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  1. K

    Ram Speed difference

    I have asus H81 m-c motherboard.It maximum support memory speed is 1600Mhz.I bought hyperx fury ddr3 1866mhz 4gb kingston ram.There is difference between ram and motherboard.I like to know,It is OK.
  2. U

    New CPU Suggestions

    I've had the same CPU for years, while upgrading about everything else in my computer. It's an old, crappy AMD 6120 six-core. It worked well for quite a while in my old setup, but I have recently upgraded my GPU to a STRIX GTX 970, and it just doesn't keep up now. I've noticed the fans running...
  3. Sudeep Chavan

    Sapphire R7 250 1 GB DDR5 vs Zotac Nvidia GTX 650 1 GB GDDR5

    which is more powerful to play latest games in medium to high settings. My PC Specifications : intel i3-4150 3.40Ghz 4 GB DDR3 Ram Motherboard : GA-H61M-S1 Power supply : 450 Watt My resolution : 1366 x 768 currently i'm playing watch dogs on my PC with intel HD 2500 i get almost 15-20Fps with...
  4. P

    Will a WD My Cloud do this?

    I just began networking my home PC's because I was getting tired of hooking up external HDD's to transfer large video files. It's nice to be able to see the other PC and playback a file over the LAN. I need to upgrade my old WRT54 whatever Linksys router though, something 1Gb would be nice...
  5. D

    Dual Monitor Issue

    Hello, I have a user that has dual monitors, and when she maximizes a window it locks and she is unable to slide it to the other monitor. She can double click and move it as well as minimize and move it to the other screen. It is just when the window is fully maximized she is unable to grab...
  6. K

    Front Panel Button

    Hello, first of all i am sorry if this is not the right section. I was between this and Hardware. Does anyone know what button do our cases have? Is it an ON/OFF button, which is OFF at first, if you press it becomes ON, if you press it again becomes OFF etc etc... Or it more like this: It's...