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  1. R

    Second PC Build Please Review

    Updating my current PC which I have had for over 5 years now. Going for a bit of an upgrade and getting a good monitor as well. Take on any recommendations for any parts or anything that you might think is a good upgrade or down grade. Looking to run Arma 3 on Ultra settings as well as new...
  2. Best SSDs 2019: From Budget to Blazing Speed

    Here are the best PCIe and SATA SSDs on the market, ranging from 256GB to 2TB. These drives offer the best performance per dollar. Best SSDs : Read more SEAN WEBSTER @seanwebster Sean Webster is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.
  3. M

    Is this PSU good?

    Is the Xilence ATX2.3 PSU 500W XN052 PSU good for a gtx 1070 ti? I have a Cooler Master masterwatt 500 lite but its faulty and doesn't boot. I heard that I should get at least a 80+ bronze certified but I'm kinda running low
  4. M

    Would an R9-280X work with a Lenvo ThinkCentre M91p?

    Hello, I have recently got a lenovo thinkcentre m91p small tower, I was planning to get a powersupply, and an R9-280x to be able to game as the CPU in this thing is still capable, but I have regret buying it after looking into the internet and seeing that a lot of people complained about the GPU...
  5. J

    I have a problem with my HP g70. It can tune on with the but freeze when you instruct it tmto lunch windows?

    When I turn it on display comes and when I order it to continue windows it freezes
  6. M

    Upgrading to 1070?

    I currently own a I5-2500K (OC at 3,7 GHz) MSI GTX 960 4GB 16 GB of ram I game at 1080P @ 60 fps And i was wondering if it is worth upgrading to the Palit GTX 1070.
  7. G

    Apple Promotes GiveBack Trade-In Program for Old Devices

    Apple is promoting its Apple GiveBack trade-in program, which helps offset the cost of a new device, on its website's product pages. Apple Promotes GiveBack Trade-In Program for Old Devices : Read more
  8. J

    random ping spikes

    past 2 moths when i have been playing my ping jumps to 100-300 for couple of seconds. also i used to have around 30 ping all the time but now i cant get lower than 60 i called my internet provider but they said they couldnt do anything also i have tried alot of the fixes here none of them...
  9. D

    How do i know if my motherboard will support my m.2 drive

    M.2, PCIe, NVMe, it's all very confusing to me. From what I can tell to get the fastest boot speeds and data transfers M.2 storage drives are better than regular SSD's because the SATA connection bottlenecks the SSD's. Basically, my question is, on pcpartpicker there is a filter for m.2 slots...
  10. xupitera834

    Best Ryzen Vega 2200/2400g Motherboard

    hi guys i want a value for money mobo for me new budget build pc can i buy a plug play mobo and if no whice is the best around the market lower then 90 buck
  11. F

    Will there be any problems if I use a 460w PSU with a GTX 1060 6GB GPU?

    I purchased a GTX 1060 6GB GPU and I want to know if a 460W PSU will support it. I know the consequences of not having a powerful PSU that can support a strong GPU so I just want to make sure. -Thanks
  12. U

    Just upgrade to i5 2500, Gtx 1050 and fsp500-70ep and my ga-h61m-ww died

    Just recently upgraded my pc with i5 2500, gtx 1050 and a secondhand fsp500-70ep. Been using all night playing games, shut down as normal, but then cannot be started the next day. When I start up I get 6 beeps with no display. I have tried installed the i5 2500 and the gtx 1050 on another pc...
  13. Mangraz

    Mounting unthreaded case fans

    Hello, I recently purchased case fans, which are unfortunately unthreaded. After doing some reading, this seems to be the norm, and installing them is hard, but manageable. Not so for me: I can't get the screws in without jamming them. They'll always tilt. I already stripped a screw, when I...
  14. C

    Performance that’s unacceptable.

    Hello there, I hope someone here can help me or offer a realistic reason on why this is happening. I have a i3 8350k “cooled” by a Corsair H100i. The H100 has been messing up for a while now, but temps are on the rise and I face different issues. Here are a few issues I face. #1 high temps: I...
  15. kanishmarsh

    No display in Sapphire R9 280 GPU System - Please Help

    Please somebody help me..I'm really helpless right now. My system is Core i5-4590/ Gigabyte B85M Motherboard/Team Elite DDR 3 1600 x2 = 8 GB RAM/ WD Blue 1TB HDD and Sapphire R9 280 GPU One day my computer suddenly gone black screen when I was typing a document. The mother board's Gigabyte...
  16. S


    Hello. Recently I've bought a PC and I have MotherBoard GIGABYTE B360M HD3 . I want to put 2 more fans on my Genesis Titan 660 Plus Case(both on the floor of the case) but I don't know which fans: PWM or NON-PWM. Can I put for example 2 PWM fans? What do you recommend for my motherboard? For 2...
  17. I

    Would an RX 560 be a worthy upgrade from an r7 360?

    Looking to upgrade, I have an intel pentium g4560. Should I get the RX 560, or save for a better card?
  18. TheOtherUs

    Two identical 144hz monitors, different results

    I have two IIYAMA GB2788HS 144hz Monitors for both my pc's which have the same specs, but one performs well and the other feels a lot worse. Any ideas on what could cause this? I thought it might have to do with Nvidia settings but i've made both setups identical. Help is very appreciated !
  19. M

    Can my PSU (Rise power supply 650 watts) run well with all of this component?

    MOBO: ecs a68m-c4dl GPU: ROG STRIX-RX460-O4G-GAMING PROC: Amd Kaveri A8 7500 RAM: 2x2gb 1600mhz HDD: Western digital blue 7200 rpm 1TB
  20. T

    How to install Windows 10 on a new SSD for laptop

    So I bought a laptop with no hard drive and I am going to buy a new one, it had windows 7 installed. my laptop also has a DVD drive in case that might be useful. After i buy a new ssd and set it up inside my laptop, how how can I get free my copy of Windows 10 without having to purchase a new...