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  1. R

    Question Can you sink nzxt rgb strip with corsair icue

    I was wondering if I could sink nzxt underglow for a case with the corsair icue software, and it this is possible by connecting the strips to my motherboard
  2. Cemil2565

    Question Icue problem

    i have hx1000i psu, when i start my pc i can look at the details on hwmonitor for my psu but everytime i open icue there comes a usb disconnecting sound and i cant see my psu in icue, whats the problm ? (still i can see details on hwmonitor after that sound) i tried uninstalling hwmonitor, also...
  3. marek_shields

    Question RTX 2080 RGB compatibility with iCue

    Hello folks, I am in the market for a RTX 2080 for my new rig that I have all set up with a Corsair commander, RGB fans and a few light strips. I also have one of the Corsair RGB keyboards to go with the setup. Does anyone know if there are RTX 2080s that have iCue support? I don't necessarily...
  4. D

    Question My Corsair Strafe keyboards lights wont turn on in ICUE

    I used this keyboards lights for a long time without any problem but now out of the blue the lights will no longer turn on in ICUE. No matter what lighting effect I use the lights would not turn on. I tried unplugging and plugging back again, I tried restarting my computer, I tried updating the...