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  1. T

    Question B560M Aorus Pro & single SP120 RGB Pro Fan no lighting up

    Hi All, Sorry for dumb question but I need some clarification regarding SP120 RGB Pro Corsair case fan. I am building pc at the moment using Corsair 4000D case. I have replaced standard fan from the back of the case with RGB type SP120. Connected it up to motherboard (B560M Aorus Pro). New fan...
  2. AmeedMv

    [SOLVED] Corsair 4000D Airflow Case RGB & Airflow Tips

    Hey y'all hope all is good. Below is my current part list which I am hoping to buy next month. I wanna know what would be the best fan configuration for the 4000D Airflow from Corsair and which ARGB fans I can use without breaking the bank. I have included a CM Sickleflow 120mm 3-pack in the...