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  1. S

    XFX R9 290 dual monitors

    I currently have one monitor and was looking to add another monitor. The one problem I can't figure out is if the R9 290 can have 2 monitors hooked up to it.
  2. A

    Computer suddenly not turning on.

    My computer was working fine last night, but this morning when I went to turn it on nothing really happened. All of the fans sort of twitched and the LEDs on my case lit up for maybe half a second. I can tell the USBs still work as my mouse is lit up, but there is no activity from the computer...
  3. T

    Problem with removal of bloatware and resetting new PC

    I bought a new PC and followed a guide about how to remove bloatware, where I ran "Get-AppxPackage -allusers | Remove-AppxPackage" in Windows PowerShell. I wanted to get back Microsoft Sticky Notes and Microsoft Photos, but the PC won't download them from the app store. The browser starts to...
  4. G

    looking for a good quality laptop that will play old games smoothly

    Hi. What games can I run on a laptop with these specifications: Intel Pentium N3710 4gb ram Intel HD Graphics 405 (Braswell) I am looking for a good quality laptop that can run old games like these: Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings Quake 3 Arena Rollercoaster Tycoon I found an Asus...
  5. M

    Graphics card or Psu problem? How should i fix it?

    I was building a computer i got all the parts, when i put it together it worked, however after about a day i was playing a game the screen glitched and the computer shut down. Now i can only run the computer with the graphics card out using the integrated graphics, when i put the card in the...
  6. S

    GPU Update problem

    So I bought myself a small mining rig about a year ago and started off with two ASUS STRIX 390x GPU's. I got both of them running but could not use them both to mine at the same time. I sell the rig as a PC with only one of the GPU's to a friend and keep one for myself. Now about a year later my...
  7. H

    Motherboard/GPU second monitor wrong size

    I've connected my two AOC 2460 monitors to my computor, one through the motherboard and one through the graphic card. The second monitor connected through the motherboard cuts off at the end and seems to be in a lower resolution, how do I fix this? I'm connecting them like this since I only...
  8. C

    IP Configuration Not Valid

    The icon for my internet shows the yellow triangle and says 'unidentified network' and below says 'no internet access.' After trouble shooting it says '"Ethernet 2" doesn't have a valid IP configuration' and 'not fixed'. I use a powerline adapter TP-Link AV500 TL-PA4010 KIT and a TP-Link Archer...
  9. K

    Random shut downs

    So my pc as of lately has been randomly shutting down, even whike just watching netflix. I turn it back on, boots fine, no incorrect shutdown message or anything. Any ideas? I figure its heat but not sure.
  10. X

    What is wrong with my Ryzen?

    Im running my Ryzen 1700 at 3.7 Ghz on 1.2625V with stock cooler it idles at about 35-45 degrees with an ambient of 25 degrees. Now i did a realbench stress test with 8GB of memory tested and it crashed after 10 minutes and topped out at 86 degrees, I am using HWmonitor it shows about the same...
  11. K

    Looking to replace my laptop

    So here's my situation. I have a Qosimo X75-A7195 that I've used for over 2 and a 1/2 years now. System has a i7-4700MQ and a GeForce GTX770M with 16gb of RAM. I've been on probably 50 travel periods and two long trips, over 1 year each, overseas with this laptop. I've really enjoyed using this...
  12. M

    Losing data on external hard drive?

    I have a Seagate external drive and it keeps overheating. It has alot of everything on it, all my games, programs needed for computer. Can I buy another external drive and copy from old external drive or do I need to put all info on desktop then copy to new external drive?
  13. K

    GA-B250m D3H and GA-B250m HD3

    What are the menings meaning of D3H and HD3
  14. G

    Rebooting When Activating XMP Profile

    I recently bought a new motherboard, cpu, and memory to go with it. I got a Asrock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 AM4, G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR 4 3200, and a Ryzen 1600x. The manufacturer says the motherboard supports OC 3200 so I go into the bios and set the XMP profile 1 that sets...
  15. L

    Researchers Bypass Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris Recognition System With A Photo And A Contact Lens

    Chaos Computer Club "hacker" Jan Krissler was able to bypass the Samsung Galaxy S8's iris authentication system with a high-quality photo of an iris and a contact lens emulating the curvature of the eye. Researchers Bypass Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris Recognition System With A Photo And A Contact...
  16. A

    What are the differences between these 3 GTX 1060's ??? (MSI or EVGA..)

    So I am wanting to upgrade to a GTX 1060 6gb from my 960 2gb. I have seen these 3 1060's on different sites, all at around the same comfortable price point for me. I have; i5 6500 3.2ghz 8gb ram DDR4 2133mhz (gonna upgrade to 16gb soon) and the game on an SSD I have seen these;  MSI...
  17. CellBreak

    Are these monitors compatible with 3 way monitors?

    I'm making my new PC and I'm worried if these monitors: Dell - S2716DG 27.0" are compatible with 3-way setups? Monitor: My new setup...
  18. F

    Will Antec VP550P 550W power supply be enough for Asus ROG Strix RX-480 8GB?

    Hello there. I'm planning to buy the Asus ROG Strix Rx 480 graphics card, replacing my GTX 960. The power draw of RX 480 is higher so I want to buy a new power supply. The 'Antec VP550P' 550W power supply is my primary option. The spec of my PC is: CPU : Intel core i5 4590 3.3GHz RAM : 8GB DDR3...
  19. C

    New gaming build 2k Budget

    Currently running a amd rig with an 8350 and a 980ti gpu. Looking to go intel on this new build and a 1080 TI Gpu. Around 2k Budget and i dont need monitor/mouse/keyboard/windows.
  20. A

    Left Click not working intermittently

    I'm using Windows 7 and i recently encountered this problem. Sometimes the left click doesn't work on the taskbar and sometimes it doesn't work on applications. I've tried most of the solutions suggested online but none of them have worked for me. How to i identify the problem and solve it?