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    Question 4 fans on an asrock z370 extreme4?

    Hello all, As the question says, I am looking to run 4 fans on an asrock Z370 extreme4, which from what I can see in the bios can only run three. I am currently running the stock fans from the fractal meshify c - which I know aren't great - so I was looking to get some be quiet BL065 silent...
  2. Question Best fan placement for optimum cooling?

    Current fan setup in my case is 2xfront intake 2x top exhaust 1x back exhaust. If I change the setup as in the picture will it help the cpu temps?
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    Question Changing GPU thermal paste

    I am thinking about changing the thermal paste of my GPU as I haven't changed it since I bought the GPU(RX 460) 2years ago. It runs at a 75-80C when gaming. I will be doing it for the first time so please I need your suggestions. I have changed CPU thermal paste in the past but not GPU. I am...
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    Question Help with beefy fan placement?

    I have a FX-6300 (stock cooler), an RX-570, and a single case fan, so my PC gets pretty hot. I just tore down some old E-waste servers and got some beefy fans, I can drill holes and add dust filters anywhere in the case (Its also just an e-waste junk case), so where should I mount them? I have...
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    Question Help with liquid cooler/heating problems

    Hello. I have been building PCs for a while now using the cooler master brand of liquid cooler. My last build went great but I notice the cpu temp runs high. I looked around google and such for an easy fix, but I wanted to get some more in depth opinions on here. See what you guys thought...
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    Question Should I buy a mini airconditioner to cool my PC connected through poly plastic tubes?

    This is my current super tower: I currently have a 360mm AIO with 6 fans (push/pull) configuration on both sides and...
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    Question Help needed ASAP!

    So, lately I've been having some performance issues with my PC and thought it was my GPU. I recently discovered it was my CPU, this was concluded after checking my temps. When my pc is first started the temps are around 40 C but when under load or idling it stays at around 92 C even when not...
  8. Avacadoee

    Question Is it worth it buying another exhaust fan

    I’m making a build for myself but i don’t know if i should buy another exhaust fan (nf-f12) or should i just put the extra $20 i have back into other components when my case already comes with an exhaust fan pre installed. The case i’m going to get, as a temporary one at least, is the Mx330.
  9. MarioRud

    Question PWM Fan + Fan Controller confusion

    Hi all! Just making this thread because I'm a bit confused in regards to PWM fans connecting to a fan controller. I'm currently looking to build a Mini Itx PC. I've settled on the NZXT H200i which comes with a fan hub. I'm not interested in water cooling and I want to buy some be quiet...
  10. [SOLVED] Dell Optiflex 790 i5 2500 Cooler

    I currently have a Dell Optiflex 790 with an i5 2500, even tho the temperatures aren't too high at full load ( maximum of 75c ) i would like to cool it down a little, would something like a small CoolerMaster X-Dream i 117 do a better job than the stock Dell heatsink / cooler? This is what a...
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    Question GTX 1080 Ti Founders vs Reference clock speeds

    Hi guys, I'm sure that there is a very detail thread somewhere around here regarding this topic however I couldn't personally find anything completely relevant to my case. So this goes out to all of the 1080 Ti owners. I've recently upgraded from a 1060 6GB to a 1080 Ti Founders Edition second...
  12. L

    Question CPU Jumping in temperature by 10C°

    Hello, i bought a ryzen 5 2600 a few weeks ago and recently i noticed that it jumps from 39°C to 49°C and sometimes over 50°C but then instantly jumps back down to 39-37°C. I did some reserch and i saw some posst where people said it was normal. It's also pretty hot in my room now during...
  13. Question CPU and PC fan speed detection malfunction.

    So i built my pc 5 years ago, and i've finally decided to deal with the problem that i haven't been able to solve. I have a corsair H100i as the main cpu cooling system and for some reason, corsair link dosent detect the h100i (yes i've checked if the h100i is connected to the motherboard with...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Power supply fan stops working randomly.

    My power supply, the EVGA 850W BQ 80+ Bronze, worked great for a year until one day I turned my computer on and realized the power supply fan wasn't spinning. This was right after I dusted out my pc, so I was worried I accidentally broke my psu fan. After doing basically nothing, just flicking...
  15. M

    Question On board graphics heat sink

    The motherboard I have doesn't have a heat sink over the onboard graphics . I'm going to be using a graphics card . So will it matter ? Effect anything etc . Thanks as always
  16. R

    Question Air cooling

    I have a cooler master master box lite 3.1 and I have weak components such as a 1050 but I’m thinking of upgrading so would like to get some airflow. Do I just add 2 intake fans to the front? Do you know if I’d need a splitter for the msi b350m? Also should my psu fan be pointing up into the pc...
  17. [SOLVED] What Would Be The Best Cooling Configuration For Corsair SPEC-05?

    This is Corsair SPEC-05, comes with a fan pre-installed at the front and an extra 4 fans mounts (with the cage installed) for user installation. There are 5 fan mounts in aggregate. As I already had three 120mm fans lying around, I was suggested this config: 2x 120mm fans in front (intake), 1x...
  18. M

    Question Fans keep revving up randomly

    I have a GTX 970 as my GPU and the fan will randomly rev up even if im not running anything demanding, is there anyway to fix this? I don't know if theres a buildup of dust or something inside but the GPU gets very hot to touch despite what its saying on the computer. I have a GTX 970 as my GPU...
  19. D

    Question Is it possible to replace parts of all-in-one watercooling kits?

    I'd like to replace my Noctua NH-U9B SE2 air cooler, that was enough for my seven years old core i7 2600K, but doesn't seem to work well for my new i9 9900KF (core temperature goes up to 85° under heavy load). I don't intend to overclock yet, but maybe later, in a few years, if the need arises...
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    Question RGB Fans

    Hi, I want to buy 2 120 case fans that are RGB which can be controlled via software. I have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H mobo and I want the fans to have varying speeds as well and not cost too much, ideally around £20/25$ or lower per fan. Any suggestions? Edit: Will I be able to use the Cooler...