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  1. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Best CPU speed for gaming in 2020

    Hi. I'm beginning to build my new gaming PC. Last one I made was in 2014. So many things have changed. Currently, my research has concluded that a good CPU for a medium build, is the Intel i5 10600k. Although I don't intend to overclock, I'm considering it, but may also consider the i5 10600...
  2. Khachig Gabriel

    Question Ryzen 7 3700x vs Core i5-10600k

    Hi folks. I am going to build a gaming PC and I can't choose between 3700x and 10600k. The prices are almost the same on Amazon, I know that 10600K is better for gaming, however, I am not entirely sure that it's the better choice. It has fewer cores and threads than 3700x and the difference in...