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  1. M

    Question Corsair iCue H150i Elite Capellix idle temperature

    Hello, everyone. I just finished assembling my new system. Using an Asus Z790 Prime-A motherboard with latest bios, 13900k, and a Corsair H150i Elite Capellix for cooling. All Intel power limits are enforced and I have done nothing except enable XMP. Bios shows a CPU temperature of 46C. I am...
  2. Firered389

    Question Lost the commander core to Corsair h150i elite replacement to power pump?

    As most commanders pro that you can buy online don’t have the 24 pin connector for the AIO pump Is there / can I find a sata to 24 pin connector and make it work? As far as RGB goes I’m not to worries about that. I just want the pump to circulate and cool my cpu
  3. J

    [SOLVED] i9 10900k running hot with h150i elite water cooling

    Hello everyone, I just finished building my computer. Unfortunately it turns out the CPU is running crazy hot and I am at a loss here. I received a warning the CPU was overheating and the temps were 80c+. Took the cooling block off after that, checked the pre-applied paste that came wieth the...
  4. joaomonteiro94

    [SOLVED] H150i Elite Capellix 360mm Aio With i9 10900k [FANS TOO LOUD]

    Hi guys, i have the combo above, i9 10900k hooked up with a 360mm Aio Corsair H150i Capellix. And i notice that when im gaming, whatever the game that is (cpu or gpu intensive), my cpu always ramp up to 70+ temps and the aio fans go nuts and it's just annoying as hell.. I tried to creat a...
  5. Battlehelm043

    [SOLVED] Need a life line...

    Hey all, I currently completed my first ever build last week. A Fractal Meshify 2 case with two front mounted QL 140mm fans, a top mounted H150i Capellix Elite RGB AIO w/ 3 120mm fans, and a QL 140MM exhaust fan. The internals are an i9 10850k with 2x16gb of Corsair Vengeance RGB pro RAM. An...