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  1. T

    Question more that, less that

    Hi! maybe you guys are aware that A46CB has 3 options for the CPU ; i3 (don't remember the specific model), i5 (3337U & 3317U). i had one with 3317U model with 8 Gb RAM. so my question is which better between the one with 3337U (with stock 4 Gb RAM) and 3317U (with upgraded 8 GB RAM)?
  2. sentry_gunner_531

    [SOLVED] Best CPU for Motherboard

    My motherboard is a: GA-EP43T-S3L I was wondering if anyone had some dirt about this motherboard and wanted to spare it to a new computer builder, i currently have a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @2.66Ghz. i was wondering what the best supported (even if it isn't Technically supported in the manual)...