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  1. K

    AMD TR4(Last model ) or AM4 ( Last model )

    I build a machine gaming only and i want it for 10 years ( with NO changes in cpu - mobo - ram - GpU ) I run games in high and low for that 10 years . That cpu : Am4 or Tr4 can choose for that task i want to make ? Hallo to all Forum and Guide section : )
  2. L

    GPU requirements Confusion

    I have a GT 710 Graphics card, it isn't the best, but I will be upgrading in the near future. I was wondering, if my card, (considering that it DOES have enough Vram needed for certain games), could run a game that stated on either or, that I couldn't...
  3. G

    lapton suddenly turn off

    i purchased my new acer predator helios 300 ...... it's been 12 days nd it gets turn off all the power is gone....what should i do please tell me ......
  4. M

    If HDD is disconnected the reason there is no bootable drive what to do

    Acer travelmate Intel core i5 no bootable device insert boot disk n press any key
  5. R

    Broken screen how to navigate so I can use my tv as temporary screen?

    I broke the screen on my hp stream Windows 10 laptop. Since I can't see what is going on on the screen, how would I connect it wirelessly to my samsung smart tv?
  6. M

    2x GTX Nvdia 960 for 144hz monitor?

    I have 2 GTX 960's in SLI, and i want to buy a 144hz monitor. There are displayport cables in the graphics cards, but there is one in each. So i don't know if i will be able to use both of the graphics cards to run the 144hz monitor.
  7. T

    My Crucial M500 SSD turned into a read only paper weight

    My dear tom's community, I'm in need for advanced knowledge. About two weeks ago my almost 4 years old Crucial M500 SSD, 240 GiB, m-sata drive turned into a read only device. I had this drive for Windows 10 only. I taked really good care of it. I set all my "Documnets", "Images","Videos"...
  8. C

    Can i get any gaming pc cheap?

    Hello, everyone. I will come out straight, i want to build a pc pretty cheap and at least be able to run fortnite even at low to lower settings. Any suggestions for processor and gpu? And also, will a gt 710 1gb and processor core 2 duo 8500 work for life is strange 2 and fortnite?
  9. J

    Improve Wi-Fi connection/Maybe even Ethernet with no access to router/modem? (Apartment)

    Hey guys! The apartment complex i'm currently living in doesn't have any Ethernet ports in their rooms, and I am only able to connect my PC to the internet via Wi-Fi. Because only a few separate connections are available to every tenant in the complex, this makes everything from watching videos...
  10. R

    internet randomly goes out, delay in video games?

    so I bought a brand new like $50 wifi adapter thinking my around 4 year old one was the problem, my comp stays in my room so I cant hook up to an ethernet cable. anyways, my internet will randomly out of nowhere go out, kick me out of voice chat in video games (Overwatch), but i'll still be able...
  11. PetarV

    8+4gb RAM or 8+8gb RAM?

    I recently upgraded my laptop with a RX 580 8gb eGPU, but I only have 1x8gb ddr3 1600mhz of ram and I was wondering if thats enough for modern games at ultra, 1080p? If its not, how should I upgrade my ram with a 4gb stick or an 8gb one(considering the ram prices I would rather go for the 4gb...
  12. Frizzo

    Motherboards and their fan headers

    Something that I've never gone to do before, and just wondering if there will be anything to be aware of. Pretty simple, I was thinking about using splitters (site is flagging the word splitter :\) on the fan headers for this Gigabyte UD3 2011-3 motherboard. For example, going to the extreme, if...
  13. skunkwrks

    SSL certificates fro my remote server

    Hi guys, i have a Synolgy server at work and want to get files from it via windows explorer but i use a sub domain like , do i get a SSL certificate fro or ?
  14. zfast4y0u

    8700k @4,8ghz 1.25v + 1080ti sli is 1000w PSU enough?

    i ordered pre build PC with this specs 8700k oc to 4,8ghz@1.25v asus strix 1080ti sli (wont oc em) i will have costume water cooling with ek d5 pump for PSU i picked corsair 1000w. should it be enough? site configurator said, max what my system pulls should be ''811'' wats but when im...
  15. N

    Solid red DRAM LED, peripherals won't turn on.

    Hi there, I have just tried adding some DDR4 RAM to my custom built PC, and it just decided to not post. The PC itself turned on, all the fans engaged, however, the red LED for DRAM was lit up. I tried replacing all of the RAM I had in at the time, cross checking it with my motherboard manual...
  16. W

    Win10 Fall Creators GPU/Resolution Problem? HDTV not supported?

    Windows Update automatically updated my computer overnight, and I wake up to turn on my PC, which I have connected to a 32" (1360×768), only to find that my TV kept giving me the "not supported" signal. The initial boot menu shows up, so I am able to boot into safe mode with the help of my...
  17. C

    Ordered Windows 10 disc instead of USB help

    I just finished building my pc and accidentally bought the disc version instead of usb and i have nowhere to put the disc. Could i buy a digital code and use that to install the os on a brand new built pc that has never been used? Or would i have to buy the usb? Also im guessing there is no way...
  18. J

    4k 60 hz vs 1440p 144 hz

    I just upgraded from a 970 gtx to a 1080ti evga icx. Im currently using my Sony 55" xbr-55c81oc but looking for a good monitor for my rig. Would you guys go with a asus mg28uq 28 4k 60 hz or a ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR 27 165 hz. Also my buget is around $600 and if you know of any good monitors...
  19. K

    Sercurity drivers updates

    I lost security details and lost my wireless drivers just need a new driver set for my lenovo G560. Is this possible ? Can anyone assist me? <<Extraneous content removed by moderator>>
  20. D

    Best Router To Use For PC Gaming/Downloading

    Hey guys so what's the best router out there to buy to play games online flawlessly, and to download things the fastest I can? Thanks for the help guys!