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  1. [SOLVED] What is this device?

    So I brought a PC case, this thing is hard glued on it, the owner has no idea what it is and it’s basically impossible to take it off. I used heatgun/water and managed to take it off. ( slightly damaged both the case and the device while doing so) I dissembled it and found a 500GB drive, seems...
  2. K

    Is this a good 144hz build? GTX 1060 Intel

    Hey guys please add anything or completely remake my pc if you have too! Thanks! :)
  3. MrSnict

    Stable overclock for a first time overclocker??

    Hey everyone. I've never OC'd before so I really dont understand it that well. I'm going to be buying a 4790K and want to oc to at least 4.4 ghz and keep it around 70 or less degrees. I own an H100i closed loop. What would I have to do to get this? A step by step guide would be appreciated.