. So i replaced it, i also watercooled my CPU to rule that out, plus i did...
  13. G

    Question Case hot to the touch

    I recently build a new PC with and i7 9700k CPU and a RX 5700 XT GPU. I'm cooling the CPU with an cooler master ml240l in a NZXT h500 case. Everything seems to run fine but I can feel how hot the case gets. I expected some heat but I barely want to touch around the front of the case where the...
  14. lukas25611

    Question Can I fit a Lga 1155 Cooler on a Lga 1151 Motherboard?

    Hi, I have a Cooler from a Lga 1155 motherboard, can I fit the cooler on a Lga 1151 motherboard from Msi?
  15. C

    Question Weird blue pixels/noise in game?

    Just built a new PC and everything was fine until I noticed some weird blue pixels/noise outlining textures in my game (mainly warzone) I dont know what the problem is. Is it my GPU, CPU or is it a cooling problem? Link to pictures: View:
  16. Supafly666

    Question Aorus 2080 fan RPM and cooling

    Good Afternoon all, I bought myself a Aorus RTX 2080 some time ago and its been running perfectly. Over the past few weeks i have noticed some issues but im not too sure if its the card thats gone faulty or its a setting on my PC i need to change or something. Issue: Whenever playing any...
  17. W

    Question 2080 super temps.

    So while playing for about 4-5 hours with 100% GPU utilization in a game. I was getting about 77c MAX with around 65-70% fan speed. This is with an 90mhz core and 1200 memory OC with power limit set to 118%. Are these temps considered okay for this card? Nvidia DROPPED their max TDP for the...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Be quiet! Pure Base 500 Tempered Glass vs. Corsair Carbide 275R Tempered Glass (non Airflow version)

    Hi all, Which case performs better in airflow, and which has newer features?
  19. Y

    Question Do I Need a New Water Cooler?

    Hey there, I recently started noticing extremely high temps with my very strange brand of water cooler. It is a Nuvoton, I hadn't even heard of them until until I tried adjusting my water coolers fan speeds in a desperate attempt to fix my high temps. I bought this PC prebuilt and they really...
  20. T

    Question Insanely High Temps on i7 7700k

    Hello, everyone. I have been having some crazy thermals on my i7 7700k recently. Nothing in this system is overclocked. My build is as follows CPU: Intel i7 7700k CPU Cooler: Corsair H115i 280mm with be quiet fans, fans set to exhaust out top vents More CPU cooling: the processor has been...