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  1. Question Need help identifying custom loop tube size, fittings

    Hey, this is quite an amateur question but I want to upgrade this loop (done by a shop in 2013) to have a 2nd radiator and actually redo the tubing aso. I think the tubing is 19,1/12,7mm Tygon E3603 ? or something like a weird 16mm/10mm Tygon E3603 ? The 90° angled compression fittings seem...
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    Hard disk problem in bios

    Hi, I am running windows 7 with 3 Hard Drives. One for windows and the other 2 for storage. One of these stopped working and when I connect the one which is working fine with the wires of the other, in Bios I see the one with the problem which is not connected. So the damaged HD is Segate and...
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    should I upgrade my RAM for GTA V?

    hello, I currently have a GA-B75M-D3H motherboard with 3 sticks of 2GB 1333 MHz RAM and an intel core i5-2300, I already decided to upgrade the PSU as I currently have a generic one and the graphics card from a gt 630 to a gtx 960 or 950, but I am not sure if I should upgrade my 3x2 GB RAM...