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  1. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] PC crashing, black screen, and display glitches

    My friend needs help with a problem he's having with his PC. His PC will start freezing when doing anything like browsing or gaming, especially when loading a programme up. The display will make a weird visual glitch and freeze that looks like this: View: before he...
  2. N

    FPS drop on every game on my new laptop using the pre-installed Windows10

    I'm experiencing constant fps drop and Stuttering on my laptop. I already tried updating my graphics drivers, OS and disabling the Game DVR. But none of these seems to work for me. My laptop specs is as follows: ASUS ROG GL552-VX PROCESSOR: i7-7700HQ MEMORY: 12GB RAM HDD: 1TB GPU: Nvidia GTX...
  3. D

    tryng to update mobo

    ]Hello i tryed to update mobo 870-c45 msi and i got a black screen after update and i don't know what to do becous it's not turning on this is the screen :
  4. 2

    Windows installer problem

    Hi All, I have a problem installing new software. I get an error message saying that there is something wrong with my "Windows installer package" Also, and I don't know if it is related , I can't pull up properties for anything. For example, if I go to the properties for a file by right clicking...
  5. C

    Ram and Motherboard

    Will this ram work for this motherboard? I am trying to buy it while it is cheap. It is 3000 so i dont know if it is compatible. plz help
  6. A

    Dual PSUs safety precautions?

    Hi guys! I have a Lian Li D8000 case I just want to ask what are they safety measures I should take before doing this. I know that the safest thing to do is never use dual PSUs, but please help me. I read alot of forums regarding this and the safest thing to do from what I learned is using...
  7. O

    Node 202 extra storage

    Hi, I have a mini ITX case but am strugling with storage. I had 3 large HDDs in my old build and would like to connect them to this system. Is there a smart way to do that? one that does not include holes and velcro on the outside of the case... Thanks
  8. T

    My PC doesn't turn off when i shut it down

    When I turn off my PC the display and peripherals turn off but my pc appears to still be on, except the case & cpu fans ramp up to 100% and the only way to stop this is to unplug my PC. I have cleared the cmos and set bios to default, checked my power plan/ options but am not really sure what...
  9. S

    i5-6600k frame drop

    i have a i5-6600k 16gb ram GTX 1070 and whenever i play any game i keep getting frame drops i had 3 different gpus GTX 750ti GTX 970 GTX1070 While i had my i5-6600k i have a 1080p 144hz monitor tho i didnt have the drops with my 60hz monitor
  10. P

    G.skill ripjaws 8x8 64gb 2800mhz cheaper than 2400mhz explain pls

    hi why is more expensive than ? 1st is £700sih and 2nd...
  11. jnkweaver

    Steam Store not working??

    Dec 30th I tried to buy some games in the Steam store and got an error message stating the was a problem with the purchase contact Steam Support. I have tried it through the client, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I have done it with Paypal, Visa, and Discover and same problem. I submitted a...
  12. L

    wi-fi broadcast router off and on

    How can I turn the wi-fi broadcast from my router off and on? I want to limit my exposure to the radio frequency radiation.
  13. N

    Slow adsl, sometimes it works?

    For two weeks now my connection has been horrible. The only thing I get from a browser is the blank white loading screen with an eventual timeout. It occasionally (1-2 times of a dozen a week) it works but still lags and speedtest is showing a slightly higher ping and horrendous upload, it...
  14. S

    SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390 8G connectors for Monitor?

    I am going to buy SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390 8G TRIX. Please let me know whether the following conenctors will work with my DUal monitors DVI connectors, Monitors: 2 X LG E2040 Sapphire has these slots: 3 Display Ports, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI slots Gives a free HDMI cable So to connect with DVI to...
  15. THRobinson

    Antenna - 802.11b/g/n Compatibility

    I was looking online when I saw a simple mod for a Linksys E1200, to remove the internal antenna, and add an external one for signal boost. LINK My question is, I see a lot of 10dbi antenna on eBay for sale, which is what I am after (old house, dense walls, need a boost) but all seem listed as...
  16. Jack423

    OneNote Upgrade Problems

    I recently got windows 10 and all of my programs got updated (Duh), but when I went to open One Note, it had erased all of my notes. I did sign into my Microsoft live account so that my notes could sync, but from what I saw, none of them synced to one drive. Are there local files for my...
  17. 6

    Is there any use for an old gpu?

    Hello community, I upgraded my GPU earlier this year from a 660ti to a 970. I figured i would leave it as a back up or something, but until now i never thought if i could do anything with it inside my rig. Is there any good use on putting back in? or will it just get on the way of the 970? it...
  18. Max McCarthy

    CS GO Rubber Banding

    Hello, Lately, while playing CS GO, I have been getting terrible rubber banding. The game is sort of playable, but not a good experience. I have no problems playing offline with bots. I am currently using a Gigabyte 802.11AC PCI express wireless card. I have a ping of 14 ms, a download...
  19. W

    No display with onboard graphics while a new card is installed.

    Hi, I recently bought a new GeForce GT 730, and removed my old GeForce 8400 GS drivers. Before, the 8400 was working just fine. After I removed the old card and plugged in the new one, I got no signal. However, when I took out the card, the onboard started working. ( as I am posting this...
  20. Ibreakthings

    8 Gig vs. 16 Gig RAM

    I have 2x4GB of G.skill Ripjaws X OC 6-6-6-16 if i got another 2 sticks and oc them would i see an fps increase?