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  1. ethan206

    Question Old Xeon+Mobo Build Help

    I've been looking into building a PC on the cheap side lately and while at first I looked at low-end consumer parts like last-gen Ryzen 3 and 5, I also noticed that on eBay there are a ton of used Xeon CPUs with lots more cores than the low-end consumer chips and can be found dirt cheap...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Only 1 core showing in task manager and msconfig. But all showing in device manager.

    I have AMD FX 6300 . I past few days i was getting some error when booting and i would just select default and my pc was performing very slow. Task manager is showing only 1 core. My CMOS battery is not depleted and need to be replaced. So, none of my bois BIOS settings remain saved. Could that...
  3. C

    Question GPU Clock Speed Spikes causing shutdown?

    Hi guys, So I've been having this issue with my PC shutting down randomly over the past while. It just powers down with no warning and then turns back on. The time between shutdowns is completely random, ranging from days to minutes. After trying to reinstall windows, trying a new power supply...
  4. J

    Question I reduced my cores from 4 to 2 with mscongfig. Now my CPU is permanently on 100%

    I reduced my cores from 4 to 2 with msconfig (Boot>>Advanced options>>Number of Processors). Now my CPU is permanently on 100%, and when I go back to msconfig, I only see 2 cores as the highest option. How can I get the option of 4 cores back? I'm using an Intel Core i3-2350MCPU @2.30GHz...
  5. 9

    Question i9-9900k not showing all process cores

    Just upgraded my computer, Motherboard: asus z390-f Gaming CPU: Intel i9-9900k So the installation went well and things are working, my bios shows 8 working cores all enabled with hyperthreading enabled aswell. But my taskmanager says I have 4 cores insteed of 8. Someone please help!
  6. M

    Question My CPU has 6 cores, however task manager only shows that I have 2 cores and 4 logical processors

    The CPU I have is a Ryzen 5 1600x. It is a 6 Core processor which I bought when I was making my new PC. It says I’ve only got 2 cores and 4 Logical processors. I am using my old version of Windows as it didn’t prompt me to install windows when I started up my new build. I’ve tried going into...
  7. Y

    Question i7-7700 only showing 2 cores out of 4, and 4 threads out of 8?

    How do I fix this?? I recently upgraded from an i5-6402p. It wont let me post images for some reason. But basically it says i have 2 cores and 4 threads in the cpu-Z. I ran the intel processor identifcation to make sure it was a good processor since I bought it from someone on Amazon...
  8. A

    Question cores vs threads in gaming

    i want to get a new cpu, but i dont know if i should get the 9700k (8c/8t) or the 8700k (6c/12t). It is the same price for me, but should i choose more cores with less threads or the other way around? The purpose of my pc is gaming.
  9. Alpha Radke

    Question How to Fake or Create Virtual CPU Cores or Threads on Windows

    Is there any way to fake at least threads or create virtual ones? Same for cpu cores
  10. C

    Question Cpus and processes

    Can anyone give me a logical sequence of 1s and 0s for an X4 845 amd cpu 3.5GH.z 4 Cores and 4 threads
  11. InfinitNinja

    Question 2 cores showing in the boot box, I have a quad core help..

    Sup, so I bought a i2 quad core Q8400 used and at first in my other pc 1 core was working. I know how to do the msconfig/Advance/Boot drop box it shows 2 only. I've even check for the mother board compatibility and it's a compatible processor. I've also updated my bios. I checked for any...
  12. A

    Question CPU cores different temps

    Hi, I got a Lenovo y7000 the other day and now after some testing I found out that core 0, 2 and 4's temperatures are 10-15 degrees higher than core 1, 3 and 5 under heavy load. I can't return it as my uncle got it for me in US and I live in Asia. Is there any way I can fix this? Also, core 1...
  13. Question A8-7650K's Cores + Core Temp

    Hello, mates. Asking for a friend, really. He has this A8-7650K and I suggested him the Core Temp program to monitor his temps. When he sent me a screenshot it only says 2 Cores 2 Threads. Here's what it looks like: ------------ An A8-7650K is a quad-core CPU, right? Also, I watched a...
  14. papafiogos

    Question Wrong CPU CORE count in any software (sometimes).

    Hello people, I have just built my first build with the specs shown below: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8 core/16 Threads RAM: 2x8 Corsair 2666MHz Ram Motherboard: Asrock X370 Pro4 GPU: Asus Astrix GTX 1050 Ti Power Suply: Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W OS: Windows 10 The PC is standing on a desk...