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  1. V

    ASUS TUF Z370-pro GAMING, no post DRAM led

    Hello, just bought a completely new system, brand new ASUS mobo, TUF Z370-pro gaming, brand new i7-8700 8th gen (coffee lake), and Corsair Vengeance 16GB kit DDR4 3000mhz (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) which is included in QVL of the mobo. assembled, started, intalled windows 10 pro os; during win...
  2. S

    Fps caps help?

    If I'm playing fortnite and can reach over 60 fps without screen tearing, is there any point in capping it for a "smoother experience"? What exactly is a smoother experience when capping your fps, i am wondering this because I will be playing on a 60hz monitor and was wondering if capping 60 fps...
  3. K

    Blue screen with Adobe Lightroom Classic

    So i am using Lightroom on my new built editing PC. The problem is that after using it for like some couple of minutes it crashes the whole Windows. It happens specially sometimes(not always) when opening or moving photos but can happen even if i have minimised Lightroom to surf in Chrome...
  4. J

    Compatibility with LGA1150

    I'm looking to upgrade my computer and I thought about buying the I5 4690K and the GTX 1050T but I don't no if it's compatible with my socket, which is the LGA1150. Would be a great help if anyone could tell me if it is or not.
  5. J

    HELP! With compatibility of ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F mother board and Noctua - NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler

    The AM4 adapter that has come with the package i thought should work because the motherbard is AM4 but their just a inch or so off and not correct. Ive looked around where can i find the perfect fit for an adapter for this cooler? (Im new to pc building and have no clue what to do i want to keep...
  6. M

    Which version of Windows is recommended for new system?

    Hello, I am building a new workstation with i9-7900X and 64GB RAM (may end up needing 128GB RAM later). In case of Windows, which version do you recommend? Due to possible compatibility issues with Windows 8 and the old programs I use, I have been using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on an old...
  7. K

    Upgrading Gaming PC with Budget GPU

    I am currently trying to upgrade the GPU of my current PC. I am on a buget ranging from $50-200. I need the best possible GPU that will be a "bang for my buck". My rig is a Jurassic one and I am trying to build it up piece by piece. My specs (I know they are horrid) : Graphics - AMD Radeon HD...
  8. S

    What wirelesss speed am i expecting if i hit 908 mbps dwn and 32 up have a gigabit package

    Its good to know, as i just got my new internet installed. I speed tested, plugged directly into the modem and i got 908 dwn 32 up. But wirelessly right beside it i only got 40 dwn 28 up. Later i set up my wifi mesh system and in the basement in the opposite corner i get 88 dwn and 26 up. So...
  9. S

    Which laptop should I buy?

    Hello! I can't decide which laptop I should buy for uni and maybe a bit gaming (but it's not the most important thing). Both laptops are nearly the same, here are the biggest differences: 1) Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Intel® UHD-Graphics 620 2TB HDD, no SSD 12GB RAM 2) AMD A12-9720P Radeon 530 1TB...
  10. dguinnea32

    Corsair 860i psu causing random shutdowns

    Built AMD pc w/ corsair 860i keeps powering off randomly. I could be gaming or idle, the only thing i’ve been able to do that works is unplug the 24 pin from the mb and plug back in and lately this hasn’t been working. Sometimes it starts for a second or 2 and turns off again. Last time I...
  11. E

    Buy 1080ti or wait for next gen?

    so i wanna get the best gaming card rn and i heard that there will be new gaming cards by nvidia mid 2018 so should i wait or just get a 1080 ti now? money isnt a big issue
  12. G

    Auto overclock 8700k with air tower cooler to 5.0 MHz?

    Hi guys. I just bought the i7 8700k and Asus Z370a motherboard. I´m using a pretty massive air tower cooler. Now, I have no idea about overclocking so I used the ezy-overclock wizard in the BIOS and didn´t touch anything else. I can see in CPU-Z that the core speed is now just above 5 MHz with...
  13. R

    What CPU should i get?

    I ave a ASUS H97 Plus motheboard which supports LGA 1150. I was gonna get a i7 8800k but its 1151 so it wonbt work. I want a 6 CPU good for gaming. Preferabbly Intel if soomeone can recommened one.
  14. S

    Need my cpu back to home screen

    Hello my laptop is not on home screen it just has all my apps up , I want my apps off my screen I try to restart it , it didn't work
  15. Z

    will the 1050 ti bottleneck more than the 1050 2gb?

    Hello. I am runing a 10 years old system. Mobo;Gigabyte ep45-ds3l Ram: 8gb ddr2 800 Cpu: Intel Core 2 quad q9500 (overclocked to 3ghz) Gpu:Asus eah hd 6670 1gb.. I want to upgrade my gpu in about 3weeks...and I am wondering if because of my cpu will the gpu bottleneck..I am choosing betwen the...
  16. C

    Fx6300 upgrade advice

    Hi all, I upgraded my gpu to an rx480 a year or so back but I think it's been held back by my AMD fx6300 cpu so I think an upgrade is in order. I've got a Gigabyte 970 DS3 mobo which is probably a bit rusty now too. Does anyone have any advice for an upgrade for either a compatible cpu which...
  17. J

    Ryzen 5 1600 - Won't boot/No display signal

    Fresh Build. Asus B350 Plus AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU AMD RX 460 4 GB GPU 700Watt EVGA PSU Samsung M.2 Nvme Corsair Vengeance 2400 MHZ No post with Ryzen. No video signal. Was told RAM compatibility was the issue. Tryed 3 different types of RAM. All three are on AMD's Ryzen Compatibility list...
  18. S

    Building a system around PowerColor - Radeon R9 390 8GB PCS+ Video Card

    Purchase date: Around May 1 Budget: $900 to $1000, (not including the video card or hard drive). Can go up to $1100 System Usage:Gaming (specifically Star Citizen) Monitor: Already purchased and not including in the budget Parts to Purchase: all except the video card and hard drive Operating...
  19. O

    Windows 7 - random window flashes appearing/disappearing - Not office 365

    Hi All, Using windows 7 SP1 - fresh install, and using windows update to update the windows with the latest updates. At some point (can't tell when) a mysterious window start to flash for a fraction of a second very randomly (maybe once an hour or half an hour). 1. Tries to view all windows...
  20. C

    My IdeaPad 510 was working fine...on full battery...then just died. Even when I plug it in now no lights go on...totally dead

    My Lenovo IdeaPad 510was working fine...I stepped away for a few minutes and I came back the computer was dead. I tried to plug it in and no lights come on. I was in the middle of important work....please help....