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  1. CYB3RUN0

    Question How do I properly use a can of compressed air to clean my laptop?

    I own a Toshiba satellite L740 and I would like to know how to use a can of compressed air to properly clean the dust out of it, I have manually taken the laptop apart to clean the fan by had, ie using qtips with a little alcohol to clean the blades and casing but that didn't seem to fix the...
  2. J

    New pc build

    Would it work for me to take a hard drive out of a laptop and wipe it clean then use it in a gaming pc?
  3. L

    I forget the name of some game

    this game is browser, 2d pixeled and u need to use bombs to destroy houses and there is mission like u need to destroy blue house without destroying red and im new here if something goes wrong sorry.
  4. C

    am i having screen tearing?

    umm Hi how can i find out if i have screen tearing? i have a syncmaster ld190n its pretty old like from 2009 and my screen freezes even if i have high fps on games like fortnite or league , also on league i used to have like 300+ fps and now it goes to like 120-180 am i doing something wrong ...
  5. R

    FCLGA1151 Socket gaming motherboards

    Hey, Bit of a beginner here, I want to build a gaming pc for fortnight, Rust, Minecraft etc. I'll continue to do streaming on Twitch. Im a Graphic Artist by trade so Photoshop, Illustrator kinda stuff will be used maybe Indesign and Dreamweaver on this setup as well. I was intending to use a...
  6. J

    Looking for a general use; Light photo/video editing laptop

    1. What is your budget? $1,000-1,500 USD. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13"-15" 3. What screen resolution do you want? At least 1080P 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? No preference. It will mostly be used around the house though. So...
  7. W

    What would use to build a server with these requirements?

    So first off, cost is obviously a consideration. With that said, here are the requirements for some software I would like to test/learn in the coming months: 1. 32gb RAM min 2. 16 cores (doesn't seem to matter if it on 1 cpu or multiple) 3. CPU speed is not important but faster is always...
  8. J

    How can i connect my samsung smart tv to my klh audio system with optical cord to get soundal

    I'm having problems getting sound from tv to receiver
  9. J

    Asus P6T SE bios update questions.

    This is my first time trying to do anything and I am worried about bricking it. For my boss I am going to replace a I7 920 with a Xenon X5690 and I need to flash the bios first. I have the update on my portable computer, it is 0908.ROM I understand I have to be careful when using it to flash...
  10. W

    i5 8600K graphics and Cooler Master - Hyper 212 cooler

    Hi, I changed some things in my pc part list, but there is some things I would like to know. First of all, the i5 8600K has intergrated graphics, so if I put in my GTX 1060, will the intergrated graphics work WITH the GPU or just do nothing and leave all the work to the GPU. Second of all, since...
  11. S

    new build wich cpu 1500 euro

    i am planning on building a pc myself with a budget of around 1500 euros. I can't decide what cpu i want since i7 8700k is so expensive. is it worth getting a 7700k or an i5 8600k? I would like ro be able to run most games ,like witcher 3, on high settings. Any one got any recomendations. Also...
  12. M

    My Samsung laptop is hung on failure to configuring windows reverting changes

    Trying to logon on to my Samsung laptop. It is hung up on Failure configuring Windows updates Reverting changes.
  13. N

    Bought 78lmt-usb3 What Case will fit?

    i bought a 78lmt-usb3 motherboard and some other stuff but i don't know what type of case to get for it
  14. S

    Black Screen Issues please help me!

    Omg someone please help me! I have a hp stream 11 and I tried to reset it but it failed and when i logged back onto my computer, after entering my password, it said "preparing windows" and after comes a black screen with a moving cursor. :/
  15. G

    Riotoro Debuts Enigma G2 Power Supplies

    During the opening of this year's CES show, Riotoro debuted its fresh Enigma G2 line based on the highly successful Seasonic Focus platform, which combines good performance and affordable pricing schemes. Riotoro Debuts Enigma G2 Power Supplies : Read more
  16. H

    Hooking monitor to onboard video cause gpu dont support the cable.

    My gpu dont support VGA but motherboard video does. Can i hook it on the motherboard and will that make the pc use only the onboard gpu.
  17. Da Rossa

    New MoBo to replace the former, with LGA1155 socket, because of BSODs

    I've been experiencing blue screen problems for about six months now. They're more frequent when I'm playing Starcraft 2 with voice chat. Actually, they only happen when I'm at SC, but Blizzard guys claim this problem is outside their scope. They told me to check some Microsoft KB articles...
  18. J

    Cooler Master fan makes an awful noise and stops??

    I'm not really all that tech saavy, so bear with me, but my Cooler Master CPU fan just started making a lot of noise one night. I figured it was because it's gotten dusty, but it got worse after I took off the side panel to clean it out. Now, not only does it make a terrible noise, but it just...
  19. R

    i ahve 5 wire in my earphones 2 copper 1 green 1 blue and 1 green what will be which point for pls tell me

    i have 5 wire in my earphones 2 copper 1 green 1 blue and 1 green what will be which point for pls tell me which is ground which is left and right and my earphone is a dolby atmos earphone
  20. A

    770 4gb paired with an i3 8350k, bottlneck question.

    Hi! I've recently purchased an i3 8350k, upgrading from a 8350fx. I'm still using a 770 4gb as my gpu and I was just generally curious if this would cause any bottlnecks in newer triple A titles. I know bottlenecking is an overused term but i'd like to hear what you guys think on this. Still...