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  1. Z

    what is the standard heat for idle

    upgraded my cpu cooler to a AR06 from a stock cooler from intel. My idle heat for it is around 40-60 celsius, is this normal? Also when playing a game like CS:GO the heat is on 60-80 celsius, again is this normal.
  2. J

    gtx 1060 with 500w psu

    I currently have a gtx 750ti gpu with a 500w psu. I have an asus 970 pro gaming/aura motherboard with an amd fx 8350 processor. Now my question is: would a 500w psu be able to support a gtx 1060 gpu with all those other components? (I also have a cpu fan, 3 case fans and an LG disc reader)
  3. Y

    PCIe NVMe 3.0 X4 ssd compatible with asus 970 gaming mobo?

    Is this pci sata card compatible with my current mobo, the msi gaming 970? links: ssd: and the mobo:
  4. C

    Bang for the buck, which gpu should i get?

    Hello im just wondering what GPU i should buy according to the pricing in my country (Argentina) dont bother searching anything on amazon or what ever cos its not worth it, importing stuff to here is imposibble.. Anyway here is the list. GTX 1050 2GT LP: ARS $2579; USD $170 (1 year warranty)...
  5. D

    building a new pc for gaming

    hello im posting for the first time. i've always been a console gamer but recently i saw some advantages of gaming on a PC videos and ever since i have decided to build one and move to the PC platform. also i needed a computer for music, internet and some photo editing/video editing so hence...
  6. P

    1080ti Proposed Builds

    Alright so I will be building a computer for my brother. I have 2 parts lists in mind. One with an i7-7700k and one with a Ryzen 7 1700. Your thoughts on each build? Especially on Motherboard choices and recommended Monitor for each. Of course I will be waiting for the aftermarket 1080ti's to...
  7. J

    Can't access my 2 TB Hard Drive anymore (not typical)

    Hello HDD experts, I wanted to turn my external hard drive into an internal one. I took it out of the case, installed it in my box... nothing there. I tried multiple power and sata cables, then I assumed that maybe it needed a special driver to run as an internal drive, but there is nothing...
  8. L

    Looking to build a budget PC for music production

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time posting here. I'm a complete amateur but am determined to build my own PC. I was wondering if there is any way to do this on a very tight budget, say $400-$600. I will be using Ableton Live. The minimum system requirements (for Windows) are: -Windows 7 (with...
  9. P

    Blue screen error

    i have a Compaq CQ60-2gb ram 2009 model. recently Blue screen error is coming & laptop is restarting itself. ~is formatting the only option? is it possible to repair OS through image file present in the laptop? ~if any hardware issue is there , how to check this ? ~also is this configuration...
  10. kgrevemberg

    Questions for seting up home network storage.

    Hi guys, I have a workstation pc that I want to setup as just basic network storage. Just curious what some people's recommendations for this are. Ive heard about freenas and such but don't know a ton about it. Just want something simple and windows based. It wont be for streaming or anything...
  11. THRobinson

    Quiet LGA775 CPU Fan

    Just looking for a cheap, very very quiet, CPU heatsink/fan for my HTPC. Being an HTPC, it's not running hot, overclocked or anything like that... not a gaming system. Looking for something under 138mm in height and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. I was looking at the Noctura, but...
  12. D

    Pci difference between 2nd generation and 3rd generation

    Hello I have 970ds3p gigabyte mother board which has 2nd generation pci slots where as I bought a new rx480 8gb I am very much confused whether this graphic card is 2nd gen pci or 3rd gen pci should I have to upgrade my mother board Please let me know Thank u
  13. C

    The odd couple, but not as weird

    I switched to a triple play fios package last week after years of ups and downs with cable. There was no real problem per se, but fiber in my apartment building is far superior in my case. Right now I still have both subscriptions active. My desktop is wired into the fios router while getting...
  14. S

    Dx 12 graphic card on dx11 motherboard

    As im having dx11 supported motherboard in this in can install gtx 750 ti 2gb on it
  15. J

    What can I backup?

    So my MSI B150 and i7-6600 arrive today and I'm backing stuff up, mostly all my DAW templates and other music stuff. BUT, can I backup games so they don't have to be reinstalled? I've heard of people copying their steamapps folder, but I'm more interested in my uplay games (wildlands and siege)...
  16. Zic

    I'm adding a new HHD and Optical drive to my PC

    I know how to connect a HHD and optical drive to to my PC (the pc I'm doing this in is the one i build) and its a HHD and optical drive from my dads old pc so when i install it and go to bios right and check if their there but i also want to wipe the new drive so how do i do that Thanks
  17. R

    After using lag switch no Internet

    I my router has interned but my pc has no access to it anymore. I already re-installed the ethernet driver with no success..
  18. H

    Hdmi output instead of vga

    I just got a GeForce gt 9500 working on Windows 10 thru vga at my parents house but I brought it home and hdmi won't work. Was there a setting I had to change when I could see the screen thru vga? Can I change it without being able to see? Thanks
  19. E

    Intel Core 2 Quad

    Hi everyone, i have a Intel Core 2 Quad and i was wondering if i could go from 32Bit to 64Bit? PS : I have 4GB of RAM
  20. I

    Making a seamless network with multiple routers. One login without logging in from router to router for access.

    I've been trying to extent or repeat a wireless signal. I have one main router (Asus RTAC66U). I want to be able to seamlessly go all throughout the house without having to connect to each network. I have an Ethernet cable run to the other side of my house from the Asus and I've tried many...